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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sunday!!! Sunday!!! Sunday!!!

"Prepare to get annihilated! Sunday!!! Sunday!!! Sunday!!! Be here or be queer," as the commercial says. Sunday night we went on a cruiser roam. We left Amarr at  approximately 23:40 New Eden mean led by Fibian Virpio. We headed to Ami to see what we could find. What we found was a fat lot of nothing. Fibian started to cast about for someplace that had some action.

He soon found it through contacts he has in Brave Newbies. Our objective was to join Brave Newbies in a fight they'd arranged with Eve University in Gare. Along the way we might engage targets of opportunity, but we weren't going to get embroiled in any big fights - sorry Funky Bacon. We were now on a mission.

We piled into high-sec and self-warped to get positioned at Cleyd. From Cleyd, Febian took us into low-sec once more. Eventually we positioned ourselves in Aunsou and waited for local to spike in Gare. When Febian confirmed Brave Newbies were in position, we proceeded to the Gare gate in Aunsou. As we warped, local spiked as Eve University entered Aunsou on their way to Gare as well. As one of my fleet mates said, "That's a lot of neutrals."

We all landed on the Gare gate at the same time. We jumped on contact and then immediately warped to our staging point in Gare. Eve University did not mess with us nor we them. We were all on a mission that night. The fight soon joined at the POCO above Planet V. Here's how the fight unfolded.

Towards the end there was obviously some confusion. One of our fleet was killed by a BRAVE pilot. That same pilot targetted me. As my blog profile says, I'm not a judge and don't be surprised what happens in a combat zone. I burned for the BRAVE pilot. You can't gank a willing participant, and when you're warp disrupted you can't get away either.

That is until the FCs sort it out and you get an order to de-aggres. That was fine by me. I really didn't want to kill a brave noob. And it really was all a misunderstanding. You can hear it from Brave Newbies' point of view in the video they made of the fight. Some in Brave Newbies thought we were going to gank them once Eve University disengaged. Well, no, not unless you target me first, but I can easily believe Brave Newbies get a lot of that treatment.

All in all, I was pretty satisfied with my performance in this fight. I helped take out four opposition cruisers and did top damage on three and final blow on two. My heavy tackle shield Thorax did quite well and I got out of the fight without a scratch, though I forgot to pull my drones back before following the de-aggres order. Oops. So much for those Valkyries II. I hope someone scooped them to put to good use elsewhere. Thank you Brave Newbies for the invite. Thanks Eve University for the good fight. I will definately be doing this again. It was a hoot!

Watch Out

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