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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Facebook to buy Occulus Rift

Facebook on $2 billion deal for Virtual Reality Company

This is the worst possible news EVER. I am sorry CCP, but I can't imagine news more bitter for Occulus Rift. Facebook sucks. That's the plain truth of it. It is the geriatric social network and no gamer seriously entertains it as a viable medium for furthering gaming culture. It is more a platform for cute kittens and ridiculously ignorant memes than gaming. Seriously.

Zuckerberg is a zit on the ass of the Internet. I flat out REJECT this acquisition. I would rather but a PS4 with Sony's VR headset (and I'm still mad at Sony over Star Wars Galaxy!) than give money to Zuckerberg. Sorry CCP, but EVE Valkyrie is off my list over this. I vote with my wallet and this is a NO vote. It was nothing CCP could do anything about, but there you have it. This is not a statement against Valkyrie, but I refuse to support anything I believe is a mistake, and THIS is a mistake. Zuckerberg needs to just GO AWAY and I will not let that little shit continue to believe he shapes the future of the Internet or anything to do with the Internet.

CCP Karuck, with all due respect, you don't know what the hell you're talking about. The subscriber-ship of Facebook is barely literate in modern computing trends, let alone gaming, and I see no way that "virtual classrooms" and "court side" VR seats will ever pave the way to the future of virtual reality GAMING. Educators are severely handicapped when it comes to cutting edge technology and sports enthusiasts are... well, let's just say their version of virtual reality is fantasy football. I doubt they could even properly configure a virtual reality headset - or even know what one is. There is an old saying. "You can lead a horse to water..."

Gods, I can't believe that jerk pulled this off. I'm so angry I could just spit.



  1. I can imagine CCP Karuck might be right when he says that this is good for VR hardware because facebook might pump a lot of cash into devlopment.
    I can also imagine how bad this is for the Oculus Right though because it just turned from the future of gaming into the future of marketing.

  2. Luckily, I can Like your post on Facebook :)

  3. Ugh. My thoughts exactly. I heard this on the radio and nearly ran into the car in front of me.


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