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Monday, March 31, 2014

ESO Is a Go!

Nothing earth shattering today. Yesterday I was going through the news and discovered I'd forgotten something over the last two weeks because RL work got super busy. I forgot there was an early entry option for Elder Scrolls Online. Oops.

"Oh well, I wouldn't really have time to play until next weekend anyway," I thought to myself. I still have a probe to bring back from Moho. ;-) I went ahead and spent the extra money on the Digital Imperial Edition nonetheless.

[caption id="2116" align="aligncenter" width="942"]Digital Imperial Edition Page Digital Imperial Edition Page[/caption]

The Imperial White Horse is nice, and I really dig Imperial armor, but it was the Mudcrab vanity pet that really won me over. It's so cute! LOL Wow, did I just write that? Moving on!

Today I logged in to my account to discover I did get in on the 5-day preview period! I can at least create a character this week. So, if anyone has a guild out there and is interested in having an Imperial with a silly crab sidekick join, let me know. Something tells me this game will be more fun with others. :-P

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  1. Mudcrab navy drones..... not much falloff, but heavy DPS against sansha - don't forget to bring them when you x-up for fleet


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