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Monday, May 6, 2013

Targets of Opportunity

Today is the 10th year anniversary of Eve Online. I have been a capsuleer for over half that time. To say I've been a carebear that entire time is a gross understatement. My bio pretty much says it all in that regard so I'll not belabor the point.

But that's a choice, not a compulsion. I do have my compulsions. The CDO runs deep in me. What's that you ask? CDO is just like OCD, but the letters are alphabetical... as they should be. So when I run PI, I attend to it every fracking day to maximize the ISK earned. I just must.

However, my CDO does not control me nor does it dictate what I am capable of doing. I am in control, not my eccentricities. If I want to not act like a carebear, I am more than capable and willing to do so.

So it was about a week ago that a message went out through alliance channels. It'd been a long, tough day in the coal mines and I could have easily begged off yet again. But there's been far too much of that type of tail-wagging-the-dog realities around here of late. I decided to heed the call. I joined the fleet just before it pounced.

These were the first capital kills of May. You can review them here and here. Congratulations SYJ, another fine mess you've made for someone else. Well done! And remember dear readers, when you live in Anoikis you must ALWAYS secure your hole before running sites and keep a probe active to watch out for new K162s - or don't. We really like it when you don't.

Fly Careful


  1. Nice vid, nice kills.

    Where is your overview?

    Also you have awesome fleet discipline. In TEST don't shoot the pod is interpreted as having a silent "don't."

    1. I run two screens with a combined 3200x1200 resolution. The video is cropped down to 1920x1080 HD. The overview, and any other windows with sensitive information are normally to the right of what you see but I've cropped them out.

    2. @Stabs, yes... we do. =]

      Understand the guys we fly with, and us, are all having a ball... but we all know that for us to win the kind of fights we get into in SYJ... that ALL of us keeping our heads, listening to the FC and scouts, understanding and working together for the win is vital.

      One thing I like is our FCs have a habit of working out their OpPlan verbally as they work w/ the scouts on Intel so we are all on the same page at jump off.

      And it's not like we don't eff up every now and again, we do in spades... but when we do it right we do make it look easy.

  2. Mabrik onna Cap kill, wait, on TWO Cap kills... whoda ever thunk it? LOL!!

    And this past weekend (5/4 & 5) we got another Dread, a Moros running sites and perfectly baited an Archon and 2 Orcas out to their hole (our static) to mass close it only to find 2 bubbles a Sabre, me in my tackle Loki with our fleet jumping in on them! WOOHOO!!!

    W-space BEST Space!! =]


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