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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

All Quiet on the Wormhole Front

“The things men did or felt they had to do.”
― Erich Maria Remarque, All Quiet on the Western Front

The past week or so has been really quiet in Anoikis. On several nights we have rolled our static ad nauseum  looking for a good fight. And by ad nauseum I mean closing and finding the new static dozens of times, scouting it each time and being disappointed each time. I think the only thing that can really sum up how that feels is this little ditty, especially the peckerhead comment.

We found no good fights. We thought we might get one about a week ago. We had a 30 member fleet all safed and ready to go. We thought for sure someone would want to defend an offline faction tower. But no matter what we did, even warping in a Moros and putting it in siege, convinced the occupants to come out and rumble.

So we blew up the faction tower anyway. I was #8 on the damage list. The Moros was #1 of course. I thought this was interesting because I was in my fleet Proteus but was using tungsten (hey, it's what I had loaded. I was saving the Void and Null for anyone who wanted to play) and Hammerhead IIs. Even using a minimal DPS charge that Proteus is a monster.

On a slight tangent, I am a week away from being able to effectively fly a Legion. One of the things I want to do is compare the DPS between the two ships. I eventually ran out of Tungsten and had to use some of my Null. Had I not had any I would have had to go get more ammo. In Anoikis that's not really a good thing. So if the Legion DPS is acceptable, I'll make it my fleet ship and use the Proteus only for Sleeper sites.

Back to topic, the lack of good fights is making life pretty damn boring. I'm blaming the current malaise on a couple of things. The first is the Odyssey update that went in yesterday. Life always seems to get a tad more boring just before an expansion. And there were enough ship changes in this one to make anyone full of caution and a wee bit of trepidation.

I mean, have you seen the fracking prices on Damnations lately? It looks like the starting climb on a damn roller coaster. The talk on comms was the ship changes had this unexpected result. The current sell price for just the hull is 360 mISK. My friend Kao Jai couldn't even get into Jita today. He only got as far as Perimeter but that was close enough. Have a look.
 I wonder what else has been affected. What's surprised you so far?

Anyway, back to why things have probably been so quiet. On May 31st Talocan United disbanded. The executor corporation still exists but everyone else has left for other pastures. It's probably not a good time for any of them to come out and play. Of course, I've not seen many encounters with Talocan United in the past so perhaps that doesn't factor too deeply for our current lack of action. I'm not sure where the other wormhole alliances are or what they're up to. All I can say is it's really disappointing to role the static 30 times (and more!) on several different evenings and get nothing for the effort.

The only thing that keeps me hopeful is the thought this is Eve. Change is inevitable. Some day the good fights will return. Until then, I'll just keep doing the carebear thing.

Fly Careful


  1. Hmmmm... so "Some day the good fights will return. Until then, I'll just keep doing the carebear thing." so now carebearing is something you do to fill the time tween pewage?

    I love you man!!! =]

    1. Yeah, I read "back to topic, the lack of good fights is making life pretty damn boring," and I had to check and make sure I was reading the right blog.

      Mass Overload, one of the alliances that splintered off Talocan United, came sniffing around our hole(!) the other day, so at least some of them are active.

  2. Odessy messed with T2 component build costs. The opportunits are buying, and I would expect prices to increase long term, as the current consumption of the changed components is greater than the production of the new moon goo will ever be.

    Hence, prices will increase until demand drops to the pre-determined sustainable levels. (CCP stated how many new moons would be populated already, production is fixed after the resource is exploited.)

    I, personally, stopped my T2 ship production in waiting for the prices increase before dumping my existing supply. Isk tight right now, but I expect that to be resolved here in a couple weeks.


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