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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Re-evaluating the Meaning of Being Mabrick

I am a carebear by temperament. But I live in the deadliest space in New Eden. I am a lone wolf by disposition. But I am part of a 500 man alliance. To say this is dichotomy is the grossest of understatements. To state it has nearly been psychosis would be closer to the truth yet is hyperbole. The fact is I have had to think hard about my place in the Eve Universe, and re-evaluate the meaning of being Mabrick.

It began with a war-dec. I choose my words carefully and they found their mark. There are those who say you should leave sleeping bears be. But I've little patience for demagoguery and it isn't freedom of expression if you're intimidated into remaining silent. You could say my soul searching, if you would, started back then. I made my choice and that set me on a path I'd rather not have taken but principles would not let me ignore.

When the war ended, I agreed to join HBHI in their old C3. The path I'd set upon I could not drag others down. They were new bros, too young to be traveling my road. They needed a chance to grow up and I took the opportunity to part from them when it was offered. We all defend our homes, our families - those of blood and those of choice. That is human nature.  I handed over my corporation and it's asset and left for unknown space. That was the best way I could defend my new bro family.

HBHI became my family of choice. I was to be their carebear, helping them make the ISK needed to maintain our home. Part of me hoped that would be all I ever had to do. That it would be enough. I contested any probing of our home or raiding of our resources, but I stuck to our system and only entered connecting systems as scout. I did not attack others outside our home system and that gave me the illusion of carebeardom if nothing else.

But I soon learned that in Anoikis it is not a matter of if you are forced to PvP, but when. Intellectually I knew it would eventually be necessary when I agreed to join HBHI. The reality of it didn't really set in until we were hard camped by mercenaries. And though I only proved I could DIAF with the best of them, I shipped up and warped out with my chosen family nonetheless.

Perhaps that as much as anything has led to this dilemma in my capsuleer life. Regardless, the situation has changed immensely since that night. HBHI is now part of a bigger vision. It is a vision we as a corporation democratically decided to pursue. That vision is not one of simple defense. It encompasses violence for hire as well as for fun. Perhaps I did not appreciate this aspect of our devil's agreement when I voted to join Surely You're Joking.

If I'm honest about it, it's taken some getting used to - more so than I was completely comfortable with admitting to myself. In secret I questioned if I had made the right choice. I doubt that I am cut out for this new life. The capsuleers I deal with on a daily basis are decidedly not like me. I am quiet; they are loud. I am polite; they are not always. I am reserved; they are in your face brash and bawdy enough to make a whore blush at times.

But for all the rough edges they don't mind rubbing against others,  they are good people. They'd burn out their ship's engines to save your pod. They'll hold the static open for you so you can get home. They'll share their hard earned wisdom with you solicited or not but always when it is most certainly needed.

So it has come to pass that I've fought along side them in three Alliance fleet actions. The first was consensual combat between two C6 alliances. The second was an ambush of two capital ships clearing a sleeper site. The third was last Thursday when we hot-dropped another alliance in Yiratal.

There could have been a fourth, but the unsuspecting capsuleers were flying Mackinaws. There is no fun for me in blowing up an out gunned capsuleer. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. "Where's the sport in that?" I ask myself. And that question, more than anything else, helped me solidify my new understanding of the meaning of being Mabrick.

I'm a carebear by temperament. I don't steal. I don't pod kill unless you're James315. I don't fire on innocents. I don't often PvP. But when I do, I shoot combat ships. That's just the way I am. If this makes me weak in your eyes, please try me.

This is my own personal code of behavior. I expect no one else to follow it. I pass no judgments on those who fly with me if they do what I won't. But don't expect me to warp scramble pods or ambush Mackinaws to teach the miners a lesson. You'll be disappointed with me if you do - but that's better than me being disappointed with myself.

Fly Careful

PS: This is NOT a recrimination of anyone I personally know or don't personally know. It is a personal choice I've decided to share with my readers. I respect your right to act by whatever code of conduct you choose to follow. And understand that when I use the term "do it like a man," I am stating it as the most interesting man in the world would. I am not implying you are not a man for blowing up miners - unless you're James315.


  1. As another carebear-turned-not-so-carebear, I can completely relate to what you're saying, and kudos to you for taking this stance and not just going along with the pack. Being the bully and picking on the weak isn't really all that fun, no matter how anyone else justify it, and I feel like too many pilots let themselves sink to that level because "everyone else is doing it."

    There's something about fighting to defend your slice of space that speaks to what EVE is really about (at least for some of us) - more so than just blowing up ships, anyway. It's about being a part of something, building something, and then defending it and competing with others who have done the same. Sometimes I think that aspect of the game gets forgotten in all the ridiculous propaganda and silly posturing that goes on amongst EVE's players.

  2. Its nice to watch and read about your evolution Mabrick (with a little bit of Envy I would add :P) and it just goes to show how EVE is real and is constantly changing.

    I hope that you have many more adventures in the future!

