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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Blitzing Level IV Security Missions

I've spent most of the last month blitzing L4 security missions for the Sisters of EVE (SoE) as any who follow this blog know. I will present my financial results for comparison with my previous two monthly summaries (here and here) on Wednesday when the month is complete. Today I want to present a table of how long it takes to blitz these missions. I recorded data for every mission I've done since January 19th. Now I present the data to you.

[caption id="attachment_1659" align="aligncenter" width="800"]L4 Blitz Data L4 Blitz Data[/caption]

On the left, in green, are the individual missions offered, the number of minutes it took me to complete them and the start and end times for the mission (which I didn't think to do until I'd already run three missions.) The mission started when I clicked accept and ended when I clicked complete. Any ship reconfiguration, blitz research or course setting was done before I clicked accept. On the right, in blue, is a pivot table of the mission and time data. It shows the mission name, the number of times I ran it and the average time to complete the mission. For some of the missions, I'd say those I ran three or four times, the average seems fairly definitive.

Some of these missions were ridiculously easy to blitz. I got the Recon series of missions twice. It's perhaps the easiest 7000+ LP you'll ever earn with an average completion time for all three segments of 17 minutes. Of course the hardest mission to blitz in my opinion is The Blockade. I've already discussed why here. Still, blitzing it does cut in half the amount of time it'd have taken me otherwise. I can confidently say the same for Worlds Collide and Angel Extravaganza, two other "big" missions. There is also Vengeance which I got four times and it was always Blood Raiders. Had the rats been Angel Cartel or Serpentis I could have likely completed the mission faster by getting in close with blasters and brawling. The tank on my Kronos is more than adequate. But blasters against Blood Raiders is tricky when you aren't trying to blitz the mission. It can be deadly when you are. I will have to amend my previous views on blasters versus rails to say, if you are going to blitz that means sniping and you need to use rails. However, if you are going to snipe, I'd also say you shouldn't be using a Gallente ship at all. Get yourself a proper sniping platform. And since blitzing is inherently more dangerous, you shouldn't even consider a Marauder at all. I seldom used Bastion mode while blitzing. You can't stay out of range if you can't move. Reduce your potential loss should you commit a stupidity by flying a well fit T1 sniping battleship like a Maelstrom, Apocalypse or even a sniper fit Rokh.

The question of whether you can make more ISK blitzing L4s as opposed to a full loot and salvage approach remains unanswered until Wednesday. Though I will point out I've run 39 missions so far. I've still two days to go, but I am certainly earning more LP and doing so in less time. In fact, due to some technical issues (see the missions with disconnects) and the fact that I can't take any missions against the Amarr I had to turn down some missions. My standing with the Amarr Empire is lower than my standing with the Blood Raider Covenant; go figure. And to make matters worse, more than half my assets are in Amarr. Declining the anti-Amarr missions ended my mission running on three days. But all that said, I'm still doing 50% more missions by blitzing. And when you look at the average mission time, you can see how someone who can dedicate a solid two hours a day to mission running could easily complete nearly 100 missions a month. That's a lot of dead rats. So when you see the financial results on Wednesday, be sure to factor that into the review.

And now for a bonus. As I was running these missions, I discovered there is no blitz information given on EVE-Survival for Worlds Collide. It turns out Worlds Collide is fairly easy to blitz. To do so, obtain Zbikoki's Hacker Card to get through one of the two locked gates in the initial pocket. You don't have to engage either faction. They will just ignore you as you activate the gate with Zbikoki's Hacker Card. I was lucky in that I had two on hand from my previous two month's of mission running. Once into the second pocket (I did Angels of course because... you know, neuts,) kill all the ships in the pocket to unlock the gate. Once you are into the final pocket, approach the damaged Heron until you draw aggro from the guards (2 BB and 3 CA.) Once they were good and mad, I used my Micro Warp Drive to jump away and snipe them. The other groups will not aggro. I am not sure if that was range related or not, but I'd recommend keeping your distance from them. Once you've killed all the guards, jump back to the Heron, rescue the crew and return to your agent. My average completion time was 47 minutes even though I had to do the third one without the card. The first two with the card had an average completion time of 41 minutes. Cha-ching.

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