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Sunday, January 26, 2014

FFFA: First (Every) Frigate Free for All

I needed a break. I've been running SoE missions so much I'm starting to dream about them. That can't be healthy. So I took the day off. Instead, I flew over to Jovainnon to check out the Stay Frosty FFA - or as it was for me, FFFA. Yeah, almost six years old and I've never done a Frigate Free for All. Isn't that... something.

I decided I'd do an early appearance. It began at 16:00 New Eden Central Time, which is 8:00 AM Mabrick time. I tell you, it's hard dragging myself out of bed that early on a non-work day. Fortunately Rixx Javix and the crew at Stay Frosty had just the wake up call I needed. I'd positioned myself just beyond Hevrice the night before so it was two easy jumps to Jovainnon.

Once in system, I docked at Jovainnon VI, joined the Stay Frosty FFA channel and x'd up for any of their free fully fit T1 frigates. I drew an Atron. Perfect, I'm Gallente. I undocked, but it was still early. There weren't too many around yet. I warped to a Mobile Depot conveniently placed directly off the undock, grouped my guns, arranged my modules in my preferred order (all top row: point, web, guns, active tank in that order,) and started to look for a fight. There there was this in local.
[ 2014.01.26 16:28:38 ] Awarmingcoat > real ffa at sun
[ 2014.01.26 16:28:40 ] Awarmingcoat > lol

I missed the "lol" on the second line. Of course it was a trap, this is EVE Online. Not only was it a trap, but they had no intention of playing by the rules. As I did, up until about 10 seconds after this event, have intentions of playing by the rules, I didn't immediately warp my pod out. Thirteen jumps later I was back in Jovainnon - with kill rights. :-)

The next ship I drew was a Condor. I'd never flown a Condor. I'd flown a Drake many, many times though so I was at least familiar with missile combat. Kite was now the name of the game. My first kill was made with that Condor. I just managed to keep my range out there far enough, and got some help at the very end of the engagement, so it was no solo kill to be certain. Still, I was rather pleased with how it turned out.

[caption id="attachment_1510" align="aligncenter" width="800"]15% Structure 15% Structure[/caption]

I waited out my timers, docked and repaired the Condor. I lost it in short order to an engagement that started way too close, but that was okay. There were plenty more where that came from.

The next ship I drew was another Atron, and then right after a Rifter - from the same request. That was odd. A quick check of the Atron confirmed my suspicion. I think there must have been a 'spai' or some such in the Stay Frosty FFA channel delivering unfit ships to unsuspecting new bros. Anti-social-R-us. I decided to have a little fun with it, so I posted this to local.
[ 2014.01.26 18:14:19 ] Mabrick > Okay folks, I'm undocking in an unfit ship. I'm going to loot wrecks for a fit. If you shoot me, it'll ruin half the fun. Wait till I'm done, fit and undocked again and THEN shoot me. Got it? Here I come.

For good measure I'd named the ship, "No Guns Don't Shoot." Can you guess what happened?
[ 2014.01.26 18:14:28 ] (None) Undocking from Jovainnon VI - Federal Freight Storage to Jovainnon solar system.
[ 2014.01.26 18:14:51 ] (combat) Warp scramble attempt from ;∴ Merlin Joffy Aulx-Gao's Merlin | Pete Butcher - to you!
[ 2014.01.26 18:14:52 ] (combat) 197 from Pete Butcher[KMSM](Merlin) - Light Neutron Blaster I - Penetrates
[ 2014.01.26 18:14:54 ] (combat) 170 from Pete Butcher[KMSM](Merlin) - Light Neutron Blaster I - Hits
[ 2014.01.26 18:14:57 ] (combat) 218 from Pete Butcher[KMSM](Merlin) - Light Neutron Blaster I - Penetrates
[ 2014.01.26 18:14:59 ] (combat) 133 from Pete Butcher[KMSM](Merlin) - Light Neutron Blaster I - Glances Off
[ 2014.01.26 18:15:01 ] (combat) 170 from Pete Butcher[KMSM](Merlin) - Light Neutron Blaster I - Hits
[ 2014.01.26 18:15:02 ] (notify) Requested to dock at Jovainnon VI - Federal Freight Storage station
[ 2014.01.26 18:15:02 ] (notify) Your docking request has been accepted. Your ship will be towed into station.

So I repaired then repackaged the Atron and sold it. Who says you can't make ISK at an FFA? The other ship I got from the real Stay Frosty member was a NOS fit Rifter. That actually got me a little more excited than I already was. I've read lots about how sick Rifters are.

At about this time, here is what the New Eden star map looked like.

[caption id="attachment_1511" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Jovainnon 2 hours into Stay Frosty FFA Jovainnon 2 hours into Stay Frosty FFA[/caption]

It's times like this I'm reminded of words like, "Half a league, half a league, half a league onward." I undocked, insta-warped to the Mobile Depot and then warped to my safe. Yeah, yeah, yeah, safes were highly discouraged by "the management." So was podding and you see where that got me. So one little ol' safe wasn't gonna spoil anyone's fun. Besides, I lived in worm holes for a year. I'm fairly competent with d-scan. That's how I singled out my next victim.

And that's exactly what he was. When I scanned he was alone. When I arrived, two other's had has well but I was the first within scram, web and NOS range of his Executioner. I executed him. Unfortunately the other pilots did more damage, but dammit I was the first so it's my kill! *LOL*

I was not so lucky on the next pounce. There were a lot more waiting on me than my last scan indicated. That's the nature of FFA's I'd say. When my Rifter landed on grid, everyone was like, "KILL THE RIFTER!" So they did. I still got one of them to half armor and managed to get my pod out. It was great fun.

And that was how my first Frigate Free for All went. It was three hours that just seemed to fly by (except for those 13 extra jumps.) I'm certain there will be more in my future. Of course, by then it will be a lot different. As I was waiting for timers to expire, I started thinking how different FFAs would be when the new Mobile Scan Inhibitors go into effect. And can you imaging what it would be like if someone dropped a new Mobile Micro Jump Unit in each belt and at the sun? If you've not heard about these things go read this. I know the Mobile Scan Inhibitor has been asked for many times in the past along with a Local Inhibitor. Seeing the one leads me to believe we may see the other. Either way, they are going to change the way FFAs go down, and PvP in general. That makes me think of another set of words, "May you live in interesting times."

Fly Careful


  1. It was my first FFFA as well and also marked the first time I participated in a public event. I considered asking some of the bloggers I saw for a 1 on 1 fight but depending on ship choice it might not have been much of a fair fight.

    Biggest annoyance was when I was in a short range ship and just got kited to death, though when I was the kiter I didn't feel any mercy for my opponent. I also decided I don't like brave blobs.

  2. Sorry about that unfit ship. I saw you on overview and just went for it. All in all, that was a great event. Hope Rixx will do one next year.

  3. Glad you enjoyed it. These things are insanely fun, frustrating and challenging, just like Eve itself I guess. But it seems like almost everyone had a good time. I can assure you no one was handing out un-fitted ships on purpose, but with over 3,000 fitted frigates and 2k spares, mistakes were bound to happen.

  4. Never apologize when you've done nothing wrong. ;-) It was all in very good fun and made for some great entertainment!

  5. Thanks again and no hard feelings here. I just took the opportunity to make a little more fun from it. You have to admit, it was a little humorous. :-)

  6. I almost messaged you to set up a recordable fight, but then realized how much time I'd already spent and had to get off as RL beckoned - as RL will. So one of us was saved from utter video humiliation. ;-)


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