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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Income Since Rubicon: Part Two

As I mentioned in an interim post, my goal for the second month of SoE security mission running was to do one mission a day and see how the profit compared to the first month. You can see my first month profit here. If you don't want to click, I made 442,004,255.01 ISK the first month after Rubicon. The second month of mission running ended yesterday.

I did not meet my goal of running one mission a day. I was only able to run 27 missions in a 31 day period. However, I have a great excuse. I was sick for most of the the week over New Year and didn't feel like doing much of anything. ;-) Still, I am not disappointed with the results. Here's what I was able to put into my wallet.

SoE Missions 2nd Month

The Market Transactions include one Stratios I built and sold for 400 million credits on December 21, 2013. At the rate of one mission a day, it is a toss up as to whether I'd have enough Loyalty Points (LP) to buy another Stratios blue print copy (BPC.) It takes 120,000 LP to buy a single-run Stratios BPC. For the same amount of LP, I could buy four Astero BPCs and see ISK coming in at a more even pace. It's a six in one hand and a half dozen in the other proposition. Stratios prices have fallen to, at best, about 350 million ISK apiece in Dodixie, the trade hub out of which I'm based. Astero prices seem to be holding, again at best, around 85 million ISK apiece.

Stratios Dodixie Price History 19JAN14          Astero Dodixie Price History 19JAN14

And while I'm on the topic of BPC income, if you strip that out of my Market Transaction total, I only made 166 million ISK from the high-value salvage I've obtained on my missions. Loot drops are definitely poor. I can easily understand why so many don't even bother with the loot and salvage. There are several very good reasons to skip it in fact. Stopping to loot and salvage can sometimes double the amount of time it takes to run a mission. It also makes you vulnerable. Staying in one place too long in a pimped out mission ship is an open invitation to gankers. And besides doubling the time it takes to run the mission, there is the time it takes to haul it to market and sell it. To be sure that actually isn't a great deal of time comparatively speaking. I only had to haul to market once (I only do so when my transport has a full cargo hold.) But it took an hour, and I could have possibly run two more mission in that time. Nevertheless, there is probably a happy medium in there where you loot and salvage the battleships but leave the rest. One word of advice to those wanting to be high-sec mission runners though, don't ever bother salvaging drones. There is no longer anything valuable in them. It is a total waste of time.

The last thing I'd like to do is give a (half) nod to those who've argued so passionately about using rails instead of blasters on the Bastion Mode Kronos. No, I am not taking back what I said about blasters being the right fit for a Bastion Mode Kronos. I am only going to modify that a little. Blasters are the right fit for most missions, though not all. I had a chance to run Worlds Collide again a few days ago and evaluate blaster performance during the mission. In that specific mission rails would have allowed me to complete it much more quickly. It took a ridiculous 2 hours with blasters and doing full salvage and loot. It really is hurting your ISK earning potential if you have to spend so long on a mission. So have both available, know your missions, and fit appropriately for the mission. If you are going to use the Micro Jump Drive and kite them as Worlds Collide practically dictates you must, then fit rails for the best damage beyond 85 kilometers. Most of my engagements started between 100 and 120 kilometers, and that was just a bit too far for the blasters. I did a lot of waiting for things to come within range. Waiting around just makes it more likely a gank squad will zero in on me. I'll still fit blasters for 90% (or more) of my missions, but I also have a set of 425mm Railgun IIs on hand for when it makes more sense to use them.

So where do I go from here? Well, I think I'll explore the statement made by quite a few others that not salvaging and blitzing missions makes more ISK. So for the next month, I will be doing just that. I will not loot and salvage, and I will blitz any mission that has that option. I will still try and run a mission a day. Now keep in mind, that's not a literal thing in all cases. I have a set amount of time I can play, and in that time I try and run enough missions to count as one a day. But the real goal is to do at least 27 missions as I did in this past month. I'll let you all know how that goes next month.

And one last thing, many of us use to get information on missions and to increase our ISK earning potential. Lately they've experienced issues they've been trying to resolve. Their latest attempt caused the site to go down for some time yesterday. If you have the means, they could use some assistance. There is a donation link on the main page of the site. Please lend a hand if, like me, you make extensive use of the information the site provides. Thanks!

Fly Careful


  1. Interesting about the mission income, I'm slowly prodding an alt in that direction in case I get bored of industry. Even my small industry setup has a better ISK/hr ratio but a lot of the time it's not that entertaining.

    I'm guessing it was pretty minimal but were there any outgoing costs for ammo and drones? What ammo were you using?

  2. I look forward to the next report. One thing that stands out is how small the actual mission rewards are compared to the total including bounties + loot/salvage and LP turn-in.
    This skews my preception when ever I hear about the 100m isk per hour mission runners because I only look at mission rewards + bounties when I run missions myself. Loot/salvage/LP are stashed and only cashed in when I am in immediate need of some isk.

    I wonder how epic mission arcs compare to regular level 4 missions because some arcs don't offer any bounties or tags from rats, but missions just gives a fixed mission reward of 10m isk or so, no LP and the biggest payout comes at the end with some faction loot.

  3. If you follow your "one mission a day" rule, you lose the point of blitzing the missions. If you want a real comparison between the two modes, you should decide upon an average completion time based on your previous month, then try to do as much missions as you can during that timeframe each day.
    Or you should convert your income to ISK/hr for both months.

  4. I am using Null and Void at about a 3 to 1 ratio. The cost of ammo, etc. is actually part of the Market Transactions section. That includes sell and buy orders. I am avoiding buying anything "extra" while I run these missions to keep the amounts as representative as possible. I'd back anything out that was totally extraneous though, like buying an Archon or something. ;-)

  5. Nosy Gamer did some posts about running epic arcs last year. He was after BPCs as well. They're here and here.

  6. Yes, I do understand that. I'll have the same time to play as I always do. I doubt the time I have to play will really change. My schedule these days is fairly static. This will actually enable me to get a feel for whether blitzing really does increase the number of missions I can run. I did one last night and it really wasn't all that much faster - maybe saved me 10 or 15 minutes. I didn't have enough time to commit to another mission with what else I had going on. The mission had three pockets: the first two full of BC and smaller ships had to be cleared to unlock the gates. For the last pocket, I could ignore the smaller ships and just kill the BBs. I did that. It didn't save all that much time, though skipping the loot and salvage certainly did. I have a feeling blitzing really favors those who can commit a couple hours at a whack to it. I will try and do that to be faithful to the point.

  7. You were just unlucky with the mission. Most of them are a lot faster when blitzed, like half-third the time even without loot-salvaging in the normal way.
    I think, your 1 hour per mission average what you mentioned some posts earlier is way too much. I could finish all the missions (except worlds collide and blockade) and loot-salva them with a noctis afterwards in less than a hour in total with a T2 fitted Apocalypse. Most of the missions took less than half an hour without blitzing.

  8. […] I will present my financial results for comparison with my previous two monthly summaries (here and here) on Wednesday when the month is complete. Today I want to present a table of how long it takes to […]


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