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Friday, October 4, 2013

The Hardest Job on any Planet

I was fairly blunt in my last post. I was not at all supportive of the direction PI will go in if the Rubicon plans go forward. I am not changing my opinion on that. I believe what CCP is doing to high-sec PI is possibly one of the biggest ganks ever. I don't buy their logic of tax rates actually going down because that's counter to human nature. I think large swaths of the player base will pretty much get excluded from high-sec PI with this plan. This isn't a game known for nice guys finishing first, and no amount of faith believing the new PI system will not be gamed to death will change that fact. You need look no further than the most recent changes needed to "fix" the Faction War LP system to see that IMO. Who saw that coming?

But that does not mean I think the developers at CCP are dunderheads and CCP itself is clueless. That is the farthest thing from my mind when I point and chastise. The fact is, the majority of what they do I think is correct and properly done for good reasons. But the developers at CCP have the hardest job on any planet. They have hundreds of thousands of taskmasters to please. It is very, very easy for me to spend a single day and say all sorts of negative things about what they are planning. But they spend months developing it, living it, and hoping it will at least make someone happy.

They have their reasons for what they do. I don't doubt that, though I can question it because of the extreme lack of transparency when it comes to internal CCP decisions. Hell, we don't even get quarterly financial updates any more, and more's the pity. In the end, all their hard work sometimes gets hoisted on the proverbial petard. Such was the case with Incarna. The real tragedy there I think were the hundreds upon hundreds of person hours that went for naught there. It makes me wonder if this PI course isn't caused in some part by that painful memory. After all, PI carebears are certainly not going to instigate another Burn Jita over this PI thing.

But back to the people who make Eve Online real, and I mean that quite literally, for without them there would be no Eve Online. I don't for one moment believe they don't feel what they are doing is best for the game, their company and us, their sometimes harshest critics for whom they do all the work. Me, I get to play the game. What work is there really in that? It's all fun and games in the most literal sense. How sick and tired the developers must get of it all when their hard work is lambasted by a blogger.

I just want them to know, I have the highest regard for all of them. What they do is incredible. When I read things like SOE Ship Names: It May Not Make Sense At First by Interstellar Privateer, and realize how much thought and personal investment CCP Abraxas buts into something as "simple" as ship names... I'm gobsmacked. These people invest their heart and even soul into this game and people like me say negative things all too quickly sometimes.

Well, this is not one of those posts. I couldn't even begin to do CCP Fozzie's job let alone do it as well as he does. I admire them all for their willingness to not only do this for us, but to put up with all the slings and arrows to borrow a phrase. Please don't forget that, CCP folks, whenever we have a difference of opinion over anything. I still think the universe of you all! I look forward to shaking as many of your hands as possible in two weeks.


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