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Friday, November 29, 2013

If this makes you envious... good.

Today I received my holiday gift to myself. You see, I get paid every two weeks. However, I have for as long as I can remember budgeted things by first of month and 15th of month. When they converted our pay system to every other week some years ago, I spared myself the hassle of trying to rearrange my entire personal budget because our Director of Finance likes it otherwise.

There is a really cool benefit to me in not changing my personal budget timing. It means that every 6 months I get an extra paycheck. There are no personal bills allocated to those two paychecks. There are no household maintenance requirements of those two paychecks. They are all mine, mine, mine, mine and mine. It's a bitch having to split it five ways, but me and my not so evil clones get along pretty well. We always agree and know exactly what we want.

This year we wanted to get rid of the bog black strip of plastic through the middle of my EVE Online screen. You see, I've been playing with dual 21.5 inch Dell Ultrasharp monitors I've had for years. That was good in that it gave me a 3200x1200 resolution with which to play EVE Online. It was bad because, well, BIG STINKING BLACK DIVIDER.

However, I didn't want to give up screen real estate. I was in a Catch-22 situation. Then the computer industry invented WQXGA resolution - 2560x1600 pixels. The two UXGA monitors I was using in tandem are just a bit wider at 3200 pixels but were 25% shorter at 1200 pixels. I determined over a year ago WQXGA was the solution to my big black divider issue.

There were just two drawbacks. Screens capable of that resolution had slow pixel refresh, and were damned expensive. I could live with the refresh slowness. I mean, EVE Online is not exactly FPS speed and any blurring wouldn't really affect gameplay, at least for me. However, the price tag a year ago really grated against my more Scrooge like personality traits.

So I waited. I got my financial obligations in order and I made damn certain that when my extra paycheck game this week I was ready and financially able (as well as mentally prepared) to spend $1200 on a new monitor. Man, was I surprised when ran their holiday specials starting this week and had this deal.
As you can see, it was one hell of a deal. It sold out. The price was $849.99 when I found it on Tuesday. It arrived today. WOOT!

So how good is it? Just telling you it's unbelievable isn't going to convince you. So I made two 30 second videos to show you. The first is the new monitor at 2560x1600 resolution.

This second video I cropped to standard HD, 1920x1080. It's the same video, just with much less screen real estate.

Eat your hearts out.


  1. As I sit, staring at a growing dead pixel cluster right where I like to see my targets displayed, yes, I am filled with covetous thoughts. Bask in my envy and jealousy.

  2. Wow that was an eye opener. I need some of these screens for my command centre:

    1. Now that is one well put together man cave! It also reminds me I need to get mine finished one day... if they are ever truly finished. And yes, the U3014 is wall mountable so replacing the three smaller ones should be no problem. The monitor is faitly thin for it's size.


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