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Friday, November 22, 2013

Take Your Time. I'll Wait.

CCP Pokethulhu had an interview this week with VG 24/7. Nosey Gamer mentioned it here. That led me to Neville Smit's post about it on his blog. Now that was a post well worth reading three times, so I did. I'll probably read it again.

There is not much I disagree with in the post by Neville. I too am looking forward to making ISK in a bastion mode enabled Maurader running level IV missions, as well as buying my first SoE Stratios blue print. Then there is the rest of the article, the bit about plans and visions. You really need to read the post all the way through. The tl;dr is it will take all of the CCP 5 year vision and planning time before we see our first player built gate.

There's an implication in that timeline. The implication is we will not see any new regions of space introduced during that period of time. The whole point of getting to where capsuleers can build gates for themselves is to open up new "galaxies" as CCP Pokethulhu put it. And to get there once the gate is build will require a "prepared" capsuleer and a "prepared" ship.

That all sounds fairly restrictive to me. not to mention it might not mean any map expansions until it's complete. But that's okay by me, because just the idea of player gates to new galaxies brings up a whole series of questions that need to be answered first. I don't think any of them really have answers right now. I am sure there will be plenty of secrecy around this topic so no one gets the straight answer until CCP is ready to tell us. But still, I'm already curious to know.

So what are those questions? Okay, since you asked (*wink*) here they are.
  1. Jump gates work in tandem, as do jump engines (you have to have that Cyno remember.) The only structure I know of currently that does not cross vast distances without a link on the other end are Acceleration Gates. That said, aren't we really talking about something more like an Acceleration Gate than a Jump Gate?
  2. Once competed, will the gate builder have the ability to lock out other players as is currently the case with Outposts, POCOs and other player structures?
  3. If they can lock other's out, what mechanism will prevent a group like Pandemic Legion from just leaving New Eden altogether and never coming back? How will that affect the overall sandbox?
  4. If we are talking about giant Acceleration Gates, will whoever activates the first one leading to a new system have to build a gate on the other side to get back?
  5. Is never coming back even an option? Is it the only option? Could this be a method of introducing shards to EVE Online without calling them shards, or will all gates lead to the same new Galaxy just in a different region?
  6. Can another player group blow up the newly created gate thus stranding any who've already gone on ahead? (To be sure, the answer to this is one we may already know is a resounding "yes!" Unless CCP makes completed gates invulnerable. That would be very unlike EVE Online in my book.)
  7. If other's are stranded on the other side without the means to construct a return gate, what does that mean for them? Could they blood jump back to New Eden?
  8. If blood jumping is an option, will there be a new, better jump clone that capsuleers will have to "discover" through the Ghost Sites that will allow a capsuleer to move between galaxies?
  9. Will the other side be completely empty so there are no stations, no market, no anything and the entire event will be the largest player created content ever, or will we find new human tribes left behind when the Eve Gate went unstable?
  10. And most importantly, if there are new civilizations discovered, will they have cool new shinies for us to spin!?
These are just a few of the questions running through my brain. The complexity in what CCP contemplates is writ large across these questions and the corollary questions they invoke. You know, I think I'd rather see CCP take five years to sort this all out than rush into it without answering them. So go ahead guys and gals in Iceland, take your time. I'll wait.


  1. >no. 9
    Oh yes, yes yes yes please yes please. Being able to completely create the new environment would be a dream come true. If we can get to new space then in five years then in ten I want the empires to be run by players, at least in New New Eden. I'm thinking something similar to the current sov mechanics but much much much expanded, without the empires being there to keep capsuleers in check we'd have way more freedom to shape the galaxy to our will.

  2. Some RPers / lore fans have looked at where wormhole space is and they think that it is a different smaller galaxy. This answers most of your questions. The most important question is, "Will we get more than just the sleeper galaxy?" Additional galaxies would be a good plan for expanding, and getting there through new random WHs would be easy to put in place.


    If so we'll see this completed a month after the new content goes live. Only time will tell.

  4. Another interesting question would be the 'accuracy' of said trans-galactic star gate. Will it always land on the same beacon, or would it be a more of a fire and wonder where you end up affair?

    It also begs the question of where these stargates can be built. Will the empires allow them to be built in Hi-sec? Low-sec? Or are they only going to be built in Null/WH? How many can be built in one system? Can they be built in systems with existing stargates?

