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Friday, August 2, 2013

Hard Boiled Eggs and Nuts

It seems I shot myself in the foot with that last post, but more on that in a moment. I said I'd discuss the suggestions I got and so I'm going to do that first.

First off, to those few who congratulated me, thank you very much for the considerate words. Unfortunately you are the exception in New Eden rather than the rule. There were far more people willing to pile on the derision for my little mistake. That's pretty much par for the course in New Eden. Who doesn't want to whore-in on a killmail? I am grateful to you for showing me the better side of New Eden.

The "funniest" suggestion I got was to let myself be podded while only having an Alpha level clone. That way I could relive the entire 100 million skill point experience five years from now. While the humor in this is apparent to me, the practicality is not. You see, I'd have to actually get podded twice to make this happen. Even if the first time was by self-destruct order, I make it a habit of not being podded twice in one day. So thank you very much for the suggestion Thf, but no.

The only other suggestion I got, and the only seriously considered one, was from Kethry Avenger. She doesn't have a blog in her profile, but maybe she'll start one and join the Eve blogging community full time. I think I'd like that. Anyway, her suggestion was,
"Have some kind of Find Mabrick contest. Go hide in a wormhole. Post the name of it and first one to find you (kill you) wins the prize. Optionally while getting blown up by you or something. If you want more people to be in on it use a low class wormhole."
This was indeed my first inclination of what to do as a celebration. I would of course enlist the aid of Surely You're Joking to defend me, but alas, we are very busy with business again. I am also concerned that those who are unfamiliar with WH space would be at a distinct disadvantage if I held such an event in a WH. Lastly, it would not have enough lead time to let people know where I am. The longest WH connection lasts 24 hours so people would have practically no time to mobilize and find me. These are the concerns my corp mates and I came up with concerning this idea. It's just a little too impractical to implement was the general feeling. Though by all means, if anyone finds me in a WH and blows me up, feel free to claim the loot prize. That's how it works! And as a thank you for the suggestion Kethry, I'm sending you one (1) ISK for every SP I have, at the moment I get around to sending it, as a reward for posting a suggestion. That'll be a little over 100 mISK to you. WOOT!

And that leads me to the thing I said I'd discuss in a moment. One of the comments, which I did not publish, in paraphrase said "who is Mabrick and why should I care he has 100,000,000 skill points when he can't even proof his own post." My initial reaction to that was "sod off wanker." Two days later my reaction is still "sod off wanker." And as it preoccupied me, about 12 hours ago an epiphany hit me. Why the hell should my celebration of my goal involve giving away my hard earned stuff to a bunch of wankers?

Okay, to be fair, not everyone in Eve Online is a wanker - though with a predominantly male participation science tells me 19 out of 20 capsuleers wank. And even if there were more women playing Eve Online, that number would only drop by one. So indeed, most capsuleers are likely wankers. But this is one hell of a digression. Back to the epiphany.

So tl;dr, this was my goal and I should reward myself rather than others. That is what I've decided to do. I'm going to reward myself by putting those 100 million skill points to good use. Remember how I said I could sit in a lot of ships but had no experience in them? That changes starting today. I'm done with being a carebear. It's time to do something new. No more hard boiled eggs and nuts. Give me the candy! From this day forward there is no "Fly Careful." You need to watch out. I aim to misbehave.

Watch Out

PS: If this post isn't proofed to your satisfaction... sod off. Start your own damn blog.


  1. The corruption is complete, another joker has been assimilated.

    - Winter

  2. I would have to have time to play EVE way more often than I don't first. Then decide I needed to blog about it. I'm just happy I finally took the time to create an account that goes back to my character so I can lurk and jump in on coversations. ((Also if you haven't sent the isk yet don't, though I appreciate the offer, go buy yourself something fun))

    1. Too late! Pass it on if you like. And don't worry, I've plenty more where that came from. ;-)

  3. Hi Mabrick,

    I did something similar a while ago when I hit 100mil, and again with not much response. The BMTHOKK kind of initiative seems awfully... wasteful...

    Carrying on with your theme of you celebrating YOUR success, why not initiate an alliance roam, get some people together and REALLY misbehave :)

  4. Oh my my.... what have I done... or, what have we unleashed? =]

  5. Proudest Eve moment. Malcolm Rennolds

  6. Hey there, i didnt want to come of harsh in my post on that last thread. Apologies if i have.
    I was just confused what you were celebrating and thought i got it wrong somehow.

    Congrats on your milestone. I didnt have any idea how to celebrate it.

    When i left eve university i did the following, i convoed new players, fresh in the uni asked them for a joke, or comic or whatever, made them make me laugh. I wasnt to hard on them tho, pretty much anything would do, then i gave them 10mil isk if they wanted.
    Most were suspicious and surprised, but in a good way.

    I also saw a adhoc guy do something similar in the eve uni chat once, he just asked questions, stuff about eve mechanics, or lore, anything interesting really and if you answered it right you get a little price, that was fun.

    1. Hi Kara. No offense taken. Blogging is equal parts storytelling, opinionating and hyperbole. All those who pointed out my mistake gave me an excellent foil upon which to parry. It's all in good fun.

  7. Flying careful is never fun or fulfilling. You haven't lived in Eve until you've lost a decently expensive ship doing something you should have known better than to do, and then returning the favor unto someone else.

    I suggest starting small though and get used to your ship blowing up a few times to better understand what you can handle before jumping into the deep end without swimmies.

    1. Dear FunkyBacon,

      Evidently you don't know me very well. *cheesy grin* Actually, I'll be fine. I've lost expensive ships - just a few. I don't fly i unless I can afford to lose it. Cheers!


  8. The evolution has been quite spectacular I have to say Tur... :)

    1. Aint it though? I love Mab like a brother, he is a great guy and an interesting person. But I truly did not envisage this back when I offered him sanctuary in our C3 wormhole... Ahhh... will the wonders nEvEr cease? =]

      Keep in mind I doubt Mab will turn in the keys to the Lrg POS we setup for him (and Mikey & Leo) to Indybear his heart out in... =] I just expect he will be even more active in fleets and on Ops than he has been, which has not been rare as tis... =]

      But DAMN I do love this game!

  9. Will you post your war stories in this blog?

  10. Bloodlust claims another victim. Blegh.

    Gonna miss the old carebear Mabrick. Truth be told, your blog was a lot more interesting when you were more of a carebear. PvP-centric blogs are...well...they lack a certain level of "why should I read this? Same as any other bloodthirsty PvPhead tear harvester that seems to revel in inflicting misery. Uninteresting."

    My two cents, but a) it's your blog and b) it's your subscription fee. I just don't have the same excitement seeing you updated your blog as I did before you joined SYJ.


    1. Hi Amari,

      Thanks for the kind words. Rest assured, the assumptions of my blood lust are greatly exaggerated. I do not expect I'll pod kill anyone for fun. It'll likely only happen if it's a wormhole kill. The crueler option is to not pod them and make them beg someone else to give them a ticket out of the hole that is not their own. It's distinctly a wormhole courtesy. That's all. In a way, that's a kindness that is quit carebearish from a certain point of few. And I'll still do carebear activities. And I'll still blog about them from time to time. But I'm no longer a high-sec dweller and the situation has changed a lot in the last year. It's hard to blog about something I have no direct experience with. The posts just sound fraudulent after awhile. It'll be a better blog if I stick to things I'm actually experiencing. Trust me on that. Cheers!


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