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Monday, October 7, 2013

In the Spirit of Full Disclosure

In the spirit of full disclosure, I've decided I must provide the Eve Community the following information. [1]

I was born a capsuleer on March 23, 2008. For the next one year, nine months and three weeks, I was a lone wolf industrialist. I hardly ever (never?) spoke in local. I had few contacts beyond RL acquaintances and those contacts I did have were brief and professional. I mined asteroids in Cistuvaert for the most part and minded my own business.

On January 13, 2010 I created the single capsuleer corporation Mabrick Mining and Manufacturing as a tax shelter. I continued to mine asteroids. I tried some courier work. I plied some trade routes. I later moved from my home system of Cistuvaert to Aporulie. I started manufacturing T1 and T2 ships. I got heavily invested into planetary industries and ran a profitable Wetware Mainframe business between Aporulie and Jita.

On February 11, 2011, I started this blog. It's been the most interaction I've had with other characters and has spawned several in-game associations. The most notorious was when Goonswarm declared war against my one man corporation for having written some uncomplimentary things about their dictator and chief, The Mittani. I do not know The Mittani personally nor have I ever met him. During this war-dec the longest conversation I had with another capsuleer took place with Elecktra Blue of Thunderwaffe. It was polite and professional, and no I wasn't blown up. It was mostly about how she liked my "bad press." As she put it, "no press is bad press."

Because of this war-dec, I had several contacts from various capsuleers asking if I'd like to join them. There is no need to discuss from whom, because I made a choice and those capsuleers are the only one's with whom I've remained in contact.  On August 12, 2012 I handed over CEO duties to my good friend Kao Jai and joined Hiigaran Bounty Hunters Inc. in their C3 wormhole system. After moving in, the only contact with other capsuleers I had, other than on the blog, was with members of my new corporation or those that wanted to blow me up. And even then, there was no talking. Wormholers aren't chatty and local is that thing known space dwellers use.

And on the blowing up front, the most notable example of that was when elements of Surely You're Joking (SYJ) camped the hell out of our C3 system while on Jihad. After several weeks of ship losses, including one inglorious DIAF suicide dive, we negotiated a ransom. Then we negotiated a membership in the alliance. Hiigaran Bounty Hunters Inc. joined them eight months and 10 days ago. We moved to SYJ's C6 home base and I resided there until I moved to Stain last month.

While a member of SYJ, I've interacted with many capsuleers on an almost daily basis. Nearly all of them are members of SYJ, though a few were not at the time I began corresponding with them. Every bit of recruitment helps don't you know! To date, I have 31 contacts in my list. That's less than one every other month since I've become a capsuleer.

To my knowledge, no one I've ever had any contact with has ever been awarded bling by CCP, except for those items all capsuleers received as gifts. SYJ did participate in Alliance Tournament this year, and I suppose there might have been some bennies for flying a ship in it, but I am personally unaware of anything anyone might have been given in the way of bennies.

And I myself have never been the recipient of any favoritism from CCP or any CCP affiliated sponsor. This blog isn't even an official fan site. I don't get anything for writing it, except once in awhile syndication on EN24. That is until last Friday, when I accepted a contract for the Phantasm I won as part of SOMERblink's Eve Vegas extravaganza whoopdy doo...

What's that? You don't give a rat's ass? You feel like I just wasted your time with a whole lot of trivial bull shit? You really don't care about my past or present associations because I'm just a carebear and a nobody?

Then why the hell would you you get angry because Ripard Teg may know someone who has benefitted from CCP largess? Ripard Teg has been around quite a bit longer than I have. He has been much more involved in getting to know other capsuleers than I have. He seems to be far more extraverted than I am, and his expertise as a capsuleer is far superior to mine in most every respect. People seek him out. They value his opinion. And that goes for any other well known and respected citizen of New Eden. Hell, Chribba is giving a presentation at Eve Vegas.

<sarcasm> OMG, CCP actually reached out to one of the most famous capsuleers EVER to speak at a capsuleer event. HOW DARE HE ACCEPT! FAVORITISM I SAY! IT'S PURE FAVORITISM! </sarcasm>

What a load of crap. If you suspect impropriety, and actually have evidence to back it up, then report it to the appropriate people in CCP. Otherwise, HTFU. Spouting off about alleged favoritism is something I'd expect from grade schoolers. We call that Teacher's Pet syndrome in the United States. Grow the hell up. The man does not deserve to feel like he has to post a point-by-point rebuttal of what is nothing more than slander with a twinge of penis envy.

If you feel he hasn't earned the right to be as well regarded as he is, ask yourself why you feel that way. The issue isn't him. The issue is with you, and it's probably the reason why you'll never be as well respected as Ripard Teg is. He's gotten past his petty jealousies (I think, LOL.) Either get past your's or shut up already.

[1] This was not the post I'd intended to write today, but this really chaps my hide and I had to vent some about it. Thanks for indulging me.


