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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Incursion Raven

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Last week I was going to x up for my first Incursion fleet. Since I plan on running with Union 0f Revolution [U.O.R.] fleets, I need a shield tanked ship.  I have run plenty of shield tanked ships. I've even run them in Incursions before. But that was three and a half years ago when Incursions were a new thing. My ship of choice back then was the double large shield extended Drake with heavy missile launchers.  Before the Drake nerf in the Retribution expansion, that ship was a true beast. Today it is only three quarters of the beast it used to be. But because it was so powerful back then, I never bothered training Caldari battleships. I didn't need to. The Drake could tank like a battleship and still put out respectable PvE damage.

Imagine my surprise when I was looking through the U.O.R. ship fits, decided I really wanted to fly a Raven, and discovered I couldn't. Oops. What's even more humorous is I meet all their training requirements to fly a Basilisk but not the Raven. Chalk that up to my wormhole days. So I spent yesterday training Caldari battleship to level 3. That was fine. I had to work RL anyway. Today I was finally able to load their fit into EveHQ and have a look at it. It was using high meta T1 launchers and T1 target painters. I figured I'd put T2 launchers and painters on since I have no problems fitting T2 modules... usually. Surprise! I discovered I'd not trained T2 launchers past Heavy Assault. The U.O.R. fit uses torpedoes or cruise missiles. Oops - again.

Unfortunately it will take me 19 days to train Torpedo V, so I'll have to use the high meta T1 launchers. I suppose that's okay for now though it hurts my DPS substantially since I can't use T2 ammo. And it grates that faction ammo is considerable more expensive than T2 ammo. But hey, it's not that much more expensive so meh. I'll go with what I can fly. So here's the fit I adopted for Incursion running. I can tell you it's a damn sight cheaper than my Kronos!

[Raven, U0R Incursions Modified]

6x Prototype 'Arbalest' Torpedo Launcher (Caldari Navy Mjolnir Torpedo)
Large S95a Remote Shield Booster

Large Shield Extender II
3x Target Painter II
2x Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
EM Ward Amplifier II

Damage Control II
4x Ballistic Control System II

Large Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I
Large Warhead Rigor Catalyst I
Large Rocket Fuel Cache Partition I

5x Light Armor Maintenance Bot I
5x Light Shield Maintenance Bot I
5x Hobgoblin II

[Statistics - Mabrick]

Effective HP: 77,581 (Eve: 69,550)
Tank Ability: 55.56 DPS
Damage Profile - Sanshas Nation (EM: 59.83%, Ex: 0.00%, Ki: 7.98%, Th: 32.19%)
Shield Resists - EM: 71.52%, Ex: 77.36%, Ki: 72.83%, Th: 69.98%
Armor Resists - EM: 57.50%, Ex: 23.50%, Ki: 36.25%, Th: 53.25%

Capacitor (Lasts 2m 50s)

Volley Damage: 5,321.32
DPS: 766.02

I named her Rhamphosuchus. Now before you go off about the fit not being cap stable, turn off the remote shield booster. That's there as an emergency contingency. The slot is open on the U.O.R. fit and I don't fly ships with empty slots. I decided I'd put an emergency remote shield booster in there just in case something goes horribly wrong while running a Vanguard. It might save a Basilisk or someone's Nightmare. Then it'd be well worth it. When it's not saving someone's bacon, the fit is cap stable at 65% for me. The T2 target painters dropped that 1.5%, but I think it was worth it. It gives me an extra 12k on my painter falloff range. I feel the buffer is a but thin at 77k against Sansha, but it'll work. It's almost as good as the buffer on my pre-Retribution Drake.

Ship fitted, I headed for U.O.R.'s Incursion staging station. It was 15 jumps away, and while the Raven is a beautiful ship, it is definitely a slow boat - so I took the most direct route. The route didn't go through low-sec, but it did go through the Balle .5 corridor where ganks are not uncommon. I was travel fit though, with four warp core stabilizers instead of the Ballistic Control Systems. I wasn't worried. Besides, even if I did get caught the ship really wasn't that expensive for me, though 250 million ISK may be a lot for a new bro. Just make sure you always use a travel fit when going from Incursion to Incursion is what everyone says. I'll add you should avoid habitual gank systems if at all possible. Systems I'll typically avoid (especially when hauling expensive cargo) are Uedama, Hek, Niarja and of course Balle (and it's associated .5 corridor.) This time though I was going straight through.

I'd just gotten to the other side of the .5 corridor when this happened.

