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Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Hard Way - as Usual

I'm here! I made it! Or, to be more precise about how I feel...

So, in the end I flew out to my new null-sec home. I was waiting around for a Rorqual lift when an alliance mate accused me of bitching about having to wait. He said I should just get my ass moving because it would only take an hour. That's a paraphrase, except for the hour part. That was a challenge. It was something I felt I had to disapprove. Now that's motivation!

You see, my new home is 56 jumps from Amarr. Now, it may be possible to make 56 jumps in an hour, but you could only spend 64.28571429 seconds in each system. That's not a lot of time, especially if you are being even a little cautious. So I had to prove my alliance mate wrong. I set my destination and I checked kills in the last hour along the route. Only one system had more than one kill, and only a half dozen or so had any kills. The time was at hand. At 03:35:21 Eve Time, I departed for null-sec in my trusty Nemesis.

My first dozen jumps through Empire space were as uneventful as you'd imagine. Then I headed into low-sec. It too, was uneventful. It was late and I saw few capsuleers in local. Most just went on with their business. The only encounter I had was a friendly one. Thanks Immundra! It's started out great!

My route into player null-sec was through infamous 1-SMEB. Yeah, that's why I wasn't really wanting to fly to my new home. The route goes right through the heart of Delve and Querious and nips an edge of Period Basis. And as far as I'm concerned, the war-dec Goonswarm made against me last year hasn't expired in reality and the last thing I want to do is give them something to chortle about like my frozen corpse. Who knows what manner of depravity they'd visit upon it. Not to mention the ribbing I'd get from my own alliance mates.

Have all you null-seccers reading this, both of you, figured out where I am yet? *LOL* The cross-over into CONDI space was completely uneventful. It wasn't until the next system that I ran into my first real hurdle. I'd forgotten the first rule of null-sec: don't warp directly from gate to gate - especially when local isn't empty. I landed in a small warp bubble. I reversed course and proceeded to extract my still cloaked bomber from the bubble. There were, of course, de-cloaking cans strewn about and I got too close to one. But by that time I was out of the bubble and a quick burn got me far enough away to cloak and get away safely.

I bounced a few times and re-positioned where I could watch the gate from warp to distance. The bubble was an equal distance from me as the gate. While I watched, another Nemesis de-cloaked and jumped. Then an Anathema. And after a couple more minutes, an off grid Myrmidon arrived and jumped through. I figured they were waiting for me to jump through as well. Well, I wasn't in that much of a hurry. I waited five minutes and finally got too anxious to wait any longer. I'd already spent 600 seconds in this one system! Yeah, an hour to fly there my ass Cherry.

I landed on the gate and jumped on contact. The other side was clear; local was empty. I guess a lone bomber wasn't enough to keep them up any longer. I continued on my way to my new home. Most of the remaining systems were empty except for me. I was even tempted once to do a little sight seeing! But I had a challenge to disprove. Those remaining systems that weren't empty, I made certain to bounce off something before warping to distance from the exit gate. I only had to do that a few times so made pretty decent time overall from there on. It was a really good time of day to make the trek and it wasn't nearly so difficult as I'd imagined. Take note of that my fellow care-badgers.

At 05:02:12 my new cloning station accepted my request to dock. I had made it safely to my new null-sec home in one hour, 26 minutes and 51 seconds. Cherry was a bit optimistic wasn't he? Still, it really didn't take that long. I've sat in fleet waiting for the action to start for longer periods; and it wasn't like it was totally boring...

So where is my new home a few of you new bros may still be wondering? Well, as I said on Wednesday, the alliance had decided to set up some offices in NPC null-sec. There is really only one NPC null-sec region you have to go through all those jumps to get to: Stain. Hello Sansha Kuvakei, I'm home! And my new adventure started out with a bang, but more on that next time.

Watch Out


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    1. Ich habe deutsche am sprachinstitute auf der U.S. Army gelernt. Ich bin ein bischen aus der Übung.

      And I only had to lookup "aus der Übung" because I couldn't remember if it was "aus" or "auf." *LOL*

  2. The first thing everyone learns to say in German is how to order beer!

    1. Ein mal, bitte!

      That assumes you've already ordered at least one. ;)

    2. Ein mal, bitte!

      That assumes you've already ordered at least one. ;)

    3. After the first all it really took was to catch the bartenders eye and give him a thumbs up. You only had to speak if you wanted to change what your were drinking

      Eine ausbach, bitte!

  3. I am also in the process of moving to Stain, although I'll be leaving a sov-holding nullsec alliance. I have also moved to experience more solo and small gang PvP. Maybe I'll see you around soon Mabrick.

    Fly safe


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