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Friday, November 8, 2013

Build SoE Standing and Make Easy ISK at the Same Time

Tuesday CCP Rise published a dev blog discussing the new Sisters of EVE faction ships. In it he presented this graph that is a sure indication of how one will get one of these ships.
I too have been running missions for SoE to build up both standing and loyalty points. It occurred to me as I was running missions that SoE LP might not be a bad way to earn a little extra ISK. Take a look at these two charts:

Pictures are worth a thousand words and this should pretty much spell it out for you. You'll have to buy a T1 launcher too, but they are cheap (approximately 20k ISK in Dodixie.)

I've been running level IV distribution missions out of Gicodel (with a lot of other players I might add.) I do distribution missions because they are fast. I can easily complete 5 distribution missions a lunch hour (my most reliable play time these days) using a cheap Nereus. Each mission gives me an average of 500 LP. The simplified math tells me I can buy one launcher every 29 missions which equates to about 6 hours online. It's not really even work as it's a brain dead level activity. That's 5 mISK an hour, but they are just about the easiest ISK you'll ever make. This won't necessarily appeal to the experienced player as there are much faster ways to make ISK, but any new bro reading this should take note. Probe launchers, as you can see above, sell well. Don't ever overlook the possibility of earning a little more ISK while doing something else. Since I'm already spending the time on grinding standing, I might as well multitask. Right?

Even if this post results in an overstocked market, you'll still make a decent profit, earn the right to buy the awesome new SoE ships, and with all the hints dropped lately about the direction of EVE Online, you'll be set up well to take advantage of what is coming. For some reason, I feel the Sisters of EVE will play a prominent role in that future vision. Considering the first graph, I am not alone in that premonition.


  1. Great post!

    Excuse me, where did you get that LP graph?


    1. Follow the link to CCP Rise's dev blog. It was toward the bottom of the post. I just used the image URL to insert in my post.

  2. I didn't know you can get that historical data in tabular form rather than the graph. Thank you! Now I'll start poking at the interface to figure out how.

  3. Yea, as Mab knows, Tur is grinding SOE too... only Security mishes in Osmon... you know, "Target > Orbit > F1 > Reload" rinse n repeat... =]

    Funny though, I haven't even looked at standing or SOE LP or anything... I was just bored in Amarr and wanted to do something... So I went to the closest L4 SOE agent I could find... weird huh? I am accidentally getting standing and LP and I DO want the new ships...just wasn't trying for that when I made the trip from Amarr.


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