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Monday, March 24, 2014

Expanding on Reprocessing Changes

There is a 77 page (as of this evening) comment thread going on the the Reprocess All the Things dev blog. It's a mostly interesting read with lots more positive than negative about the changes. There have been a couple good negative points made. The one that stands out is how these changes nerf alchemy because it is not considered an ore. It's currently processed as scrapmetal and that doesn't work post change. Good catch that one.

But what I really appreciate is CCP Ytterbium comparing the true reprocessing rates post change for NPC stations, POS Reprocessing Arrays and a fully upgraded outposts. Here it is snipped right out of the forum thread.

[caption id="2065" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Base Reprocessing Post 2014 Summer Expansion Base Reprocessing Post 2014 Summer Expansion[/caption]

If I was a serious industrialist again, I'd be looking at that fully upgraded outpost. A 14.4% increase is nothing to sneeze at. And it gives a ray of hope to my secret desire to see all the null-sec alts go back to null-sec.

And that's a lot of alts BTW. Behind every successful null-sec warrior are three alts. There is the market alt for buying the minerals at the best price. There is the manufacturing alt for making rail guns with the least wastage. And then there's the jump fighter alt. Oops, I forgot an alt. I forgot the cyno alt that gets the jump freighter alt back out to null-sec. With this change the manufacturing alt can move to an Outpost deep in the middle of null-sec and the other three alts can just go away. And it's not like CCP will loose any money. All those alts are all plexed anyway thanks to the mission alt hanging out in the backwaters of it's sovereign systems making bank from running complexes.

Yeah, that's a real pipe dream isn't it? Well, I can hope anyway. But hey, look at those hard numbers again. When we eventually get out of New Eden, those outposts might really come in handy since there'll be nothing else around. ;-)

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  1. So it looks like CCP is screwing hi-sec mining AGAIN. First they nerfed the HULK which penalized all of us who actually invested the time and money to train and fit it, instead giving advantages to cheaper ships which roookies could fly with little regard for skills or anything at all.

    Now they are nerfing reprocessing in hi-sec to make life even harder for a hi-sec industrialist. I get that they are increasing Ore out put, but the net result of the entire activity is still roughly a 3% loss. Right Now, in a 50% station, with perfect skills, and 8.44 standings, I get a net yield of 100%. They take nothing. With this NERF, I'll only get 97.2% according to this.

    And it sounds like reprocessing loot from missions and anomalies is going to REALLY be nerfed, the way I read it. So thee goes another major source of minerals - it may turn out to not be worth salvaging anymore at all. Why have a NOCTIS if it makes no sense to run it? This has already been Nerfed almost out of existence a couple of years ago, now they are making it worse?

    And I am supposed to be HAPPY about this WHY exactly???????

    3% may not sound like much, but when one does as much mining and refining to support my manufacturing habit as I do, it adds up. I very seldom if ever have less than 100 million units of tritanium hanging around, and have about 150 million units right now, along with 15 million Pyerite and Mexallon. I carry products to hub in a freighter, for crying out loud, and I could do it every couple of days if I actually had time away from work to play a little more. This is how much I do with this, so 3% may not sound like much, but it is a LOT to me.

    I cant see how this helps me AT ALL. AS USUAL, CCP is screwing the way I try to play the game with their damned changes.

    The ONLY THING that might be positive is the Compression Array. Depending on its rules, like it says can be anchored ANYWHERE - well does that really mean anywhere? or does that mean in a POS somewhere, meaning most of hi-sec is out of luck? I notice the details were really skimpy on this . IF it works, it could at least help with interrupting mining activities to transport ore to dock, especially when mining in systems away from the dock.

    So when are they actually going to do ANYTHING POSITIVE for the industrial community? I am not sure I've seen them ever do anything good for us.

    I really wish that CCP Ytterbium would take the advice he so blithely threw out at the top: If it ain't broke, don;t fix it! I am still trying to figure out how and why he seems all excited that this is a good ting for us. Sounds like the drivel coming out of Washington DC these days about how every new program that I have to pay for is going to help me Immensely and be so good for me, and yet when I get into the nuts and bolts, it does NOTHING for me except take more money out of my pocket. CCP seems to be at least as good as our politicians at playing THAT game.


  2. Dinsdale PirannhaMarch 24, 2014 at 4:14 PM

    Umm...a couple things.

    1. CCP will indeed lose (and it is one 'o', not two) money, because why would anyone keep plexing alts when they don't have to, even when the person behind the alts makes billions/ day. The only way the null sec player keeps those alts around is if they are converted to mining alts and industrial slot alts. (oh yeah, wait until the other shoe drops and manufacturing slots in high sec are wiped out)
    2. And let's not forget all the new players who are getting screwed who will say "forget it, this game is too hard to make an income in". No one sane can say that this change enhances the game for a new player in high sec, where the vast vast majority of new players start.


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