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Friday, July 5, 2013

Ingratitude Because You Don't Know What You Have

Yesterday there was a huge fight between Test Alliance Please Ignore (TEST) and friends, and the Cluster Fuck Coalition (CFC) in Z9PP-H. It was perhaps the largest single battle ever in the history of Eve Online. Long story short, a TEST capital fleet got themselves ensnared in bubbles and CFC descended upon them like the proverbial locust plague. Hell, who wouldn't have with all those juicy capital ships going nowhere but up in flames?

However, the battle itself doesn't seem to be the main news story today. That is unfortunate. Mad Ani did a hell of of a job for the six and a half (6.5) hours of the fight doing a live broadcast on Twitch TV. Not only was the battle epic, but so was the coverage. Thank you Mad Ani, I very much enjoyed watching.

No, the main news story now seems to be how that battle ended. It ended in a node crash. Someone in CCP made a mistake and remapped it incorrectly. TEST did not log back in after the crash. I don't blame them. Then all sorts of accusations started to fly across the interwebs, most aimed at CCP. I lost count of the number of times Mad Ani had to ask people watching his live stream to stop the CCP bashing in his chat feed. It was out of control and it was unwarranted.

Why was it unwarranted? Simple: did anyone else logged into Eve Online yesterday who were not involved in the fight notice undue lag or an inability to go about their daily New Eden life? I for one made a 10 jump supply run to Amarr from our wormhole. There were 800 people in Amarr. I didn't notice anything laggy or an out of the ordinary game play experience. There certainly wasn't any time dilation going on.

At peak login yesterday, there were over 50,000 characters logged into New Eden.
That was during the height of the battle. Just before the remap, there were 38,588 characters logged into Eve Online.
Five minutes later there were 25,240 logged in.
That was 25,240 characters, during a major U.S. holiday, during U.S. prime play time, who were completely unaffected by what happening in Fountain. We all continued to play, many if not most completely oblivious to what happened to the node running Z9PP-H. And you call CCP incompetent? You don't know what the hell you're talking about. You also don't know the incredibly good thing you have. So you CFC people didn't get all the kills you felt entitled to. HTFU, that's life in New Eden.

When the rest of us can play our Internet spaceship game without so much as a hiccup during possibly the biggest fight in Eve Online history, I count that as a major accomplishment. Keep your heads high CCP. You've nothing for which to apologize.

Fly Careful


  1. Heh, looks we both wrote a post on the same subject on the same day :)

    I like your demonstration with all the numbers though. All I had was emotional reactions.

  2. Good point, Mabrick. People make mistakes, but good overall business practices keep the roof from falling in.

    Thanks for answering my alt's mail as well. Nice to know there is an another option for HS retribution. Just sent Pell an email. ;)


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