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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

BB51: An Amazing Reaction

EVE Online can be a game of heart-pounding, palm-sweating, adrenaline-fuelled ecstasy or agony. Sometimes over the years those reactions dim and what was once a panic inducing situation becomes commonplace routine. For some, the shakes never go away.

From Druur Monakh (Twitter: @DruurMonakh) we get the topic of this banter: what was your most nail-biting experience in EVE Online so far? It could be PvP in a 1v1 or 1000v1000, your first fight or your latest one, a scam so close to being uncovered too soon, a trap almost sprung on an unsuspecting victim or the roles reversed and you desperately try to escape.


I've been in the adrenalin chair, or I should say hatch, a lot in my life. It's odd that EVE Online can invoke a comparable adrenalin rush when no one's life is on the line. Yet it does. That's one of the things that amazes me about this game - as it does several of the other bloggers who've done this banter. 

It's no secret I play risk averse. But in New Eden, when is there ever no risk? Every undock has the potential for PvP. It isn't consent mind you. I HATE that phrase. No one consents to violence; neither virtual nor real. But violence is a reality. It happens every day. I keep that nestled away in my forebrain every time I undock - or step out of bed in the morning.

But I digress a bit. Sorry Druur. There was a time when I thought about the life of a PvPer believe it or not. It was soon after I moved to Aporulie because of one single event. And yes, it was PvP. Seyllin is right next door. One day I decided to purchase and fit a rail Thorax and go do some ratting. It was September 2009 and I'd just turned 18 months old. When the fight came, it didn't come with all the suddenness of an uncloaking Tengu. But it was sudden enough.

The Ishkur "appeared" out of nowhere. I was so PvP noob I hadn't a clue what D-scan was yet. Before I knew it she was in close and hammering away my shields. I locked back and sicked my drones on her. They were a brand new flight of Hammerhead IIs I'd just learned how to control. Her's were out too: Hobgoblin IIs.  We were in it until the end at that point. My heart was pounding!

I didn't understand why, but my rails kept missing. But my drones were wreaking havoc on the Ishkur. Our armor amounts kept switching places as to who's was lower.  Back and forth they went, but always dropping. At some point I decided I should try and disengage so reversed course. Suddenly her guns were no longer hitting me and mine were hitting her! Hooray! Unfortunately the Hobgoblin IIs she was using kept my armor repper from clawing its way back from near structure. 

Soon the Ishkur was lower in armor than I was. "That's good!" I thought. I decided to turn around and finish her off. (I heard all those facepalms.) As my Thorax made the turn I realized that three of my drones were missing. Since she couldn't hit me, she was taking them out with her guns. "Oh, that's bad," I remember thinking. I turned away again but too late. Her guns were on me again and I was into structure. 

But wait, so was she! It became a race, as I've since learned many of these types of engagements become. I lost, but she was hella on fire when my pod warped out. That's when I first learned about gf in local.

[ 2009.09.08 04:38:28 ] Somebodysetusupthebomb > gf
[ 2009.09.08 04:38:38 ] Mabrick > Nice one.
[ 2009.09.08 04:38:46 ] Somebodysetusupthebomb > was v. close
[ 2009.09.08 04:39:06 ] Mabrick > I liked it. Took me a moment to realize you jumped me. ;(
[ 2009.09.08 04:39:06 ] Somebodysetusupthebomb > u got nice drones on that thing ;p
[ 2009.09.08 04:39:14 ] Mabrick > Hammer IIs
[ 2009.09.08 04:39:22 ] Somebodysetusupthebomb > they hit hard ;p
[ 2009.09.08 04:39:43 ] Mabrick > Yup. Its a drone cruiser. Salvager and tracktor though don't help
[ 2009.09.08 04:40:00 ] Somebodysetusupthebomb > they help you earn cash i guess
[ 2009.09.08 04:40:12 ] Somebodysetusupthebomb > but once the rounds start flying its a different story
[ 2009.09.08 04:40:13 ] Mabrick > up close you shoot good. I have to have distance
[ 2009.09.08 04:40:42 ] Mabrick > Rats are dumb. I can pick them off at 30k plus with the drones
[ 2009.09.08 04:42:08 ] Mabrick > So, enjoy the loot. You earned it. Tchus!
[ 2009.09.08 04:42:14 ] Somebodysetusupthebomb > thanks, fly safe

As I wiped the sweat from my palms, I realized, no matter what I write about them, PvPers are just people having fun like me. Her response thanked me for the fun, informed me of the proper protocol without being demeaning, mentioned something positive and gave me a chance to feel proud about it. She wasn't discouraging at all. It was a total class act. Unfortunately my next encounter in Seyllin was not, but that's not what this post is about.

And because I'm not without a sense of humor, here's what I had no clue about in that first fight.
  1. D-scan, if that an airport security thing?
  2. Doesn't tracking require a shipment code?
  3. Ammo affects range in space?
  4. They make cruiser sized rail guns?
  5. Blasters do more damage?
  6. What do you mean I need a larger armor repper?
  7. What's MWD mean?
  8. Since when is "Get closer, get closer... run away" not a good tactic?
  9. Why can't I PvP and rat at the same time if I want to?
And for those who focus on such things, here's the killmail. It's an abomination; you are warned. But go have a good laugh. My current Thorax is much better and helped me take out three other Thoraxes and a Brutix in my video titled Cruiser Brawl. Even care badgers can learn better PvP - even if they are risk adverse.

Fly Careful

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  1. Nice story Mabrick, love it!:) Keep the spirit high!:)


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