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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Taranis: Better than a Shuttle

Yesterday during my lunch hour I investigated the expansion from which there is no going back... at least not without mild inconvenience. Thanks for the laugh CCP Fozzie, and all those who memed in on his twitter comment. You can get the details from Drackarn over on Sand, Cider and Spaceships.

As I went about my business, I noticed Time Dilation (TiDi) was active. It was bouncing between about 30% and 70% while I was online. I found that a bit odd because I was in the quiet backwater system of Aporulie. I'd flown over there to pick up a couple things I'd left laying around. Anyone who's played for more than a few years in many different areas of New Eden knows how spread out assets can get. Anyway, I made a comment on Twitter about it and got a reasonable reply.

However, I've read several more tweets about increased TiDi since the expansion. I can't help but think that it's got to be an artifact of the expansion. If you think about it, the nodes now have to calculate the correct acceleration and deceleration for every ship every time it warps. That used to be a constant, and though warp speed is still a constant there are now variables with which to content: pilot training, ship modules and implants. Every calculation must now be discrete. And it can't slow the warp off, or it will potentially spoil gameplay. Therefore those calculations must have a high priority. That's a lot of math the nodes never had to do before. I can see where that might cause a bit of processor lag. Nevertheless, I am certain CCP is well aware of what the CPU loads are on their nodes. I am not too concerned about it. I was in Dodixie yesterday as well. TiDi was present but manageable.

And speaking of being in Dodixie too, I HAD to buy an Interceptor. I've been able to fly them for quite some time but never had a reason. With the warp speed changes, I now had to experience OMG fast for myself. So I bought a somewhat overpriced Taranis in Dodixie and fitted it up. Here's what I came up with.

     [Taranis, Damn Fast]
     3x 125mm Gatling AutoCannon II (Barrage S)
     Small 'Knave' Energy Drain

     Experimental 10MN Afterburner I
     Stasis Webifier II
     Warp Scrambler II

     Micro Auxiliary Power Core II
     Small Ancillary Armor Repairer (Nanite Repair Paste)
     Damage Control II

     Small Ancillary Current Router II
     Small Polycarbon Engine Housing I

     2x Warrior II

This requires an Inherent Implants 'Squire' Energy Systems Operation EO-601 to make work as well as what's fit, but as the name implies, it is damn fast. It will do a bit over 2700 m/s and is cap stable at that speed. The signature radius remains a paltry 36 meters. Align time is 3 seconds without the afterburner on. With all modules running, you've got 98 seconds to hold your opponent in place while your fleet arrives.

But in true care-badger fashion, I'm just going to use it as a taxi. This ship outperforms any shuttle. It may be a second slower to align, but the shuttle has a base warp speed of 5 AU/s. The Taranis' 8 AU/s more than makes up for this in most cases. Not to mention you have 7 or 8 times the cargo space. That's just enough to run moonshine. However, if you are going to autopilot, you may as well stick with the cheaper shuttle. This ship isn't getting you anything if that's your plan. Fortunately I don't autopilot. 

And before you proceed to tell my the fit is shit because I'm not l33t PvP or whatever, it's based off this fit. I've just updated it with a repairer that wasn't available then and I wanted more speed out of it while keeping the same sig radius. I more than did that with increased EHP and better active tank to boot... so long as the nanite repair paste holds out. *LOL* But hell, if you're going to use this thing as intended, how long do you really think you have? 

Now the DPS is for shit, but that's not the point of this ship and you know it. It's one significant drawback in my mind is it has 30 seconds less capacitor time than the Terrier fit. If you don't want to give that up, use the next grade 'Squire' and improve your NOS. That'll get you 10 or 15 more seconds. But frankly, you should speed tank and use the repairer only in an emergency. Remember, the fit is cap stable without the repairer on. Have fun!