[ 2014.02.23 20:32:00 ] Sophia Wong > ah shit, they pop the mom
[ 2014.02.23 20:32:06 ] tataway > wait did they just end the incursion
[ 2014.02.23 20:32:22 ] tataway > .... everytime.... im 1 jump out
[ 2014.02.23 20:33:54 ] Dylan Rhade > back
[ 2014.02.23 20:33:57 ] Dylan Rhade > nvm lol
[ 2014.02.23 20:34:36 ] Serendiipity Hemanseh > Ithink you can take me off the wl now :)
[ 2014.02.23 20:34:43 ] Dux Magnus > to amarr \o/
[ 2014.02.23 20:34:45 ] Dylan Rhade > same here @{
[ 2014.02.23 20:34:58 ] BladeSkater > sry gents
[ 2014.02.23 20:35:03 ] Dylan Rhade > nw :0
[ 2014.02.23 20:35:06 ] Dylan Rhade > :)
[ 2014.02.23 20:35:41 ] Dylan Rhade > there uis another hi sec inc up
[ 2014.02.23 20:35:48 ] Sophia Wong > night people
[ 2014.02.23 20:35:53 ] tataway > night dean
[ 2014.02.23 20:36:10 ] tataway > if theres only one everyone will e there
[ 2014.02.23 20:36:52 ] Dylan Rhade > fair one
[ 2014.02.23 20:37:27 ] tataway > they will most likly pop that too
[ 2014.02.23 20:37:57 ] Serendiipity Hemanseh > I guess so, so i will call it a night, so night all
[ 2014.02.23 20:38:10 ] tataway > night seren
[ 2014.02.23 20:39:26 ] Verona Mendel > wow that sucks

Damn. I guess it just wasn't supposed to happen today. I ended up diverting to Rens, where I will wait for the next fleet op. Hopefully that won't be too long. I'm itching to see how Rhamphosuchus performs. I hope she preforms as well as she looks. She sure is a beautiful ship.

Fly Careful


  1. Since you mention Kronos- there was no Rokh fit in the shield meta? I assume you already have the large tech2 hybrids for the marauder hull - it should have been a faster adoption. My most recent shield inc was all NM, Mach and Vindi. So I am surprise to see a missile boat.

  2. Yes, there is a shield Rokh in their ship fits. I just wanted to fly a Raven. The Rokh was a close second, but I'm a bit tired (read burned out) of hybrid mechanics after three months in a Kronos. LOL

  3. While the rokh is a nice ship to begin with, it's slow as hell and relies too much on others webbing stuff. It may end up being frustrating in eg NCOs.

  4. Most incursion fleets don't seem to have much room for missile ships. Last time I tried to join they even refused machariels with a CDFE as 'too tanky...' (The day after there was another FC and he did accept one CDFE but not two. This was TVP)

  5. Actually, for your utility high, you might consider a cap transfer in place of the shield transfer, in case your logi unit's cap chain gets broken and they need an emergency boost. I know when I did vanguards in a Tempest, that was the FC's preference (over cruise launchers or shield remote reps), and there were a couple of times when they needed the extra cap, too.

  6. That's why it is a group activity.
    The torps shouldn't be the preferred weps in vanguards tho, due to them going mostly against frigs and cruisers.

  7. Well, it is a U0R fit, so perhaps their FCs will be more encouraging. :-)

  8. Do you have a reason to prefer T2 painters to PWNAGE (Meta 4)? I've looked at them closely, and the only difference I can find is that the T2 model is harder to fit.

  9. It is only personal preference I suppose. There really is no reason not to use the Meta 4s. They are just as good and I consider them the prefered new bro fit.

  10. Missile boats have a place in HQ fleets, where there are plenty of battleships (and the occasional tower) to shoot at. In a Vanguard level site, the rats are mostly frigates with a few fast cruisers, which means the nicest thing that can be said about a BS missile boat is that its applied damage isn't zero. Missile boats also suffer from delayed damage, so your target will often be dead before your missiles get there.

    Usual progression in shield fleets is one of:
    rokh / hyperion -> vindicator
    rokh -> nightmare
    maelstrom -> machariel
    tempest fleet issue and navy megathron also see some play as intermediate steps
    Some people use marauders, but their focus on self-reliance means that a lot of their benefits are less appropriate to incursion sites.

  11. […] far I’ve bought and fit two ships for Incursion running. I bought a Raven to start with, and yesterday I re-fit my newly skinned Rokh to run Incursions. And that’s […]

  12. […] far I’ve bought and fit two ships for Incursion running. I bought a Raven to start with, and yesterday I re-fit my newly skinned Rokh to run Incursions. And that’s about […]


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