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Friday, July 12, 2013

Have I Become Metaphorically Goonswarm?

About the only action I've had this week was a POS bash Monday night.
Another wormhole corporation, one that made their displeasure with our TLC operation known, K162ed into our home. Of course we put together a 40 ship fleet and tried to provoke a fight. In the end we blew up two offlined medium faction towers to no avail. They never came out to play. It wasn't that they weren't around. They shipped up in cloaky's to online a bunch of more valuable offline towers so we couldn't blow them up. I get that. It's okay.

I'd like to say we wouldn't have blown up nearly 1.5 billion ISK in stuff if they hadn't voiced their displeasure with our TLC operation., but that would be untrue. We'd have probably done it anyway, because we could. This attitude as elicited more than a few comparisons between us and Goonswarm. Some have gone so far as to label SYJ the Goonswarm of wormhole space.

And to be honest, SYJ had an incredibly busy June with over 1000 kills costing the victims over 100 billion ISK in ships and POS modules. This doesn't include the other things we managed to acquire. And most of that was done with overwhelming tactical firepower. That's what elicited the comparison. Evidently we blob.

Looking at the operations I've been on, it's a true enough statement. Our small gangs tend to be in the 30 to 40 ship range. We favor overwhelming fire power at any time. If that makes us like Goonswarm than so be it. But if you believe that, you're missing some key distinctions.

SYJ is a mercenary alliance. We do this for a job. Our clients expect us to fulfill the contract. Failure to do so not only means we don't get paid, it also means we don't get more contracts. This is a business. We run it like a business. We intend to do business. If that means the other guy doesn't get a chance, well it's business; not personal.

If we enjoy it, that's a bonus. And I am enjoying it. I like being part of the fleet. I enjoy blowing things up. There is a part of me that feels everything I blow up gets replaced at some industrialist's profit. I'm good with that. That's good economic stimulus. It's also made me #5 on the SYJ kill board, but that's only because the real PvPers are busy practicing for Alliance Tournament.

It may also all be a rationalization. Maybe I enjoy it because I am more like them than I'd like to admit. I know in the past I've doubted if this is really where I belong. I still don't get pleasure from tears. I still don't like the idea of being a ganker. I still don't pod kill (unless you're James315.) But I do fleet PvP. I blow things up for ISK. And I like it.

Fly Careful


  1. Don't kid yourself, Mab. Business is always personal; that line is almost always only used by the winner in a business transaction to a loser. Destroying someone's company is personal.

    That said, there's nothing wrong with blobbing. It's natural. It's effective. And everyone in EvE would do it to everyone else, given half the chance :)

    The Goons are Goons because they're pricks to everyone else. If you're not being prickish whilst having your fun, then you ain't Goons :)

    Congrats on joining the ranks of the fighting industrialist, Mab. We needs more :)

    1. You realize "it's business, nothing personal" is about the motivation of the winner? Of course it's personal to the loser. Else there would be no need to clarify by uttering that saying.

      Here it means "I couldn't care less who's involved, it's about assets".

    2. I realize what Mab was saying. I merely disagree, is all. Doesn't matter if he doesn't care about who's involved, it's still personal to the folks on the other end.

      And the way Mab used it, I would argue, is exactly about the motivation of the winner. In this case him and his guys.

  2. I believe that in the Godfather's when Al Pacino killed people off, it was "just business". He was a sociopath, a killer, and he justified what he did as "protecting his family".

    What you are doing is no different.

    1. ALlright, Mab PLEASE allow this... it wont change a thing BUT FUCK OFF Dimsdale you fukkin troll. I SWEAR to the GODS I pray I see you in space one day.

    2. Heh, I wonder why bloggers still let his posts through. It's always the same trolling (or nutty tinfoiling), usually without much regard to the subject at hand. I am surprised he did stay mostly on-topic this time.

  3. Actually what's worse is that you are turning w-space into nullsec, and then you guys will start to wonder in a few months why there is no one around to fight.

    Basically the skill goes out of it and the winner is the corp that can attract the most people who like to hide in a massive armour blob where they can't get primaried.

    1. I have been thinking on this a long long time... There is no Blob in EvE, there are however Fleets.

      The 'Blob' is an accusation the losers at PvP use to remove blame and responsibility for their losses, or for their constant dock & gate game tactics.

      The Fleet is a game mechanic, we use it same as anyone who can does. Wanna beat us, make more friends and bring more guns. We, like all here, want to win, and we don't want to lose, so we use ALL the mechanics available to us... T2 & faction mods, T2 and faction ammo and yes, the Fleet mechanic and more ships and men.

      And you can't 'hide' in a fleet... anyone can get primaried... whether or not you die is up to your FC, your Logi team and how good the other sides FCs and Logi are... It's not always 'just' a numbers game.

      The Blob is just an excuse for those who don't have the same advantages in EvE. HTFU.

    2. Disagree totally.

      Ganking\Blobbing is different thing from using Fleets tactics.
      One is a cowardly way to kill the fun of PvP, the other is tool used to even the odds in big fights. Guess which is which?

      "Wanna beat us, make more friends and bring more guns..." is a superbly lame comment since Mab already explained they want to make the merc business profitable and, therefore, would not be especially interested in a fair fight.

      It's quite entertaining to look at risk-averse blobbers complain that losers can't see how honorable a 40-to-1 fights can be.

      But do keep working at it.
      It's sickeningly boring and will dull your skills over time so I can honestly say it brings it own rewards.

      Don't forget to take a few friends when you go steal little girls' lollypops.
      You never know what tricks these 6 years old could pull and that would endanger your 'profitable' business line of thought.


  4. I really don't understand why you wont podkill. In WH space, doing so is strategically important: An opponent you send back to K-Space is out of the fight until they can get a route back in. Certainly in higher class wormholes you effectively neutralize someone on the opposing side.

    It's not for tears and not for the killmail, but because it's an effective in WH fighting.

  5. There's nothing wrong with blobbing, and congrats on your kills. However, don't think for a minute that there is any "economic stimulus" being created. If someone blows up a tower, and has to buy a new one, that is money that would have been spent elsewhere, perhaps on a new ship. Instead, they have to cover losses incurred. If destroying things caused stimulus, please ask the neighbor to throw some baseballs through all your house windows to create an "economic stimulus." The money you would have used to buy the family a Christmas gift has to go to pay for destroyed windows now instead.


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