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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It's what the Whole Damn Game's About

On my last post, "I'm a Blogger, not a Journalist," Gevlon of Greedy Goblin left me this comment,
"It's good to keep a voice. But can you keep it while not living it? I mean if all your (Mabrick's) day is spent with killing combat ships and dying to them in WH space, what else can you write about than killing combat ships and dying to them in WH space?"
Well gee Gevlon, that's like asking, "If you spend all your time market trading, are you really playing Eve Online?" Or even better, "If English isn't your primary language, can you still write a blog in English?" No offense man, but that's what your question is like. It's a silly ass question just like my two.

I spent four and a half YEARS being a high-sec carebear in a NPC or one person corporation. I logged in practically every damn day, taking care of business and making ISK. I did it the old fashioned way: I worked hard, kept my nose to the grindstone and minded my own business. Outside of that, all I did was write this blog.

Let me put it this way. How long does it take to earn a Masters Degree in the United States? That's right, four years (on average.) I know several people who got their PhD in that amount of time. That's around 12 credit hours a semester which equates to an actual 180 hours of instruction over a 15 week semester. Over four years that's 1440 hours. Double that for your average PhD. Those with such degrees are considered experts in their field of study. To date, I have spent 2799 hours playing Eve Online; most of that as a high-sec carebear.

My hours playing is more in line with military training than Universty. How long is a standard U.S. Army enlistment? That's right - four years. That's 24x7 training much of the time. My first year in the Army I spent over 6000 hours in full time training - or what we call "in the field." Most other years that figure was more like 1500 hours. And I served in a peacetime Army! U.S. Army soldiers, after four years, are more than experts in their profession. They define what it is to be an infantryman, or artilleryman, or Special Forces.

After PhDs graduate or soldiers transition to civilian life, do these experts stop being experts? No. They continue to be experts in all those things they learned. So it is that I am still an expert on being a high-sec carebear. I certainly put more than enough time in to earn that degree!

Furthermore, just because I moved to Anoikis a year ago doesn't mean I've stopped doing carebear things. Banish the thought! I still do PI, mine and help clear Sleeper sites of rats. I just don't have to worry about agents or standing - that is until I need to go to market. Then I am right back in my trusty Iteron V running through high-sec doing that carebear going to high-sec market thing. I still have to avoid gankers. I still have to create market orders. I still have to buy manufacturing supplies for those things I can't get in Anoikis.

Just because I also have an opportunity to shoot combat ships doesn't mean I do that all the time. In case you've forgotten, T3 hulls and subsystems are not cheap. I have to earn ISK more than ever now. HBHI also has two player owned stations to fuel. I make that fuel - and our ammo. If anything, my time in Anoikis has made be more able to write about what it takes to be a successful carebear. Now I'm exposed to dangers and situations that never develop in high-sec.

And lastly, does your involvement with TEST make you less an expert on market trading? Do you still, occasionally, give out advice on that topic? Damn straight you do! And people listen. Why? Because you're an E X P E R T. You spent many, many, many hours doing it. So let's stop doubting other people's qualifications in those things with which they have so much experience. I promise you I won't start pretending to be an expert on PvP or ship fits - at least until I've done it for a few hundred hours.

But that doesn't mean I won't continue to opinionate about goons and their pets and all those other things I loath. I will still rabble-rouse and muck rake and perhaps even make bald-faced unsubstantiated accusations about them. That's not about being an expert. That's just having fun. It's entertainment man, and that's what this whole damn game's about!

Watch Out


  1. There was no need to rise to his bait Mab. People read you for an interesting read, people mostly read Gevlon to have a laugh at his expense, which is only logical given his total lack of help to the players as he always promised to give up his secrets too!

    1. Please don't believe he was the sole or even majority reason. THis post was mostly written before his comment. It was just a really well timed question on his part. I couldn't resist using it. :)

      And though I don't agree with everything he writes, Gevlon is okay in my book. We need his voice as much as anyone's in this community.

    2. From the way I see it, he isn't telling you that you are playing EVE wrong. What he is trying to say to you is that you can't contribute satisfactorily towards any other part of Eve that isn't 'killing that other guy', because your expertise is towards the killing part of the game and not anything else. You could have just pointed out that you are experienced with the other expects without blowing your lid, y'know.

  2. Thanks for your blog Mabrick. I've been reading it for a long time now. And as you can see, I still read it. Even if I left Eve almost a month ago. I was Dar Tel, if you wonder, a Vherokior mystic.
    And I do hope you will continue writing like you do. People in high-sec needs a voice like yours!

  3. You would think with Gelvon's objectivist bent he would appreciate another expert in a different field instead of nit picking. vOv (<-- Thats a shrug right?)

  4. People listen to Gevlon because, more often than not, they don't know any better.

    Just sayin'. ;)

    1. To be fair, following his market advice has made me billions. People tend not to like him because he asks the uncomfortable questions of Eve, and makes people feel like they've been doing it wrong. Rather than use the opportunity to think about what they're doing, they just say he doesn't know what he's talking about.

      Mabrick, on the other hand, has looked at his criticism and argued against it. Which is basically what the Goblin likes to hear.

      @ Mabrick

      I'd love to see more on the carebear nature of WH space. Most of the time people only talk about the PvP of each area of the game, but very few people do that everyday. I want to know what people are actually doing day-to-day in WHs.

    2. Or they listen to Gevlon because he has a different view ;-)

      You and Lukas are so locked in the "standart" (successfull) way of playing eve that you are unable considering another approach.

    3. That made me smile. I've never been told I play Eve in a successful way before. Thank you :)

  5. The problem came from my own experience. I'm trading the same damn implants for a year because no one wanted to take my little shop. So I couldn't really write about new things. I couldn't sit down and write "this is what happened today in Jita and this is what I've learned", because exactly the same thing happened as yesterday, the day before and a month before. So Friday I announce a big change, exactly because I want things to happen.

    Being expert is not enough to be interesting, I know that from first hand.

  6. Responding to Gev is not Feeding the Troll... Gev gonna troll anyway, it's his nature. And besides, we need these differing viewpoints. They stimulates debate, allows us each to show other the breadth and depth of our wisdom... or, like Gev... the lack thereof... =]

    And FYI ^o^ is a shrug.... (or a space bat... take yer pick) Not sure what vOv is... or could be... Mebbe a Vulcan two-handed LL&P?

  7. Nah, i hate him not because of what he writes, but what he does and his wishy washy standpoint. i mean honestly your implants have stayed profitable for you because people run missions and incursions to get them. yet you seem to like to say the only "worthy" path in eve is the one where you fund pvp, rather than do diplo work (Vile Rat), provide a safe way to trade pretty much anything with anyone safely (Chriba), carry the things everyone needs and wants from point a to point b (Redfrog). If you have ever tried to think about what it takes to move the parts for supers, or mined until your eyes cross and blur so you can move your corps stuff for a move to null, or boosted mining fleets in a hot zone with a brand new cloaky orca, moved said brand new orca while telling people to check with higher in a hot zone, or done one of a myriad of things that are possible to do other than pvp. this is not a pvp game gev, it is a game where pvp is any easy path to being able to claim elite status. to claim experiance with large scale industry seems to mean caps, pretty much period, or have you forgoten that caps, supers and titans are made by the care bears you seem to display a condisending view of? they have the bear in there for a reason you know

  8. PVP an easy path to elite status? WTF are you on about man?


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