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Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm a Blogger, not a Journalist

I'm a blogger. I'm not a journalist. In the infamous words of Rush Limbaugh, "I'm just an entertainer." And believe it or not, I have an audience. And as a blogger, I must give my audience what they want - or at least as much of it as I can. Even if it's incendiary to others. Even if it's only true from a certain point of view. That would be my audience's point of view by the way you knucklehead.

And one of the things my audience likes are pieces like my last. The one warning high-sec carebears that this winter may be a long one because bored Goons will start griefing them again. Is that statement a fact? Honestly, I've never confused prognosticating about the future with factual material. I can't help you if you have. Most people understand it isn't a fact. Its supposition based on past experiences. The ones named Hulkageddon, Burn Jita and the ministrations of the Ministry of Love - or whatever the hell they call themselves these days.

Now, my guess about the future may in fact be rooted in some current facts. I did know for a fact that Fatal Ascension was moving into Fountain because a buddy told me he was moving. He is in Fatal Ascension. But he also said I couldn't publish that particular fact just then. It wasn't public knowledge. So I skirted his wishes pretty damn closely. But it was in essence true.

Now that their sov shows up here, I can say they were given those systems as a reward for their hard work in the war against TEST. That is what my buddy was told. He was a foot soldier in that war. And he did work hard. I know for a fact how hard he worked, so that isn't supposition either.

He and his FA comrades no doubt deserve a reward - even if they have to pay monthly rent for it. And he also told me there would be an R and R period: rest and riches. They need time to build the place up and make it profitable - you know, so they can pay their rent to Goons.

Okay, that last bit I added to what he told me. But it's a reasonable extension of the facts relayed to me. It also agrees with what is commonly known across the blogosphere. Just spend a few minutes reading EN24 or TMC and you'll get what I'm on about. In case you don't see it, it's all that stuff about Goons becoming BOB and renting all their space to "pubbies." Oh yeah, all the really good "journalists" are having a field day with it.

Now me, I'm not pretending to be a journalist. I'm just a blogger. I'm an entertainer. That allows me to look at all the hard work my buddy did, which no doubt deserves a reward, and throw it in the gutter. Just because they worked hard and probably deserve the reward doesn't dissuade me from casting it all in a bad light and calling them "pets." Nor do I have to experience their playstyle to belittle it.

You see, that's what my audience wants. They don't want me to be like the null-sec l33t PvPers. They want me to be like them. They've told me so. Here's just one example posted back on Hard Boiled Eggs and Nuts,
"Bloodlust claims another victim. Blegh. 
Gonna miss the old carebear Mabrick. Truth be told, your blog was a lot more interesting when you were more of a carebear. PvP-centric blogs are...well...they lack a certain level of "why should I read this? Same as any other bloodthirsty PvPhead tear harvester that seems to revel in inflicting misery. Uninteresting.
My two cents, but a) it's your blog and b) it's your subscription fee. I just don't have the same excitement seeing you updated your blog as I did before you joined SYJ.
And you know what, I'd rather keep that one reader than attract an entire fleet of l33t null-sec PvPers. So I'll continue to opinionate according to their point of view on this blog. It's what they want. And I'll still throw in stuff about what I do. What I won't do is pretend I want anything to do with Goonswarm or the Goon petting zoo they're creating out beyond NPC null. And since I'm an entertainer and not a journalist, I'll say whatever the hell I want about it. Get it? If you don't, move on, this isn't the blog for you. I've wasted enough time on you already.

Thank you Amari for reminding me from where I came. Rest assured, I am not filled with blood lust. Nor will I shoot, let alone pod, defenseless carebears. As I said before, when I PvP I shoot combat ships like a real man. Or, as my friend TurAmarth calls me, like a care-badger. And I'll restrict my podding to Anoikis. It's a wormhole kindness. And I'll still continue to fly the middle finger for high-sec griefers, for Goonswarm, and for all things gank on this blog.

