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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Income Since Rubicon: Final Report

Well, it's done. I've spent three months running Level IV (L4) security missions for the Sister's of EVE (SoE.) The first month I started late and was just getting organized. The second month I was going full tilt, building Stratios and selling them high in the post Rubicon SoE ship scramble. During the third month, as SoE ship prices steadily fell with demand, I blitzed the missions to see if that did indeed make more ISK than doing a full loot and salvage operation.

Last Monday I presented to you the time it took me to blitz all the missions I ran for this third installment. I bagged the last two days of the month because, meh - I am pretty damn tired of running the same L4 missions over and over and over and over. During this last month I also lost my mission running ship - a bastion mode Kronos marauder - and had to replace it. That took a chunk out of my wallet, that's for certain. But when you get over confident, that's what happens.

So now it's time to present my income for this last month of blitz. I am going to give you my gross profit first. That's the fair comparison to my previous two month. I lost my ship due to my own stupidity and it should not weigh against my findings. I am certain that those who encouraged me to blitz the missions to make more ISK will appreciate my doing so. And because I can, I am going to throw all three months up here side by side so you can easily compare. Ready?

[caption id="attachment_22" align="alignleft" width="300"]1st Month Income 1st Month Income[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1459" align="alignleft" width="300"]SoE Missions 2nd Month SoE Missions 2nd Month[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1691" align="alignleft" width="300"]L4 Blitz Gross Profit L4 Blitz Gross Profit[/caption]

So there you have it. I earned enough LP while blitzing to not only build an extra Stratios cruiser, but also one Astero frigate as well! On a gross profit comparison, it does indeed look like blitzing L4 missions will earn you more ISK for the same amount of time invested. And I can be certain of that. I kept my play time to the same amount I always do. About an hour a session when I'm not participating in corporate or alliance operations. When I'm by myself in other words. That's the way I roll. An hour of EVE a day keeps the doctor away. Right?

But showing you my gross profit earnings does not actually tell you how my wallet fared. There was an ISK cost to the blueprint copies (BPCs) I bough to make the ships as well  as a LP cost. There were taxes I had to pay. There was the replacement for the destroyed Kronos. No, the gross figures don't speak well at all about how much ISK a capsuleer can make running L4s. To do that, you have to look at the net. I did not do net calculations for my first two months. However, the costs to me were minimal compared to the last month. And I have those figures. To the right of the next section is what my net profit was for the last month of blitzing L4 missions.

[caption id="attachment_1699" align="alignright" width="334"]L4 Blitz Net Profit L4 Blitz Net Profit[/caption]

That's a completely different picture there. Look at all that red. Of course, the market escrow is mostly the price of the replacement Kronos as well as ammo and a few other things I needed to buy - like a capacitor booster for the replacement. LOL And I surprisingly spent 75 million ISK on the BPCs. Taxes were my next "big" expenditure at over 30 million ISK total. No, it doesn't look good at all.

That is until you take into account the other two month. The months that had low overhead costs, were the BPC cost was half and the taxes not so bad either. Taking it all together, my first month almost offsets my last month; leaving a healthy 800 million ISK to the plus side. Had I not committed a stupidity, I could have easily brought in 2 billion ISK in those three month. And as long as I didn't go mad running the same missions over and over, I could bring in a billion ISK a month in perpetuity. That's some damn good profit.

But is that the best a capsuleer can do in high-sec? I received this email just after I published my second month's income report.

I don't know if you remember me - we talked about the life in a WH some time ago. I see you've been running lv4 missions. Would you be interested in running incursions? They are both more profitable and fun to run. For some time I've been running vanguards with a nice community of experienced incursion players - U0R Incursions. Good, chilled atmosphere + some isk printing.

That right there boys and girls is opportunity knocking. Stay tuned for more reports on making ISK in high-sec. Cha-ching!

Fly Careful

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