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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"What's the matter. Your Malediction broken?"

Being part of a large (ish) alliance has some drawbacks. For one, we are war-decced by l33t PvPers who like to camp Jita and pop unsuspecting members who aren't getting as much play time as usual and are thus not as up on current alliance events as normal. That leads to this sort of thing.
Rumor is this was the 3rd Stratios lost. That's some infamy for you. I'd like to say the corporation's losses ended there, but that'd be misleading.

At least I can claim that I've not lost a single ship to l33t high-sec PvPers. When the l33t dude targetted me with his scram the other night, he was in for a rude awakening.
[ 2013.11.25 00:30:44 ] (None) Jumping from <redacted> to <redacted>
[ 2013.11.25 00:31:01 ] (combat) Warp scramble attempt from ∴ Malediction Jake Patton's Malediction | [-BRO] Jake Patton - to you!
[ 2013.11.25 00:31:26 ] (notify) Requested to dock at <redacted> - Sisters of EVE Bureau station 
I was prepared for that attempted lock. It wasn't that I could warp faster than the Malediction could lock me. It's that I wasn't born yesterday. Derp. That resulted in this.
[ 2013.11.25 00:31:10 ] Mabrick > HAHA
[ 2013.11.25 00:31:49 ] Mabrick > What's the matter. Your Malediction broken?
Yeah, that's me trash talking in local. I never talk in local - well, hardly ever. I just don't like people that much. What the *BLEEP* has happened to me?

Anyway, to all those who call the United States home, have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. To those calling elsewhere home, have a great Thanksgiving holiday nonetheless. And don't forget there are those out there far less fortunate than we are.

PLEX for GOOD Charity Live Stream

Remember, it's for a good cause.

  • For every $2,000 CCP Dolan will be shot with 1 paintball
  • If we reach $50,000
    • CCP Lebowski will get the Minmatar logo tattooed on his calf
    • GM Spider will get the Amarr logo tattooed on his body
    • CCP Dolan will have the number 50 waxed on his chest
  • If we reach $55,000, CCP Gargant will shave his head
  • If we reach S60,000, CCP Guard will spar against an Icelandic Tae Kwon Do medalist
  • If we reach $75,000, GM CiD will get the Wreckage sleeve tattoo from EVE Online tattooed on his arm
  • If we reach $125,000 CCP Mimic will shave her head
  • More to be announced when we go live!

But seriously, how'd you like to live in Tacloban right now? Thought so. Help as you can.

Fly Careful


  1. Well, you've started agreeing with Dinsdale. Thats one hell of a transformation from your hardcore carebear days.... :)

    1. Hey, there's no need to get personal! LOL

    2. If the warp scrambler fits.... to mix a metaphor or two :)

      Have to say it's been very entertaining to read about. Not sure Tur quite knew what he was encouraging either for that matter :)

  2. Mab I thought u were a care badger u should have undocked an Indy of doom and killed that fool......then u talk shit in local


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