Watch Out


  1. And I've just added you to my reading list. You have my attention sir.......

  2. Just so I understand you correctly, you are asserting that FA is going to be renting space from the CFC based on information from a line member?

  3. I enjoyed your blog more when you were full on carebear. I know how the pvp life is in EvE and even though I have no interest in the industrial playstyle, sometimes, it was nice to read about one persons experiences in it.

    Ill even admit to skipping reading of your blog on occasion because of the more combat-centric posts youve had, but now I spose Ill come out more often.

  4. They will not be renting, they are a member of CFC. Now, if you consider rent to be keeping the area defended, and making sure that if/when renters are placed in the area they keep them protected then you could consider them renters. But, none of the actual members of the CFC will have to pay rent...

  5. Haha you think CFC members pay rent

    1. Well, you're a troll and I shouldn't probably do this but I'll address your misunderstanding. I think they fight Goonswarm's wars for them. They do what they're told for the table scraps Goonswarm throws them. They think they're an equal member of the coalition. But TEST once thought they were equals and allies with Goonswarm too. We all know how that turned out. There are more ways to "pay rent" than just ponying up ISK. Losing one's identity and free will is far more costly than any amount of ISK. Why do you think we call them "pets?" They're Goonswarm's obedient dogs doing what they're commanded to do. And like any faithful dog they get a bone. But fail to follow one command and it's the choker collar for sure. I'd rather be a care-badger in charge of my own future than anyone's dog. Enjoy the collar smg77, you've earned it.

    2. ROFL Mabrick. Well said :)


  6. It's good to keep a voice. But can you keep it while not living it? I mean if all your (Mabrick's) day is spent with killing combat ships and dying to them in WH space, what else can you write about than killing combat ships and dying to them in WH space?

  7. Gev, just shows how much you know bout holes bro... (1) Mab is HBHIs Industry Manager. He runs our Indy POS for fuel and all production needs. He runs PI for self and corp. Like all of us he splits his time between supporting his chars and flyin in fleet... Pew aint "all" he does... its just the newest thing he does now that he dint do before. Mab is one of the best and most fully all-round players I have met.

    1. Thanks bro... even if we do have to consider you biased. ;)

  8. somebody should forward this post to Poetic Stanziel ...

  9. LOL If by 'biased' you mean I have spent time talking to you and flying with you and coming to some conclusions thereby, then yea... I'm biased... but then so is anyone who holds an opinion of anyone they have spent time getting to 'know' in any venue.

    Our little corp, our weird 700+ man Alliance and this whole effin game are loaded with asshats of the highest order... (especially SYJ, but for us it's a weird kinda strength... go figger) and you, my friend and M8... are not one of them...

    Your strengths, IMHO, is your strong sense of honor and morals. Being a Merc to you just means fighting against players in armed ships, as compared to killing players in unarmed ships.

    Wanna be safe from the Dread Pirate Mabrick? Fly an unarmed Industrial of any flavor... but, fly in an armed ship, of any flavor, and you ARE actually asking for it... and he has no compunction delivering.

  10. You do a disservice to the word "journalism." People love to talk about the importance of a free press and the responsibilities of journalism, but this is ahistorical. Freedom of the press was conceived of during a time when the people with the presses were using them to lampoon their political opponents as drunkards and sodomites.

    It is not an issue of bias or motivation but it is instead about the quality of the work you present. So what if you have an agenda or an opinion? It is more important that you state a position that you are willing to defend.

    1. It's more important that we never forget this is a game played for enjoyment. If you're looking for facts go to the library. My readers are looking to forget about facts for awhile and just have some fun. I have never been, will never be and do not aspire to be a journalist. I am a game player. I aim to have fun, not win the Pulitzer. To quote an old Bill Murray movie, "Lighten up Francis."

    2. My only point is that the word "journalist" is broad enough to encompass many things. If you are talking about things that are happening or have happened or might happen one day, and your insight and perspective is found valuable, it is my argument that you are engaged in a form of journalism.


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