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Monday, December 9, 2013

All Good Things Come to an End

Fifteen months ago a joined a small wormhole corporation called Hiigaran Bounty Hunters Inc [HBHI]. We lived in a C3 for awhile, having fun and killing Sleepers. It was a good life, until a carrier the corporation built inside the hole attracted the attention of those who are carrier kill crazy. Those crazies will go to great lengths to kill capital ships of all stripes. The CTA's are endless.

I know they are endless because after being camped hard by those crazies and paying them 5 bISK to leave, we joined them. Life in a C6 started out pretty good. We had some good fleet fights. We made some ISK... okay, a lot of ISK. Getting good pipes was hell, but we managed. I setup fuel production for the two POS we had and learned a thing or three about how fleets work and what FCs should and should not do.

But then the good fights in wormholes disappeared. People began to get bored. You know what happens to a group of people when boredom sets in. So a plan was hatched to go nomading. That's where you break down into self-sustaining fleets and head out to farm the now mostly empty wormholes around you. But that idea was stillborn. Instead alliance leadership decided we'd move to Stain and set up shop there. We would have PvP every night. There'd be roams and all sorts of fun things to do!

I decided I'd give it a try. I bought about a bISK of PvP ships and had them Frogged out to Stain. Then I jumped in my trusty Nemesis and took the long way out there from Amarr. It was promising at first. Strictly Unprofessional, an alliance 350 strong at the time, fancied themselves the lords of that area of space. They resisted our invasion. They camped our clone station hard. I lost a few ships to their camp. It was shaping up to be a great brouhaha!

Then it abruptly came to an end. The roams turned into moon POS bashes. Our hardened adversary seemed to failscade. Soon we were all alone and far from anything. Alliance fleets were soon being flown out of Amarr. I started to wonder what was going on. Then several of the corporations formerly known as Strictly Unprofessional joined our alliance.

WTF I thought. Were all those promises of glorious PvP just something said to get enough subcapital ships out to Stain so we could POS bash? There was mention of the tens of billions of ISK the moons out there were going to bring in. Then there was talk of super capitals. Then I put two and two together and started to suspect the real reason for the Stain deployment was to fund something else entirely. Something of no practical benefit to my fun or my enjoyment. We subcapital pilots were just a means to an end. The lone wolf in me rebels at the notion. I am no capsuleer's means to an end.

So I went roaming a few times alone. I found no one. I figured a lone ship would be ample reason for someone to undock and fight. It wasn't. Once I roamed with a corp mate named Mikey. We didn't run into our first ship for eight jumps, and then the Manticore ran away from our Brutix and Hurricane. We saw no one else. That's how boring null-sec can get. For all the great wars, once there is peace I guess it is just run away or be ganked. I don't think all null-sec is that way, but I certainly understand Rote Kapelle's desire to kick all the non PvPers out of their section of NPC null now. It was no fun and my glorious life of PvP in Null certainly was null. I chalk it up to the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong group of people.

I soon found myself back in high-sec to find something to do - whether that was roaming, missioning or just seeing another ship. Because of war decs, I've seen more action in Gallente high-sec then I did all that time I spent in Stain. I've made more ISK too, but that's irrelevant because it's not why I went to Stain. So for the past month, I've really been mulling over what I'm going to do about things.

The final decider was my currently ongoing RL situation, as I've mentioned in previous posts, and the new SOE ships. I'd really like to make some of those. However, the blueprints only come from SOE shops using SOE LP. That means running a boat load of SOE missions. That's been a little problematic. We've been under constant war dec for the most part, and while that's fun I'm not going to risk my mission boat to a bunch of high-sec war deccing pantywastes. And these war decs are only going to get worse because of things I can't talk about. All I'll say is this: Gevlon Goblin may have to eat those unkind words he wrote.

