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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

That's Amore! - A suggestion for Eve Immersion Enhancement

""When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore!"

Oh, don't worry, I'll not subject you to that golden oldie. But ol' Dean-o had a point. Here's the point as it applies to Eve Online.

This is an Eve Online moon:
Eve Online Moon
That's pretty much what all Eve Online moons look like. I've not found one that doesn't look like this. It's a good reproduction of this moon:
Earth's Moon
But this is not the only moon in our solar system. There are a great number, most orbiting the gas giants beyond the asteroid belt. And many of these moons look nothing like our moon.

Io - That's Amore!
To be sure, there are many moons in our solar system that look like Earth's moon. But even those that do have huge craters the size of one hemisphere on them, and color variation, and bright streaks. They are all unique in one way or another, and so should the moons of New Eden be. Is it that hard to change the face of New Eden's moons? It would be a huge emersion boost if we flew to a moon to find tiger stripes, or a hazy orange, or a big pizza pie wouldn't it? And it sure would be a lot simpler to implement than making ships fly around stations instead of through them. You've got a solar system full of source material to draw upon! What do you say CCP? Can do?

Watch Out


  1. You could even do it so certian moon visuals correlated with different moon minerals.

    1. No. You still want people scanning moons. And you still want R64s and R32s to be secret until scanned.

  2. This, you want to add this to their list of things to do when we have a backlog of so many other extremely pressing issues.

    Knowing CCP, they will get to work on it immediately. POS revamp can wait...we have pretty-pretty to make...

    On a sidebar, at least you didn't use Dean-o's song to recommend "actual" relationships between characters...*Sound of CCP employees adding "romantic relationships* to the next expansion...

    1. You have to give the art department something to do. They don't code, and the majority of a POS revamp is coding. The art department working on moons will not impact actual development.

  3. To Ganymede and Titan
    Yes, sir, I've been around
    But there ain't no place
    In the whole of Space
    Like that good ol' toddlin' town

    Oh! Lunar City Seven
    You're my idea of heaven
    Out of ten, you score eleven
    You good ol' toddlin' town

    Oh! Lunar City Seven
    Lunar Cities One through Six
    They always get me down
    But Lunar City Seven
    You're my home town

    Sorry but this post got me singing like Dave Lister, Technician 3rd Class, Jupiter Mining Corporation Vessel - Red Dwarf :o)

    Problem is, how many people often see a moon? Unless you use a POS regularly then its rare you'll see one up close. Now if they put moons better in view when you warped to a planet....!

    1. Nice!! What a perfect tune for this topic.

      I see moons all the time, but then I live in a POS. I think those who moon mine see them alot too. Even if I didn't live in a POS, warping to moons to find intruders/suspects/prey is standard procedure. It is with me at least. I believe a lot more players than you think see moons regularly.

    2. But, if CCP enlarged the moons so that they are clearly visible at planets that would be awesome. Imagine the view at a planet with 10 or more moons each one visible and getting small and smaller.

    3. It's not an issue of making them larger ... because then they'd have to be larger than the planets they orbit ...

      Just pull the orbits in tighter around the planet. Not for all planets, but for some of them, to get that photo opp you're looking for.

  4. POSes can ONLY be anchored at moons...
    Players who use/live in POSes stare at moons allatime...
    how many POSes in EvE?

    Please CCP, give us the moons!

  5. How about the forest moon of Endor? Why is it only the planets that are inhabited?

  6. You read my mind and posted this a few days before I got around to it! :)

    1. Then it's obviously an idea whose time has come! Give us gorgeous moons!

  7. Moons function very much in relation to their plants. For example, Io only has that level of vulcanism because the gravitational forces of Jupiter wrench it's insides around constantly. Titan is only special because it is just close enough to the sun for hard radiation to influence the organic molecules in it's atmosphere etc. asf.

    It would be great if the EVE universe were realistic like that, but then we first would have to drop fluid mechanics and have spaceships behave like they are actually in space.

    Just saying ...


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