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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Null-sec Preparations

Since I did two posts last Friday, I took Monday off. Actually, it was such a hectic week that I didn't have a chance to write. And since I moved my BB49 post to Friday... not buying the excuses, eh? Okay, I skipped Monday because I could. Deal with it.

I used that time to get all my ships out of Anoikis and into a nice, quiet low-sec system. I never saw more than five other capsuleers in local, and four of them were always the same. I then contracted with Black Frog Logistics to haul my stuff to Amarr. I'd never used them before, but I read lots of great testimonials. My stuff was in Amarr before I was, but more on that in a bit. I then flew myself to Amarr and set up a new residence; transferring my clone and everything. After more than a year in Anoikis it was a bit weird, but I forced myself to stop checking d-scan every five seconds... mostly.

Then I did something I've never done as a capsuleer except to pay off my current alliance when they camped HBHI's old C3. I plexed. Why? Because I am moving to null and I'm not taking 2 billion ISK worth of Strategic Cruisers and Heavy Interdictors. I also wasn't going to dip into my existing funds to pay for this little null-sec experiment. I'm not going there to earn a profit. I'm not going there to learn what it's like to be a null-bear. If my goal is to learn what life is like in null-sec, then I'm going to do what null-sec dwellers do - PvP. Right? Yeah, I hear you but let's just go with the assumptions here okay? So I bought 8 PvP ships to try out. No, I'm not going to give the details on the ships I bought. At least not until they are vaporized. Sorry, but you'll need to get your intelligence elsewhere. ;-)

I will tell you that I've already sent over a half billion ISK worth of ships to my future null-sec home. As it turned out, the alliance is taking up primary residence in NPC null-sec. There will be no sov game BS for us. We're not going to be renters either. The plan is to harass renters. :-p It was easy to contract with Black Frog Logistics again to haul all my stuff out there. We've several conveniently located NPC stations.

Now is that "in a bit" part I wrote about earlier. If you have never used Black Frog Logistics, as was my case before making my null-sec decision, I can now tell you with extreme admiration that they are fast, relatively inexpensive and incredibly easy to use. When they say most contracts are completed in 24 hours, they aren't blowing smoke. And with up to a billion ISK in collateral accepted, you've really nothing to lose. It cost me 125 million ISK to ship 600 million ISK worth of ships to null-sec, and I could have sent more. I came nowhere close to their cubic meter limit. I can certainly recommend them for those with the ISK but not the time. I don't think anything has been so easy in my New Eden career.

That all done, now all I've got to do is get myself to my future null-sec home. That's either going to be very difficult, or easy-peasy. I should know in a few days. I'll be sure to post an update when I arrive. Until then, I'll just kick back and relax in Amarr while neural implants harden my mind to use jump clones more frequently. The only downside is I might have to smuggle in some decent liquor. These Amarran zealots aren't exactly into that sort of lifestyle evidently.

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