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Friday, January 3, 2014

CY 116 - Resolutions Required

It is now year 116 of the Yoiul Convention. I can't help but feel New Eden is at a cross roads. I do not make this statement lightly. It is also not a personal observation. It is one I apply to the entirety of the EVE Online universe. I had planned on discussing in this post things I wanted to try this year, but I find myself unable to come to any decisions.

CCP has gotten insanely quiet about the future of EVE Online. They have discussed Project 2 and Project 3 only by acknowledging there are two large projects that are under such stringent NDA they can't be named publicly. That's utterly cold war mental if you understand what I mean. That also indicates a Project 1, but that is likely in process and we've seen parts (if not most) of it released in Rubicon.

About the only thing CCP is talking about is Dust 514 and Valkyrie. That would be their game that is not quite ready for prime time, and their game that flat isn't ready if for no other reason than the hardware it runs on isn't even officially released yet. It's easy to talk about one game that has obvious short comings that need addressed, and one that has nothing but potential. It's easy to talk about potential. It's such a nebulous concept. But potential doesn't bring subscriptions.

Yet still there is nothing leaking out about EVE Online. The party line is, "all is great; wonderful things are coming." Other than pie in the sky comments of future new space involving player built star gates, we have no details on what to expect. Anyone who says otherwise is full up on conjecture and not much else. The facts are we just don't know and CCP isn't talking. In this game of poker, the cards are being held so tightly I'm certain they'll have fingerprints on them when shown.

That makes it very difficult to decide what I will do from here. Last year I tried the big alliance life in both worm holes and NPC null sec. The year before that I took the plunge into lower level worm hole life. Before that I'd been an industrialist and a miner before even that. But this year, I have no idea what I'm going to do. I'm simply marking time by running missions for the Sisters of Eve. It's like I'm waiting for the next shoe to drop. I'm not fond of the feeling.

I don't believe I am alone in this feeling. I have suspicions that others may be flying a holding pattern as well. It's really more like a gut feeling, but it's one I can't shake. CCP needs to start making some announcements - ones with substance. With the holidays over and everyone coming back to work, I hope we won't have too long to wait. The Rubicon player upswing has already peaked and is back to pre-Rubicon numbers. Check it out for yourself on EVE Offline. Someone needs to give and that someone would be CCP. If you look at subscribers as foot soldiers, the last thing you want is for them to become bored. CCP needs to get their NDA problem resolved, and start feeding their loyal subscribers something to keep them interested. Nothing good can come from bored soldiers.

Personally, I can't make any decisions until I know more about what is to come, so I guess I'll just have to end this with...
A full transcript of the ideas for this post will be released if and when some features are announced to the public at large.
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  1. Good points. I've basically stopped playing in the past 2-4 weeks, other than training skills (and oftentimes missing a deadline and not caring), because I'm bored with the game. I'm not even sure I'll reactivate my accounts one my subscription has run out. I've pretty much done most of the things that interest me, having some good and some bad experiences along the way, and now I'm left with the question, what is the purpose of playing? Accumulate isk? Why? I don't find PvP that fun, nor do I find EvE PvE fun, nor just about anything else in the game when taken on its own. That leaves me with setting goals, but, honestly, I can't seem to find any worth the grind.

  2. You and me both my friend... you n me both.

  3. I completely sympathise but I very much doubt that anything major will get announced before Fanfest.

  4. It always the same after christmas everyone is taking stock of what they do, alliances fall appart and form wars are started or ended , but everyone eagerly waits for whats is next!

  5. CCP can't release any information because there is small, immature but very vocal minority that will showcase their displeasure if CCP does not deliver on their 'promise' or if they believe this feature will ruin EVE forever.

    The game is a sandbox, don't wait for CCP to drive the game forward, take action yourself. Let's get a group together with the goal of claiming a system or constallation and building our own outpost. That will drive gameplay.

    You tried big alliance life in both null and wormhole space, you have tried pve. You left those behind becasue they can't keep your interest? None of the other often mentioned options like FW, RVB, joining minerbumping, turning pirate, high sec wardec griefing or incursions can really get your interest?


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