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Friday, November 15, 2013

Who You Going to Call? Ghostbusters! ... or not.

There's been an astounding discovery in New Eden.
What was that the Empires' spokesperson said.
Capsuleers of New Eden. We are aware your scanners are detecting cosmic anomalies of an unknown nature. These anomalies originate from covert research facilities known as Ghost Sites. They are run by hostile factions and pose a significant threat to the entirety of New Eden. The Empires demand full compliance with the following directive. Capsuleer access to these illicit facilities is strictly forbidden. Unauthorized interactions will be considered a violation, and should you fail to comply... there will be consequences.
Well, that's some really stern stuff Empire guy. I just want to know one thing. If these Ghost Sites pose such a "significant threat" to New Eden, why are we forbidden from interacting with them? I mean, we're far more capable of dealing with "hostile factions" than the Empire Navies are, and don't even get me started on what a joke CONCORD is.

So what are you hiding, and who are you really afraid of? I mean, you already knew about these things obviously. And you know who's running them. They're no secret to you. Only capsuleers were in the dark. It sort of makes me think you don't like us - or something. Because otherwise, you'd have us all over these things like we're all over Sansha Kuvakei and his minions. No, something smells proverbially rotten in New Eden. And it's not coming from those Ghost Sites.

Yeah, this is going to get even more real. I think I'm finally starting to get excited.


  1. After the trailer I am left with the same question. Why do empires object to capsuleers meddling with ghost sites?
    This sounds more as a government coverup of clandestine operations and less as pirates overreacting and selfdestructing when spotted.

    1. Assume the Empires are aware of what is going on at these sites and are taking their own action (having been bitten before). Capsuleers do not care about potential consequences and will sell anything to the highest bidder. So keep them away from the sites.......... Capsuleers take a hissy fit............and offer 'cover up' stories to justify their actions. I'm sure the rest will work out just fine.

  2. I would say, as Implant BPCs, the first of their kind, can be found there, the ghost sites are by lore the first step of something the empires learned to fear: Really independant capsuleers. At the moment, all capsuleers are created by the empires. What if the ghost sites are doing research in the field of creating capsuleers? Everyone who could pay the pirates could become a capsuleer, no more control via the empires, maybe even immunity to concord (I think their ships attack the capsuleer/Ship connection directly).
    So basically: If capsuleers would be able to make themselves independant from the empires and immune to concord intervention, the empires would lose their last control over them.

    1. That was what I was thinking.

      It makes sense as Rubicon is the first step against empires that we try to be independent from them.

      By that logic, empires may stop seeding skills or BPOs later on the schedule, as it would stop unauthorized capsuleers progession.

  3. Agreed. What are said consequences? Can we expect to see the frankly incompetent Empire fleets attacking capsuleers in the sites? Perhaps a stronger response? That's not just an Empire officer giving the announcement.

    I'm starting to feel the work I've put into the Crusade is less than appreciated.

  4. The Empires want to keep capsuleers away from the ghost sites because - as well as being 'far more capable of dealing with "hostile factions"' - most of us are greedy, amoral and far more likely to sell the tech contained there to the highest bidder than to try to keep it under control. Since it seems to be the new blueprints - or more likely, the technology behind them - that they're worried about, capsuleer involvement is pretty much guaranteed to make the situation worse (at least from their perspective).

    As for what the 'danger' is ... well, we don't have enough information to tell yet. I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss it, though - the Villard Wheels are making me think of stargates and wormholes, and you can still visit the shattered planets from the last time that kind of thing was unleashed in New Eden...


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