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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Babylon 5 Who's Who of EVE Online

Physics tells us that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. They hate us, we hate them, they hate us back. And so, here we are, victims of mathematics! 
- Ambassador Londo Mollari

It's a natural thing to want to compare our fantasy selves to famous movie and book characters. While we play EVE Online, many of us, especially the role-players in our ranks, but not only them, pursue a self-image we derive from characters who resonate with us. This goes beyond EVE's lore with its Amarr loyalists, Minmatar freedom fighters, Caldari generals and Gallente... what do we Gallente stand for anyway? Nevermind.

Still, there are many among us who look outside EVE lore for inspiration. The brief time my RL brother played, he fancied himself Harry Mud of Star Trek fame. My wormhole corporation HBHI follows the ideology of the brown coats from Firefly. I personally started off more like Freeman Lowell in Silent Running - less murderous rage; more isolation. When I joined HBHI in their wormhole, I adopted their brown coat outlook for the most part, though I was Wash, not Malcom and certainly not Jayne.

As I've entered a time of limited play, and certain events have prompted me to be more introspective in all things, I've begun to wonder where I go from here. Indeed, such ponderings have prompted me to review EVE Online in general - trying to understand it better. And to do so I've relied on comparisons to all the sci-fi I've indulged in over the decades.

And of all that I've read and seen, I've come to the conclusion that EVE Online is more like Babylon 5 than any other sci-fi universe I can recall. The sheer breadth of personality types within that universe is staggering to contemplate. You've got the killers and the healers; the followers and the traitors; agent's of chaos, agents of order, and enough shades of grey to confound even a Minbari.

Such musings lead me to wonder who among the famous in New Eden best matches each of the characters from that award winning show. But matching them is very difficult in some cases. Each character goes through various amounts of growth during the show's storyline, and many are not the same person at the end as they were in the beginning. For the purposes of comparing EVE personalities to Babylon 5 characters, most will be from the beginning or middle of the character arc, not the end - which is convenient as several characters died. ;-) So without further ado, I give you my vision for the Babylon 5 who's who of New Eden.

The Mittani
Ambassador Ulkesh
I cannot help but see The Mittani as the Vorlon Ambassador Ulkesh. He was the new ambassador to Babylon 5 after the Shadows killed Kosh. Ulkesh believed in order and obedience. It was not for the lesser races to question why the Vorlons required certain actions, only that they do what they were told. Vorlon reasoning was well beyond the comprehension of non-Vorlons. All that mattered to Ulkesh was the Vorlon's defeating the Shadows no matter the cost. If Goonswarm are the Vorlons of New Eden, then The Mittani is certainly their Ulkesh

Citizen G-Kar
This was a tough choice, and it is the one choice where I am really thinking about the end of the character arc rather than the beginning. G-Kar goes through the most transformative growth of any Babylon 5 character in my opinion. Through his trials and tribulations, and those of the people he cares about, he becomes far wiser than most. His insights into people's character and the universe itself are far beyond most of those around him. On his home world of Narn, he becomes a mix of legend and prophet, neither of which he wishes to be. Regardless, all come to acknowledge and value his judgment and his insight - much as we all do with Jester. Perhaps one day we will all come to call his blog the Book of Jester.

Seismic Stan
Commander Jeffrey Sinclair
Seismic Stan ran the Blog Pack and the Blog Banter for a long, long time before moving onto his true destiny as a professional writer. His nurturing of the blogging community is very much like the nurturing character Commander Jeffrey Sinclair. Sinclair made Babylon 5 a working reality when most predicted it would fail. He then went on to reform the Rangers and become their Entil'Zha. His ultimate destiny took him out of the main story line and into the realm of legend. In Valen's name, I hope a similar fate awaits Seismic in his new destiny. This community would not be what it is today without him.

Trebor Daehdoow
Trebor Daehdoow has served the CSM since time immemorial it seems. This does not mean he is incapable of leadership; far from it. It is his choice to serve something greater than himself. In that regard I see Trebor as the Linnier of New Eden. He is steadfast in his pursuit of making the CSM work not only harder, but better. He is well thought and takes the initiative when it is called for. He seems to be the first to volunteer and the last to knock off for the day. He is always available, always waiting to do whatever is asked of him. His commitment to the CSM is like Linnier's commitment to the Minbari way, even when he does not agree with the decisions of the Gray Council. He will still do his part for honor's sake. Hopefully he will not have any lapses in judgement due to suppressed emotions. ;-)

Gevlon Goblin
Ambassador Londo Mollari
Rich, argumentative, initially seen as a joke. He yearns for former glories. He is constantly making statements that piss off everyone around him. Completely out of his mind at times it seems because everyone looks to Jester as the expert in all things New Eden. And with his recent ganking play-style, even a little touched by darkness. Who else could Gevlon Goblin be other than Londo Mollari. Londo is the tortured soul of Babylon 5, much as I see Gevlon as the tortured soul of New Eden. Yet both's actions are motivated out of honor and a wish to do right by their people. In the end, Londo gets everything he ever wanted, but gives up everything that really matters. Like Londo, I can't help but feel that Gevlon's shoes are too tight, and he has forgotten how to dance.

I've limited this post to only five. That seemed like just the right number. I'll leave the rest up to you who have read this post all the way through. Give your thoughts in the comments. Let's have an unserious discussion for a change. Have fun!


  1. Mittani isn't the Vorlon ambassador, he's the Shadows.

    1. Actually I would consider the SA forums as the Shadows (entities dedicated to evolution through chaos) and the Mittani as Mr Morden, their sleazy and manipulative proxy.

  2. What we really want to know though, is who would be Susan Ivanova?

    1. Mynnna? Susan Black aka gamerchick42? Nah, I have to go with Sindel Pellion!

  3. Interesting that you picked four B5 characters that are either gods, prophets, or messengers of the gods. ;-) And in a fit of bad writing on JMS's part, the fifth character you chose betrayed his core principles. I can't see Trebor doing that. He'd make a much better Delenn. He Who Shall Not Be Named is Lennier.

    1. Re last line: who? Perhaps you are correct, but I was not wanting to bring THAT into this fun post. As concerns Trebor though, would Vir have been a better choice? I can't say he is like Delenn. He has never led the CSM, and I would think that a requirement.

  4. Replies
    1. Of course you rank! I only did 5 so it wasn't a wall of text. Now, if I had to pair you with a Babylon 5 character, who would you be? Former slave, Minmatar freedom fighter, fitness guru... well, there really is only one character I can think of: Ta'Lon

    2. Roc is Michael Garibaldi. Well ok he looks a bit like him, but the lore doesn't fit that well. I wonder who is most like Alfred Bester?


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