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Friday, August 16, 2013

It Will Be a Long Winter

The war is over. The Cluster Fuck Coalition won. TEST could not hold up under the constant strain of around the clock warfare. Their Saint Paul's Cathedral burned to the ground when the fire watch quit. Some will say it was inevitable. That's not worth the pixels needed to display it, but that's what they'll say nonetheless.

I don't think it was ever inevitable. With that way of thinking, the real Saint Paul's Cathedral would have burned to the ground and England would have been crushed under Nazi boots. Who outside England (and not a few inside I'll warrant) would have bet on England emerging from that onslaught the victor? I would not have. If you put the privilege of 20/20 hindsight aside, neither would have you.

But the Fountain war is behind us now and it was not the Battle of Britain. The big blue donut is no more. Many would say that is for the best. But is a CFC donut any better? CFC members are already working at removing TEST sovereignty from Fountain. The newly conquered areas are being used by Goonswarm leadership as a reward to their "pets" who fought well. I know this is already happening. Besides, it only makes sense.

It'll take 30 days for the sovereignty change to finish, give or take. It will take more time for the war weary to recuperate. Even with ship reimbursement, goons et al will need to refill their personal wallets. They will want to settle in and make their new nests home. I figure that'll take another month perhaps. It really depends on the individual.

What then? Where does null-sec go from there? No, I don't mean it in a figurative sense. I mean it literally. Where do they go? With the big blue donut replaced with an even bigger blue donut, what happens now?

What do you think happens. We've seen it before. Where did they go at the height of the first big blue donut? Yep, they went to high-sec - where 60% of New Eden's capsuleers reside and nearly 100% of the tears. What else will bored CFC pilots do when there's no one in null-sec they're allowed to fight - again?

Add to this the possibility the winter expansion might be industry significant. Remember that high-sec POCO comment made by CCP Soundwave during Fanfest? Don't remember? Here, listen (and read) for yourself. Don't have the time. Fine. He said, "My big dream is to let you take them in empire as well." He also said, "These have so much potential." He called them a "low level kind of sov or ownership thing." How lucrative would high-sec become to an alliance like Goonswarm if it could collect taxes from PI carebears by owning all the Custom Offices? That's like free ISK. Do you think that might get Goonswarm's attention? They attacked TEST and fought a months long war for moons. How much easier to take high-sec POCOs from "smaller industrial tycoons" as CCP Soundwave called them?

Carebears of New Eden, you had better start preparing now. It will be a long winter. I can hear the howling already. The hyenas are coming.[1]

Watch Out

[1] Yes, I purposefully mangled the metaphor. Wolves are seen as noble hunters who cooperate to survive. Hyenas are renowned for stealing other predators' kills. They are seen as ignoble thieves and scavengers. They may be feared, but they are also held in contempt.


  1. I doubt it. The Goons have borders to protect. High sec carebears have their CONCORD guardians. Even if the Swarm does mount a Hi-sec invasion, the other null-sec packs will take the opportunity to test their borders.

    And even if not, you of all people know carebears aren't all meek and helpless. You know how a carebear can find its claws.

  2. Nice metaphor! Fits perfectly...

  3. Hyenas... don't actually steal other animals' kills, even though they're famous for it. Most of them will either go for whatever's available, or else they're hunters whose kills get stolen by the so-noble lion.


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