But as for Mabrick, I've decided to go back to the life of manufacturing. There are new and crazy cool blueprints to acquire and new ships to build. In a few days, after my son is accepted into HBHI, I will be leaving my wonderful friends there and rejoining the Center for Advanced Studies. From there I may go back to my old corp, the one I founded, or I may not. All I know is I'll be a free agent again and I like that idea a lot right now. It's a good time to be a lone wolf industrialist again.

Fly Careful


  1. Interesting post. I'm seeing more and more of the 'PvP' or lack thereof in this game, exactly as you have described it. Soon enough there will be ZERO combatants in null. People will just go there to hoard ISK.

    The only good thing that EVE had going for it was PvP, and that went to crap long ago with solo pvp being effectively given up by the majority playerbase (FW notwithstanding). Blobs, and structure bashing. No thank you. I'll enjoy my PvP experience in games that require real skill.

    1. BS.... there is lots of small gang pvp in EVE.. you just have to look for it like always. Wether it be the supremely target rich environment of FW, or the medium ganged knife fights in Curse or Syndicate... there is lots of great fights to be had. When hunting deer you have to hunt where the deer are, not where it is the most convenient for you. Same with solo and small gang PVP.

    2. I agree. I also live in the Stain region, and the pvp is not good. The problem is there are just too many ways for risk adverse bears to avoid pvp.

      Stabs, cloaks, local. and it's getting worse with Inties now being impossible to catch. Cloaking in particular is getting completely out of control.

  2. Not that I think you will talk about it, or should for that matter, but do you plan on setting up shop in high sec or low sec?

    I have been debating for some time now about resurrecting my indy chars and am curious on your take whether high sec or low sec close to a high sec trade hub is the way to go.

    1. For now I'll be running out of high-sec. I'll be doing SoE missions for LP so I can secure the BPCs I need to build their ships. It takes about 20 L4 missions to get enough LP for one Stratios, but the profit margin looks to be in orbit for these things. Current Jita IV price over 430 mISK each. It doesn't cost anything near that to make them, believe me. And I don't think the market will go soft for some time so jump in!

  3. 2 words: Faction Warfare

  4. Sorry to hear you had to leave HBHI I know you had some good friends in there.

  5. Good Luck with your new venture, always something new to try in EVE!

  6. Time to feed the trolls. This (see below) is why I said it was the wrong people as well as the wrong place and time. Besides the prepubescent vitriol, the facts are wrong. I was on comms that night and almost all nights when we were in the hole. In fact, the claim that I lost the Tengu because I wasn't on comms is FLAT WRONG. If I wasn't on comms, how the hell did the alliance get the Manticore and Proteus kill in exchange for my cheap scouting Tengu? I mean, you all were on an op I couldn't attend because it was too early. It was only my being on comms that alerted Pell and others to login alts and get to the static. We nearly doubled our ISK return on that engagement. Here's the battle report.

    So I lost a Tengu: big fat deal. We got a better than fair exchange for it. Know this my too-cowardly-to-put-a-real-name-on-your-comment-soon-to-be-ex-ally, life is too short to spend playing games with wankers like you. I know you are only the 1% bad in the 99% good, but it only takes one bacteria to spoil an entire urn of milk. You are that bacteria. I hope SYJ figures that out soon and pasteurizes themselves. They'll need a well run, self-disciplined crew to get where they want to go - and you aren't it.

    "Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "All Good Things Come to an End":

    dude, 2 words, YOU'RE TERRIBLE!!!
    seriously, when did you ever roam with us? you never log in and when you do you dont say shit and just fuck up like you always do! Everyone still remembers you losing that tengu on one side of the wh and not saying anything BECAUSE YOU WERE NOT ON COMMS YOU FUCKING RETARD
    oh and please, PLEASE i ffucking dare you to post how you really are in eve and not what you try and post yourself up to, oh im so good, oh im gonna manufacture, heres the thing YOU SUCK AND YOUR CORP SHOULD HAVE BEEN PURGED A LONG ASS TIME AGO YOU FUCK "


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