  1. Huh, I was out n about later last night and dint notice any TiDi down Amarr way...

    I did grab me a Astero for, you know, just cause... due to war targets I popped a few hops away to buy the hull and a cloak then slipped into Jita to fit her out. Adapted a fit I found by a Gewn on U-toob that played to her bonuses... Active Armor/AB/Drone/Cloaky scan frig with hacking mods in the hold... I found her to be nimble, fast enough and quite pretty to look at. I've always had a thing for 'white' spaships... and I like the design very much. Weird looking when cloaked though, the warp ring is a shimmery 'plate' when cloaked...

    Dint try her on anything PvPwise what with the wars on I dint wanna get blobbed and trolled for losing a Brand New Ship on Patch Day... unlike our corpmate who lost the, as we understand it, 3rd Stratios to die in EvE... in Jita... to wartargets... =\

    What I noticed most was how "crisp" everything looked. It was like CCP somehow upgraded my video card. The colors were moar coloful and the glints of light were moar glinty and the lines of the ships and gates were moar... liney... =] Everything looked brighter and just simply cripser, like how a field and the bay looks on a cold clear January morning... sharper, brighter... more, alive... kudos CCP Art Dept.

    As for the rest, Inties, warp speeds, Ghost Sites n such... we'll see what we shall see in time... gotta say though, I am pleased with my first impressions... even if my game play ATM is all fubar due to being in Empire...

    1. I'm holding off on the SoE ships until sanity returns to the market a bit. The Taranis was only a few mISK above pre-Rubicon price. Yesterday afternoon idjuts were wanting upwards of a billion ISK for the Stratios hull in Gicodel. Didn't even bother looking for one in Dodixie. There'll be time for that later.

      No comment on the Stratios loss or the alliance email that followed, other than not my style.

      I think we can attribute the graphic improvements to the Direct X upgrade CCP did in the client. It certainly paid dividends. *smile*

  2. Wouldn't the warp speed just need to be calculated once on ship change? Something that easily fits within the myriad of other calculations that occur on that event.

    1. It depends on what you consider "ship change." Say I fly into Jita in that Taranis and my clone as is. It has a specific set of variables calculated and they are good all the way to Jita. In Jita I buy one of the new warp speed enhancing implants. On my way out, the variables have changed. Or let's say I have two identical ships, rigs and all, but one is in Amarr and the other in Dodixie. I jump clone from Amarr to Dodixie. The clone in Amarr had the implants, the one in Dodixie is a combat clone so has none. Now these two identical ships have different acceleration/deceleration slopes. So once it's calculated it will remain the same so long as nothing changes, so CCP could write code to simply pass it as a parameter. But since the new slope is now ship specific, and the implants could be in one clone and not another, there will be more overall calculations required than before. The entire system is more dynamic. But this is just math and code efficiency. FPUs are quite good at math as are computers in general. CCP will get this ironed out. I'm already seeing improvements. Whether that is from decreased log ins because launch day is always special, or optimizations on the backend I can't say. But regardless, I don't see this as a real issue - only a curiosity.

    2. Well you always do a ship change on clone jump, and you just also add the calculation during implant change of the ship you're currently in. What I'm trying to say is that I believe there's always points at non critical timing moments to make these calculation where its safe not to have to recalculate until another non critical moment. There's no need to make this calculation at warp initiation, I highly doubt this is contributing in any way to lag.

  3. I'm very glad to see you purchasing nanite paste. I don't think we trade in the same regions, so I doubt you'll ever buy any of my paste, but I consider you a customer all the same. :)

    Please leave your contact information to recieve a complimentary "Thermodynamics and You" informational packet in the mail.

  4. If the warp changes are the reason for TiDi, I doubt it's the calculation itself (using the WarpSpeed Variable instead of a constant isn't much), but the fact, that you arrive faster at your target. Which in many cases will cause a session change (station, gate, ...). And those session changes are expensive (keyword "brain in a box"). Especially when everyone wants to try out said changes - that also means that load should change back to a much lower level when initial excitement wears off.


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