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Sunday, October 20, 2013

What Happens at EVE Vegas Doesn't Stay There

It's Sunday, the last day of EVE Vegas. It's been one hell of an awesome weekend. And though they say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, I don't believe it would be correct for that to happen with most of what I've experienced this weekend. It would be practically criminal not to talk about it.

I'd like to start by expressing my unending thanks to all those who made this event possible. From Zapawork, to CCP Guard and the whole EVE Vegas entourage, to all those who swabbed Valkyrie headsets and goggles, ran the tournament, scanned our tickets, handed out bling or were just general dogsbodies, I cannot say thank you enough for all that you've done to make this weekend a smashing success! I'd shake every single one of your hands if you had the time.

Personally, I'm a fairly private person. I began this blog as much for general therapy in the fine art of socializing as for the opportunity to pontificate on things important to me in Eve Online. It has taken a long, long time for me to get mostly comfortable with meeting others, saying hello and just shaking hands. This goes for RL as well as EVE Online. And regardless of how my writing might sound at times, I am as insecure about my own "talents" (see!) as everyone reading this are about there's. In the back of my mind there is always that little voice calling me a fraud and telling me I should just shut up.

So I boarded a plane for Las Vegas with no small about of trepidation. In this thing we call meta-game, we've all had to choose a side even if that side is none-of-the-above. We've all traded barbs and arrows from time to time. We've done it for the sake of a game we all love to play. Now, I mean nothing personal when I challenge someone else's position or decision. I firmly believe we are all adults and disagreement is a fundamental right of free speech. I also understand there may be consequences in game for exercising that right. And to my way of thinking, that all stays in the game. I was not so sure others would feel the same.

Man, did I have a supreme case of derp-think. In the past 48 hours, I have not met a single Eve player who was not friendly, funny, and full of the same love of Eve Online that I have. "Who do you fly with?" was perhaps the most frequently asked first question asked of me. Then it was, "who are you?" That was usually followed by, "Who?" So much for greatness. And then it didn't matter. After that we were just people who loved the same thing. That was the best thing about this gathering IMO: the sheer feeling of shared passion regardless of who blew up who last week.

I've made friends. I've met EVE celebrities. I've got to play Valkyrie! I've drank way too much and made it back to my room without falling down. And best of all, it's not over yet. But when it is over, and I have to get on a plane for home, I'll still be thinking about all the people I met and they things we talked about and the game we share. Perhaps they'll drop me a line in game. I'd even smile if they red boxed me during a happenstance meeting. And I'd certainly love to see them again next year. And if you've not thought about attending, you should give it serious thought. No, it isn't cheap, but you've a year to save up. And you really can't put a price on an experience like this. These'll be memories I carry around with me for a very long time - and worth every penny.


  1. Needs a like button... :) Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. I spotted you there! I think we were all standing around near the PvP computers. I didn't say anything, though, because I wasn't exactly sure what to say, being pretty much a nobody. I guess "Hi, I read your blog," could have worked.

    But yeah, even just comparing notes with other people about experiences was fun.

  3. Hey,

    We met on Saturday, I love the blog. We talked about eSports for EVE Online. Love to get in touch with you. Please contact me via


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