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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Jebediah's Photo Album

It's KSP Friday again. I've been busy this past week putting a refueling station into Kerbin orbit, completing a few more Mun and Minmus missions, and revisiting Duna to train interplanetary skills. There have been successes and failures, but due to my insistence on unmanned missions beyond Minmus, no Kerbal has given his or her life in the doing. Jebediah was not happy about this decision, but he understands the reasons for it. Still, it does an injustice to their accomplishments to just write about it all. That's why I talked Jebediah into allowing me to share a few moments from his personal photo album. They speak far more eloquently than I can. Enjoy!

[gallery type="circle" link="file" ids="1602,1603,1621,1605,1604,1607,1606,1608,1609,1610,1611,1612,1613"]

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