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Monday, May 13, 2013

Surely You're Joking

Most of you should know by now that I live in a C6 wormhole along with a bunch of other capsuleers organized under the ticker HAHA or, if you're more inclined to words, Surely You're Joking... or just SYJ if you like. There's a story to the name but it's not for me to tell. Anyway, moving on.

Last Thursday night, at the appointed time, my ship woke up and I got to work. However, it was not your average Anoikis night. Our home was nearly empty. This did not surprise me as I'd received a few alliance messages while the ship hibernated. The alliance had arranged to execute an operation with friends deep into low-sec. All SYJ pilots were encouraged to participate.

As my ship came to life around me, I quickly located the corporation bookmarks. I headed out of our static to see if I could make it to the fleet in time. The fleet was already forming up in the staging area or so alliance comms informed me. Just before I jumped through the static, I officially joined the fleet. It was a big one - over 60 pilots.

Our pipe exited four jumps from Jita that night. As I already had stuff at that station, I decided to leave my Tengu there (this was a T1 cruiser op for regular pilots like me) and jump-cloned into one with no implants. I should have checked where the staging area was first. The only jump-clone I had without implants was in Ardallabier. That was the clone I made when I first joined HBHI in the original C3 quite some months ago. It was 30 jumps from the staging area in Zinkon. I grabbed the only battle cruiser handy, a Drake, and got moving. The fleet was just leaving the staging area as I got underway.

As they were making their way into low-sec, I was catching up with my corp-mates on fleet requirements.
[ 2013.05.10 03:43:08 ] TurAmarth ElRandir > Mab what you flyin?
[ 2013.05.10 03:43:23 ] Mabrick > Don't laugh... a drake. It was close and I just grabbed it.
[ 2013.05.10 03:43:42 ] TurAmarth ElRandir > Uh oh.... Armore T1 fleet, no shield reps...
[ 2013.05.10 03:43:46 ] AINeumann > we are armor just so you know
[ 2013.05.10 03:43:54 ] TurAmarth ElRandir > can you buy n fit an armor T1 on the way...?
[ 2013.05.10 03:44:09 ] Mabrick > Oh, I could go to Jita
[ 2013.05.10 03:44:41 ] AINeumann > or amarr is on the way
[ 2013.05.10 03:44:53 ] TurAmarth ElRandir > just buy n fit n fly FAST!
Fortunately Amarr was in my route to Zinkon. I asked what everyone was flying.
[ 2013.05.10 03:45:03 ] AINeumann > Throw Me
[ 2013.05.10 03:45:14 ] Strigon Leader > Reaver Commander
[ 2013.05.10 03:45:32 ] Mabrick > Amarr it is
[ 2013.05.10 03:45:46 ] TurAmarth ElRandir > =Nostradamus=
From bottom to top, something with neuts (nope,) something laser (nope) and a Myrmidon (hell yeah!) I've actually not had a chance to fly a Myrmidon in all the years I've been a capsuleer. Weird that but there you have it. I grabbed the fit and when I docked in Amarr it took less than 12 minutes to buy and assemble it. I was soon on my way again in a shiny new neutron blaster, 1600 millimeter tungsten plate, scram and web fit Myrmidon. I checked in with the guys as I warped to the first gate.
[ 2013.05.10 04:09:10 ] AINeumann > mab you might still be able to make it
[ 2013.05.10 04:09:31 ] TurAmarth ElRandir > Run Mab RUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuNN!
[ 2013.05.10 04:09:52 ] TurAmarth ElRandir > This shit is TOO effin COOL!!!!!!!
[ 2013.05.10 04:09:53 ] Mabrick > Just leaving Amarr. I copied AI's Myrm.
On comms, the fleet had arrived in the target system.
[ 2013.05.10 04:10:23 ] TurAmarth ElRandir > Edilkam
[ 2013.05.10 04:10:26 ] TurAmarth ElRandir > we are here...
However, the opposition was nowhere to be seen. This was fine by me. It gave me more time to get there. I warped and jumped on contact as fast as my console would accept input. The Postosuchus, as I'd named the Myrmidon, was getting a hell of a shake down cruise.
[ 2013.05.10 04:19:02 ] AINeumann > how far out are you mab?
[ 2013.05.10 04:21:55 ] Mabrick > Zinkon
The enemy was still unseen. I warped to the low-sec gate... gate-camps be damned. I was either going to get there or I was going to be the first ship lost that night! I lucked out, there was no gate camp. My luck held through the next gate as well. By that time, scouts had finally located the enemy fleet. It was trying to "sneak" around the SYJ fleet and come in by another gate. Fortunately SYJ are not new bros. SYJ continued to wait patiently and I continued to fly through gates as fast as Postosuchus could align and warp.
[ 2013.05.10 04:25:55 ] Mabrick > 4 out
[ 2013.05.10 04:26:20 ] Mabrick > where are you?
[ 2013.05.10 04:26:25 ] TurAmarth ElRandir > SCHWEET>>  Hurry!!
[ 2013.05.10 04:26:26 ] AINeumann > Yiratal
[ 2013.05.10 04:29:22 ] Mabrick > 2
[ 2013.05.10 04:30:05 ] TurAmarth ElRandir > yer gonna make it man!!
I was incredibly lucky. I didn't run into a single capsuleer through nine low-sec gates and arrived at the fleet location just as it was given the order to align to the Balas gate. The enemy fleet landed on us before we warped but that was no big deal. We were ready. Here's what followed.

Fly Careful


  1. Link the killboard of the battle please so we can see the only thing that matters in the Serious Spaceship Business: stats!

  2. That looks like an excellent way to spend the evening. Certainly worth your mammoth set of jumps to get to it. Finishing alive but in structure just completed that video as well :-)

  3. Been meaning to post to thank you guys for forming up to fight last week on patch day when SSC came knocking... We expected you guys to drop caps by the look of dscan. I think Haha gets a bad/undeserved rep sometimes but you guys are good in my book. Battle report was not a good indicator of what was brought to the field. It is a shame that there is not a better way to compile an accurate battle report. Again, thanks for the pew.

    1. Thank you for being willing to pew! We didn't make it very fair, but I will say you folks really gave us a good fight. We outnumbered you two to one and still you came - and had success - B R A V O. If folks who look at the battle report strip out the Moros kills by Ap0ll0 because of our hot drop, they will get a much better idea of how good a fight it really was. Until that happened, it wasn't necessarily going our way. It was great fun!

  4. THAT was FRAPPIN Brilliant!!! LOL Damn I need a good video editor app... MS SUX and all the free one suc too... =\

  5. Battle Report... LOL


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