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Monday, August 12, 2013

Battleship Brawl

This weekend certainly broke my week long drought of PvP action. I can't say it was non-stop PvP, but it was more than I typically did in a year before I joined HBHI and then in turn joined Surely You're Joking. In fact, it was the most PvP I've ever had in a single weekend.

The first action occurred Friday night. The call went out for a battleship fleet. We staged in Amarr and two dozen formed up there at the appointed time. I myself was not in a battleship. I volunteered to fly a scram and damp Arazu. Yeah, this was going to get rough. None of us planned on getting our ships or our pods out.

We proceeded to Ostingele where we were to wait for the other half of our fleet - the approximately six dozen Talwars flown by members of Brave Newbies that night. In actuality, this was a rematch from a previous encounter SYJ had with a Thanatos the night before. It seems the pilot contacted us for a rematch. We're always game for a well presented rematch offer, even when it's probably a trap.

At approximately 03:00 New Eden mean time, we arrived on the Alperaute gate in Ostingele. Here we all are still in one piece. Somewhere in all those big boys is a very small but willing Arazu.
Our Brave Newbie cohorts had just chased the opposing fleet to the other side of the gate. We didn't have long to wait.

Unfortunately we were outnumbered two to one at this point and to paraphrase Admiral Akbar's second most famous words, "At that close range we won't last long against those battleships!" For whatever reason, Brave Newbies did not immediately jump through the gate. By the time they arrived, it was all over. In those three minutes, I managed an assist on three battleship kills. That put my ISK ration at more than three to one in my favor. That at least is some small recompense for a lost fight. Here's the (not quite correct) battle report for those interested.

More recompense comes from the experience. There was a lot going on and I quickly succumbed to overlay overload. Even without only hostiles on the combat overlay and no drones, it was still a confusing list of names and colors. I spent far to much time searching for called targets than actually targeting something. The lesson here is TARGET SOMETHING, anything. Leave one available target for what the FC calls and switch to it later. I left far too many of my modules inactive during the fight when they could have been helping the cause. I admit I was saving the damps for the carrier, but that's no excuse. As it turned out, we also had a Celestis in fleet that damped it down to nothing. It left the field shortly after it arrived: ineffective - and by waiting so was I. Besides, at two to one odds they really didn't need the carrier and I could have helped keep the battleships from blowing our logi off the gate in little pieces.

The other thing I would change in a future engagement is to not stay in the furball. I was close into the gate with my MWD on to hopefully throw off the battleships' tracking. It was wasted effort. They were so well dispersed after coming through the gate it didn't matter how fast I was going. You can't play the transversal game with 40 hostile battleships surrounding you. What I would do different is burn out as soon as I got to the gate: or alternately cancel fleet warp and go in at optimal range for my warp disruptors. I had a 40 kilometer plus range on them and double that on the damps. I could have warped in at 40 with no MWD, kept my signature radius down and limited the damage the battleships could do to me that way. With more experience, I might even be able to kite just out of neut range as that's what ultimately shut me down. The battleships didn't need to shoot me once my capacitor was dry - but of course they did anyway.

What else might I have done differently flying an Arazu in this battle?

So that was my first action of the weekend. It was fun. It was thrilling. It made me want to do it again. So Sunday I did it again. It wasn't another battleship brawl but further details will have to wait until my next post on Wednesday. Until then...

Watch Out

PS: I am remiss. Good fight Kill it with Fire. Thanks for the invite to the rematch!


  1. Hmm... I think we ran into a cruiser fleet of yours Sunday night. We had frigs and dessies, but a few more numbers. Our FC didn't think the odds were much in our favor, but in typical gal mil fashion the fleet's response was "fuck it, let's go!"

    So we jump into the HAHA fleet, half of us are pie, none of them are, so our logi is going to have to contend with gate guns that can 2-3 volley most of the stuff in our fleet, while HAHA can just get to work on our red guys, and by the time those go down, we'll all be suspect anyway.

    We jump in, go for one of the scythes first and.... HAHA bails. O.o I was very sad.

    1. Yes, yes you did run into a SYJ fleet last night. And yes, yes we did elect to disengage - but not because we weren't looking for a fight. We just weren't looking for THAT fight. ;-)

      More about that on Wednesday.


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