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Friday, October 11, 2013

The Real Problem with Eve Online PvP

Last night I logged in to see what was happening. Lately that hasn't been a whole lot. But soon after waking my ship, a general CTA went out for a merc op. Someone in Anoikis was having a tower bashed and wanted the party raided. I was in Stain, but fortunately my jump clone timer is only 19 hours at this point. I jumped back to Amarr, got into my trusty Proteus and headed for the staging system about seven jumps away.

I arrived, docked up and waited for the rest of the fleet to assemble. Soon we were on our way. The target wormhole was only two low-sec jumps away and soon we were all gathered at the low-sec end waiting to jump. The order was given and then this transpired.

It was such a disappointment. They obviously saw us start our warp. We'd also lost our Devoter to an RL concern. As my comrade said, it'd been nice to have a bubble. And as for locking up our assigned targets, because we all had them, you'll notice I did that quite quickly. In fact, it was the only kill we got. But you'll also notice I had to do it THREE DAMN TIMES. Yeah, that burst ECM really sucked. Too bad it wasn't the enemy doing it. Derp.

As for our opponents, they were evidently far more risk averse than the average carebear. We know for a fact they had a T3 (Loki I think,) Falcon and an Arazu in system too. We know this because they locked up one of our fleet members when we tried the old log-offsky maneuver to see if they'd come back. They never returned. So with eight battleships, a Loki, a Falcon and an Arazu they decided they couldn't give less than a dozen T3 cruisers, two guardians and two non-DPS battleships a decent fight? Yeah, that's the problem with Eve Online PvP these days.

So after spending precious flying time executing the log-offsky maneuver - which is my least favorite of all maneuvers - we got an offer from a friendly corporation to journey to another wormhole and help kill four supers they'd caught running sites. Hooray! Something to do!

While log-offsky, our so called opponents had collapsed our original entrance. No problem, we just scanned down a new one. We're now and formally all wormholers. We do this in our sleep. We exited 18 jumps from our new staging system. From there it was a C2 --> C5 pipe to the pointed supers. We got into warp fast.

However, while on the way the high-sec static we were going to use collapsed. We diverted to Amarr and waited for the new static to be found... and waited... and waited. Finally be got a new staging system. It was only 12 jumps away, but four of them were through low-sec. They were also faction war. They also each had more than 10 ships destroyed in the past hour. That smelled like gang activity to me and I reported it to the FC.

However, we are not that risk averse so we free warped to the last high-sec, formed up and headed into low-sec together. The first system was easily traversed. As we warped to the out gate of the second system our scout told us to hold up and not jump on landing. In low-sec, really, who jumps on landing? Not me! So all but one of us stopped on the out gate. Then it was like, "DOCK UP! DOCK UP!" so we did. Evidently there was a 50 pilot battleship gang on the other side. Really? Really? REALLY? Why was I not surprised.

So we re-routed. It was now 11 jumps to the target system with all but one system in high-sec. But they were on to us. One of the fleet got caught un-docking. One of the fleet got caught at the high-sec gate when the battleship gang started to land on us - or at least half of them. Okay, so we are risk averse when faced with a battleship fleet that outnumbers us three to one and we're flying T3s. But you know, I'd have fought that fight if our FC had committed. And I'm the damn care-badger! Just staying. But no, we wanted CAPITAL kills on the killboard.

So I got out okay and continued to free warp to the new staging system. Three jumps out we got word the last Archon had just initiated self-destruct. After four hours of rabid warping from gate to gate, over an hour of log-offsky and enough risk aversion to make even my stomach roil, all I had to show for it was this kill.

I'm going back to null-sec. Maybe I can find a good fight there - but somehow I doubt it. Somedays I think the only people having fun with PvP anymore is Stay Frosty. And you know how bad it is when MABRICK feels that way. Jeezus guys, just shoot the damn things all right?

Watch Out


  1. You where ONE jump from a big fight?!

  2. Yes we were, but I wasn't calling the shots and at that point we still has a rendezvous to make in a C5. But I'd have taken the fight if so ordered. 8-)

  3. Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but:

    "So with eight battleships, a Loki, a Falcon and an Arazu they decided they couldn't give less than a dozen T3 cruisers, two guardians and two non-DPS battleships a decent fight? Yeah, that's the problem with Eve Online PvP these days."

    Why would they even try to fight armor-tech3s with low signatures in battleships? They can't track the T3s or Logis well enough to apply good damage, it was a smart choice not to take this fight, they would have lost big time.

  4. Well we sure are having a lot of fun shooting things in the face until they explode! We're pretty darn terrible, but we don't even care. It is a shame the rest of New Eden doesn't see things that way, but we'll keep trying to spread the word. Hang in there.

  5. HeyMab... why dunt you put together a Frosty Roam one night? Put out a call for ships n guys, tell em where to meet... I believe Rixx and CO are easy to find... Hell I'd even log on and blow a full set of 'plants to blood-jump out and ship up with you! And I aint logged on in a month due to the nullfun move and Death of Anoikis crap...

    "I'll be your wingman anyday!"


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