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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Income Since Rubicon

When Rubicon went live, about the first thing I did was buy a Kronos. I've been running level IV security missions out of Apanake ever since. (I did courier missions out of Gicodel before that for Jump Clone access, which it turns out I really didn't need after all.) It's been a month. How am I doing? That was the question I asked myself today.

So I did some journal diving using EVE HQ. Pivot tables are a wonderful invention! The first thing I discovered is it wasn't a full month of mission running. I actually didn't start until November 24th, the Sunday after Rubicon's release, and I couldn't get on at all last weekend. ;-( The second thing I discovered is I've made a whole lot more ISK than I thought I had.
And I haven't bought any BPCs yet... WOOT! Another month of this and I'll have that Kronos completely paid off. Now why didn't I do this sooner? Oh yeah, the Kronos and the Tractor Unit makes it easy. But even better than that, I don't need a fleet of 30 other guys to make bank like in the old C6. I can do this alone and during my limited play time. That suits me perfectly.

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  1. Are the Market Transaction tabs cashing out the LP or is that just loot? If it's not LP, how much have you amassed?

    Also curious what your time spent is, if you can estimate it.

    1. Market transactions are 99% loot. There were some old things laying around I sold with the loot but not a lot. AND, the loot I sold was only the stuff that shows when you select the "High Value" filter in inventory. The rest I reprocessed into minerals to use with those BPCs I plan to purchase. I've also kept all the drones that drop because why buy when you can throw the junkyard at those pesky frigates. 8D

      As for time spent running missions that's a little more tricky. I started counting hours on Raptr on November 2, 2013. Since then I've clocked 78 hours in New Eden. Cut that at least in half for the pre-Rubicon time as well as doing other things in New Eden. That'd be 39 hours total, but that still seems way high. So let's say 20 hours total - maybe. I can go a different route towards guess-timation. I did a total of 17 missions during the time frame and most took an hour or so but a few took 2 hours. That seems to jive with 20 total hours too. Raw data below.

      Date Type Amount
      12/18/2013 5:16 Agent Mission Reward 736000
      12/18/2013 3:11 Agent Mission Reward 2030000
      12/12/2013 4:21 Agent Mission Reward 1200000
      12/12/2013 3:48 Agent Mission Reward 639000
      11/12/2013 7:37 Agent Mission Reward 2090000
      11/12/2013 7:18 Agent Mission Reward 1510000
      11/12/2013 5:13 Agent Mission Reward 1480000
      11/12/2013 4:16 Agent Mission Reward 1190000
      11/12/2013 3:26 Agent Mission Reward 895000
      12/4/2013 3:52 Agent Mission Reward 1570000
      12/4/2013 2:42 Agent Mission Reward 1850000
      12/3/2013 5:06 Agent Mission Reward 1720000
      11/30/2013 4:53 Agent Mission Reward 1230000
      11/30/2013 3:43 Agent Mission Reward 2080000
      11/28/2013 7:39 Agent Mission Reward 2100000
      11/28/2013 3:35 Agent Mission Reward 806000
      11/24/2013 23:40 Agent Mission Reward 2060000

    2. 1.17hrs / mission on average seems a lot to me... Back in my HS days, I did Blockades in less than a hour in an Apoc with a Noctis salvaging afterwards. And those were usually my longest missions.

    3. The time it takes to run each mission is difficult for me to pin down. I don't time them. I also take my time, I don't blitz anything, and I'll sit and let rats come to me when it'd be faster to go to them. I often take longish breaks between missions. For instance, last night I was logged in for 2 hours. I ran my first mission in 45 minutes. Towards the end I had a call from my sister, so I took a break. I'm not sure how long the break was because we talked for like 30 minutes, then I went to the bathroom and then I talked about what my sister had told me with my significant other. Mabrick sat in the station that entire time. After I got back to the PC, I ran another mission. It took about 30 minutes but I had to make four jumps. So if anything that 20 hours estimate is the very high end of how long it takes. You could shorten that considerably with a variety of tactics, but I just like to relax while I play.

  2. to reiterate the first responder, how much LP have you amassed in the same time frame? your numbers look like everything but LP if i understand your description

    1. Well, she asked if it was just loot or included LP too. I said just loot and some odds and ends I had hanging around. I'm fairly certain that answered her question.

      To answer your question, it's a bit more than 106,000 LP.

  3. 442m for 20 hours work. Seems a far cry from the 60-100m isk an hour you hear people talk about on the forums. But 20 hours for 17 missions seems an ok estimate.

    1. Describing it as "work" is a lot of exaggeration. 8-)

  4. Is lewt included in the bounty prizes, or elsewhere?

    1. Loot is all in the Market Transaction line. Bounty Prizes is what I got for just blowing rats up.


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