    Personally, I'd like it if these new gates could only be built near blue stars, as those detailed in the Seychelle Event investigations. Either way, exciting opportunities. I just hope they will be accessible for all, and not locked away behind Null-sec alliance wall.

  5. The unspoken plan is for CFC to build the first 'gate' and have all their members jump through, at which point the gate will be destroyed behind them and everyone can get back to playing the game how they want.

  6. I too am very curious how they will handle the initial exploration phase.

    Some ideas…
    (1) Mega-super-OMG Acceleration Gate throws a special ‘Long-Range Cyno Probe Ship’ and specially implanted pilot many many AU out…

    (2) The POSG (Player Owned Star Gate) would have 2 modes, Exploration and Gate to Gate. Exploration mode allows the POSG to lock onto existing K-Space Wormholes which act as the ‘catcher’ gate…

    Either way once there, the Long-Range Cyno Probe Ship lights a Mega-Cyno allowing the POSG Construction Fleet to bridge over and begin building the next gate in the chain.

    I doubt it, but if it does the very least 2 things will follow…

    (a) I will unsub. I want no part of any game, or I should say any game developer (much less CCP) who would willingly disenfranchise the bulk of its playerbase for any group or groups. You know as well as I do that the big Nullsec Alliances, Gewns among them, would GO APE to actually OWN space they can actually lock ALL the rest of the playerbase out of… if that came to pass, I could not in good conscious remain in New Eden under those conditions.

    (b) Dinsdale Piranha will be voted into the CSMXIII chair by popular acclaim for having been right all along… (the other reason I would unsub).

    If it can, if the owner has ownership rights? Absolutely Nothing. See 1. (a) + (b).

    My assumption would be, of course. See (A), (B).

    Gods I hope not and, not coming back doesn’t make sense from either a lore or gaming stance. CCP has wayyyy too much invested in the SSS (Single Server Sandbox) to ever back away successfully and stranding makes no sense no matter how I look at it… EVE is a “social” game.

    I sure hope so for Immersion’s sake and for Lore and Emergent lore sake. As for trapping/stranding people by blowing gates, as long as you have a ‘Long-Range Cyno Probe Ship’ in that system the trapped pilots will be able to light the Mega-Cyno, get a bridge up so a Repair Crew can bridge over and rebuild the Gate… plus after the first one of those you can bet the Gate Construction FC is gonna see to it everything needed for “2” full gates is bridged through first and the ‘backup gate kit’ is POS’ed up ASAP JIC.

    Hmmm… first gate is done, backup gate kit is not in place yet and a Spai pops the Mega-cyno when his Alliance attacks and blows the New Eden POSG… Hmm…. Could be some real interesting emergent gameplay there huh? =]

    This I do not doubt… “IF” you can blood jump across the entirety of New Eden, I am making an assumption that the New New Eden cluster will be inside that max range… mebbe not the WHOLE new cluster… but some portion if it should be… Could be some moar real interesting emergent gameplay there huh?

    There are them as would want this… not I. I want to meet aliens… new NPCs… deadlier and NOT US… One of the things I do not like about EvE is its human centric bias. We cannot POSSIBLY be the only form of life in the verse… much less the only intelligent life… much less the only intelligent spacefaring life…

    OH HELL YEA!!! What else if the CCP Art Dept for I ask? =]

    1. @ TurAmarth ElRandir.

      Don't worry, I will quite likely be long out of the game before the 1st player-controlled stargate is built, so me being on the CSM is rather unlikely.

      What will happen long before that is that high sec stations will become conquerable, and the null sec cartels will be making so much bank off of that, that the goon leadership will be able to buy themselves a second house each.

      What I see happening is that Eve makes contact with some "lost tribe" of humans, or the Jove make contact, and the player owned gates will link with an NPC gate at the other end belonging to this new NPC.

      But yes, this new gameplay will be exclusively in the hands of the null sec cartels, unless people can build new gates in high sec. Even then, the cartels will simply war dec any group that dares try to build a gate to their new RMT grounds.

  7. It's more than likely that Wormholes will connect to the new space. So you can go K-Space -> W-Space -> N(ew)-Space.

    The other option is mission/pve driven access. The pirate missions that contain "smuggler gates" could end up having an active gate.

    The question is, what's on the other side. Jovian space is out there, and then you've got whatever the pirates are researching.


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