  1. There are right and wrong reasons to dislike the handing out of random free stuff to certain players and not to others. The fact that there are wrong reasons doesn't negate the right reasons.

    This thing is a sandbox - game devs giving stuff to certain people and not to others breaks that. Would the T20 programme be any better if it was official (and limited)? How about CCP Diagoras' enhanced security checks, would they be better if they were official (and limited)?

    CCP have the right to do what they want - they have the right to turn off the EVE servers, that doesn't necessarily mean that everything they do is good for the game.

    I have no problem with Chribba speaking at Vegas - he isn't benefitting *in game* from free stuff.

    1. "This thing is a sandbox"

      Wrong. This "thing" is the entertainment product of a for profit company. They control every aspect of it, and if they choose to enter into special arrangements with some players and not others that is their right. There is no Content Provider License Agreement. Personally, I'd much rather they give bling away than hard cash.

      Buy this post wasn't about Ishukone Scorpions, T20, or CCP Diagoras or any of that other stuff. It's about pulling someone into it who I don't think deserves such treatment. I don't give a rat's ass about the rest of it. I am incensed that people seem to be taking pot shots at folks who do not work for CCP on no evidence whatsoever. THAT treatment needs to end - NOW. Even those who got the damn Scorpions didn't all come up with the idea. They were just the beneficiaries. If you want to rant and rave, do so at CCP. You've no moral high ground to go after anyone else. You'd have taken the damn Scorpions too - anyone would have if offered. Pretending otherwise is disingenuous in the extreme.

    2. "This thing is a sandbox - game devs giving stuff to certain people and not to others breaks that."

      Yea, if I give a pail to one of my children, and a shovel to the other, the real-life sandbox they're playing in would explode in a nuclear ball of fire due to silicon dioxide's spiritual intolerance of exact equality; why doesn't EVE do the same?!?!? Wait, what?

      Why is it that 92.4% of people's references to the sandbox analogy doesn't even make sense if you apply it to a real-life sandbox, let alone hold up to a game which is theoretically 'like' a sandbox, in some certain respects.

    3. "Wrong. This "thing" is the entertainment product of a for profit company. They control every aspect of it, and if they choose to enter into special arrangements with some players and not others that is their right."

      Please read the post, nowhere did I say that this wasn't their right, that's not the same as it's a good idea though. They have a right to change game mechanics, that doesn't stop you from believing that Highsec COCOs are a bad idea - or are all your critiques whining too?

      "Why is it that 92.4% of people's references to the sandbox analogy doesn't even make sense"

      Because you fail to understand that a word can be used in different senses?

    4. You both have interesting, if side tracked, points. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Everyone gets a trophy! There is no such thing as losers.....


    Life is full of favoritism and that's not a bad thing. If I work my ass off, dedicate years of my life to a project at work and I get a fat bonus for doing so, I don't want to hear from the new employee that it's not fair. This world is all about who you know, not what you know. FACT.

    I loved your rant. It's not going to change anything because people are stupid, but I still enjoyed it.

  3. Why did CCP hand out their gifts and then tell the recipients not to tell anybody?

    1. I don't know. Why don't you ask CCP. They're the ones who allegedly did it. Really, this is precisely what I was ranting about. How would anyone in the greater community know why CCP allegedly did such a thing? Are you all such conspiracy nuts that nothing is beyond suspicion? Really? I've got better things to think about thank you very much.

    2. They knew from T20 that the gifts would look a little squiffy, and sought to minimize the appearance of squiffiness, not realizing that publicizing the Scorps on the forum would merely have generated only a one-day explosion of rage. Hiding it made a merely questionable decision appear sinister, and this is no doubt why the leaker leaked the info.

      I think it's going to be okay, though. A few dozen players will be kept busy hating for about another week before moving on to the next tempest in a fleet-issue teapot, and subscriptions will not be affected negatively.

  4. This is the best article I've read on this subject (it's also the only one, because I see no reason to give a sh*t about any of it).

  5. Yup Mabrick, completely agree with your point of view.

    The protaganist camp seemed undecided what they wanted to rage about (The sanctity of the sandbox has been violated, LET'S RAGE! SOMERBlink is an immoral gambling site, LET'S RAGE! Benefactors were already well off in game, LET'S RAGE! Ripard might know someone that recieved a IWS, LET'S RAGE! Rixx Javix is making light of the situation, LET'S RAGE! and so on ...) to the point that it became all rather comical tbh.

    Anyway, like any good storm in a tea cup, this one appears to be on the way to blowing itself out.

    1. Just because some of the people who disagree with this decision rage, doesn't necessarily mean that everyone who disagrees has a bad argument.

      Why not just reward them via some external to game means that doesn't affect the game itself? If Somer employees had been given a free rifter usb hub, i doubt if there would have been as much bloviation.

  6. This is just a distraction to cover up the fact that Rubicon is going to be an extremely and embarrassingly weak expansion...and i have a hard time justifying the fact that Rubicon can be qualified as an expansion.


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