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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Now We Know...


I'll admit that when CPP released this video, I had no idea what to make of it. I certainly didn't connect it with what it was actually about. Ship skins! As everyone else is by now reporting, there is a dev blog out called Ship Painting Pilot Program. I will go out on a limb and state this will be a success. It may even be a huge success. The cost (a few tens of cents to a couple dollars) seems to be just right, even for a single copy BPC necessary to put the skin on a ship.

Regardless, I feel this project must be pursued by CCP. I understand the technological hurdle they must overcome. Really I do. But I want ship skins badly, as do many, many other EVE Online players. I'm tired of being just another Orca/Proteus/Kronos in the crowd. We all desire to be seen as unique individuals and ship skins are a natural extension of that desire. Hell, just take a look at what some League of Legend players spend to change how the standard champions look. This changes their stats in no way, but it allows people to be individuals within the community. It is one thing no one has ever objected to - unless it's too costly and I think CCP gets that now.

So good job CCP! You are right on the money with this one (hopefully literally!) I know I will be going out of my way to help you obtain the data you need to proceed further with this endeavor. I've got ISK to burn and over 11,000 CONCORD loyalty points to spend with more on the way shortly. Now It looks like I'm going to have to trade up my Incursion Raven for an Incursion Rohk soon, and I'm not unhappy about it at all. LOL

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  1. Dinsdale PirannhaMarch 6, 2014 at 3:33 PM

    You say you have ISK to burn. What about all the players in game who DON'T have ISK to burn, and grind ISK to buy ingame plexes. Going to be really fun for them when plexes hit 1 billion each. If CCP really cared about its player base, they would remove any ties this has to plexes, and people pay real cash for these skins.

    Oh, and BTW, you might have guessed, I won't be buying any of these things.

  2. You can always run Incursions and buy the BPCs using loyalty points. If this goes forward I am certain there will be other methods of obtaining skins without having to spend RL money. I am certain there will also be giveaways and special events that will garner skins as well. That's how these things work. And if none of that appeals to you that's okay too. Not everything is for everyone and I'll probably buy enough to keep you covered. ;-)

  3. Hey Mabrick,

    What incursion group are you running with? I have all the skills and ships to run them I just never tried incursions. Any reconditions on how or who to start with?

    P.s Love the blog, it's always a pleasure to see when you have a new post up

  4. Oh come on Dinsdale!

    In general I enjoy your posts, I feel that you keep CCP feeling accountable in some fashion, but this is a bit ridiculous. Asking CCP to not explore a potential revenue stream is counter-productive, they need to be profitable in order to keep the lights on. As far as the guys who grind for plexes, there are plenty of high profit activites they can explore to make their isk eg. fw, j-space, incursions

  5. If I ever get my act together I'm going to try running with U0R. So far when they are running I must do other things and when I am ready there are no incursions they can run (they are high-sec only and their FCs have RL too.) As for what to start with they have some fits they share on the email groups. Join the U0R VG channel in game and there are instructions in the MOTD.


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