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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's a Celebration!

Today I surpassed 100,000,000 skill points. It's an auspicious occasion. I remember way back when I started and being completely gobsmacked at how detailed the Eve Online training system is - and how long it would take to learn everything.

I am far from having learned everything. And learning it doesn't mean I have any experience in it. For example, I can sit in a Machariel. I've never sat in one. That goes for most ships in New Eden. And that got me wondering, what ships can I actually sit in?

I did a Google search and found the EVE Ships Skills Planner application by Ideki of E.A.D. Alliance. You give it an API key (restricted to pertinent skills of course) and it spits out a nice clean list of what you can fly and what you can fly efficiently. As it is, the tool is fast and informative. A double-click on any ship gives you a pop-up showing you the skills you need in red, those you have and recommended level-ups in green. Sweet! It's a neat tool, but needs some polish.

I'd like it to have the ability to sort on multiple columns and to have an export function. If Ideki really wanted to add a wow factor, he could create a ship tree, all color coded with imported 512x512 thumbnails on a cool New Eden background - but that's a lot to ask. Regardless, well done Ideki!

Looking at the results I see I can sit in 195 ships out of 295 total. I am at most 96 days, 8 hours and 39 minutes from being able to meet "recommended" requirements for any given ship. That one would be the Leviathan. There are a couple I thought I could sit in (Legion, Rorqual) that I need one more skill and less than an hour of training - oops.

But, I am digressing. The purpose of this post is to celebrate 100,000,000 skill points! I've been thinking about how to celebrate for some time now. I've had a couple ideas but nothing that really, really excited me. So I'm going to throw it open for suggestions.

I'd like to do something public. That seems to be in vogue these days. (Really, a T2 Cynabal giveaway and no name... really?) I'd like to give something back to the community. I'd like to do something within the confines of Eve Online involving ISK, etc. I'd like it to be fun. It doesn't have to happen straight away and certainly won't this weekend (OOC - tuna fishing trip!!!!!) Go wild if you like. So, with that in mind...

What should Mabrick do to celebrate 100,000,000 skill points?

Leave your recommendations in the comments, WITH NAME, and I'll review them in my Friday post.

Fly Careful


  1. Silly perhaps, but shouldn't that be 100,000,000 skillpoints? Can't say that I have any good ideas for your celebration though, just congratulations :-)

  2. Do you mean 100,000,000 ? Cause I thought people started with like 600,000 now.

    1. HaHaHa, joke's on me. Totally corrected and thanks!

  3. I think you meant 100,000,000 sp?

    EVE Board has the same Ships function you mention btw.

    1. Yes it does. Thanks for telling be about it.

  4. Have some kind of Find Mabrick contest. Go hide in a wormhole. Post the name of it and frist one to find you (kill you)wins the prize. Optionally while getting blown up by you or something. If you want more people to be in on it use a low class wormhole.

  5. Let your pod be killed while in a fresh, non-upgraded basic clone. This way you can celebrate the 100m sp event again. :-)

  6. That's a whole lot of skill points. Congratulations!


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