    An interesting question for me would be "Do you think you would be doing the stuff your doing (ie, PvP, living in WH etc) if you were still in a high sec corp?" I think your story illustrates how important it is to find the right corp - for me its a bigger question of "how should the game identify and promote these 'right' corps" so that everyone can have similar adventures to yours :D

    1. Short answer, no, none of this would have come to pass had I stayed in high-sec. I would still be the lone wolf carebear I was. That would not have been a "bad" thing any more than I consider being where I am a "good" thing. They are just different branches on the tree of possibilities. But I did ask a question on one of my past posts about whether I really belonged in high-sec. Now the question is do I really belong in a C6. Only time will answer that question. For now I am content to stay and learn. I've got a great bunch of teachers. It's a great opportunity.

  3. Hmmm... so.... I'm not a MAN now is it now Laddie!?!? Huh, "NOOBSHIPS Sir! Civilian guns only at 100k... meet you outside of the FF at high... uh, you know, when the sun is... crap. When is noon in space?"

    LOL! Actually, I.. well, we, have been quietly wondering how you were gonna sit with all the changes that came with us joining SYJ and moving into one of the deepest holes there is outside of New Eden.

    HBHI has always had a goal of moving up, or down if you prefer, the class ladder into C6s one day... The only thing I really wish for that we don't have here is the PI that we had back in the old C3.

    When you're inna hole that can make Nanite Paste in addition to POS fuel AND has the highest grade Ore sites in EvE... well, that's about as good as it can get for an Industrialist.

    So the PvP aspects did worry us a bit... You are not only our corpmate, but a friend and we greatly respect your ideals and morals.

    But as you said, you voted for the move and without any prompting from us, you have joined in the extra-industrial activities in the manner I felt you would.

    Home defense, para-legal Ops, and consensual PvP... I never expected (and even w/o this post, would never expect) you to join in any ganks or attacks on non-aggressives.

    TBH I too am still mulling over my feelings towards tracking down unarmed miners just mining... but I always come back to the simple fact... this is NOT Empire.

    There is no CONCORD and there are no Coalitions and the only Blues are your corpmates and allies. Anoikis literally is the wild west before laws and lawmen setup shop... it is one of, if not the biggest draw for me and my sons... (well, that and the ISK..) =]

    We mine in Bastion... we ninja gas mine in adjacent holes... but we take the required precautions... the miners we have taken down recently, didn't... and for me, that's as simple as that.

    Life in Holes is deadly... and I am now one of the reasons it is...

    I am glad you are still with us bro... more than you will ever know. =]

    1. Well friend, I mine in wormholes myself. And as I mine, I expect to be ambushed at any moment. And here's the odd thing about it now. That's okay with me. I expect it and the thought doesn't fill me with dread or fear. If there is one thing I've truly learned in Anoikis it's that we are all immortal. I'll just make note of who ambushed me and add them to "the list." And who knows, maybe I'll find them mining one day and decide turnabout really is fair play. *LOL*

  4. ROFL!!! "...maybe I'll find them mining one day and decide turnabout really is fair play." now THAT is not something I would have EVER bet one red ISKie you would say!!

    But, then again, since joining us you have done quite a few things you had never done afore in 4 years in EvE. But, as you said, we, and our targets are also immortal... and we who dwell on the other side of the sky can afford to lose a ship now and again... =]

    Were you on I think it was night afore last (Mon) when I got jumped in my Mammoth at a POCO? 2 faction frigs landed on me and went to work... I ordered the Invuln II activated and when the shields started to drop below 80% I gave the nod for the Med Shield Booster II to be engaged while calmly asking on COMMS for some support... which landed in short order and put one attacker in his POD (which then escaped) and the other guy warped early enough to get his ship out...

    I asked if every one was appreciative of my, ah hem, 'intentional' baiting them out by 'acting' like I was doing PI runs... (while immediately warping my completely unharmed [and nearly FULL] Mammoth back to the POS...) =]

    I love this game and I am really glad you are with us man!

  5. Environment vs ideals vs pragmatism. It's been really interesting to watch your evolution. Glad to see you've made peace with it.

    In regards to Tur's point about shooting miners, it's not that far a stretch to say they (like civilians) mine the ore that makes the guns that shoot you.

    And like Tur, I'm still unclear on how I feel about it. The thing is, at this stage, you guys seem to be operating from a position of strength, so you have the luxury of your ideals.

    What happens when every kill (and podding) becomes critical...?

    All of that said, I'm darned tempted to send an alt your guys way to see what living in a high end is really all about.

    1. @Helena, If yer serious bout that visit, write me ingame and we will see if it's a possibility.

      Director, HBHI

  6. Here to admit I had to look up the meaning of demagogue.

    Interesting post. I also find my temperament to be rather un-EVE like.

  7. The care bears with teeth blog pack aka The Clobbers...?

  8. Good for you Mabrick! That was a big step you took and now the game is challenging you in a new way. I recently moved to null after a life in high sec. It is definitely different. So much so that it feels like a new game to me. I really like the way you carefully worked through tightening your play style scope to the new environment.

    My new corp. is small and holds sov in only two systems. We continuously fight to keep it. Having to cross train in combat skills in addition to industry has been my biggest challenge. Despite my low combat skills I try to do my part to defend our homelands. I fly EWAR and Logi but once my skills get high enough I"m sure I'll need to slide into a tanky DPS ship. Being in an NRDS alliance does much to avoid conflicting feelings.

    The switch to null really slowed down my industry but I am learning WAY more about a whole other side of EVE that I could never learn from High Sec.

    Thanks for your article (and all the others you have written too. As a fellow industrialist I really enjoy your blog.


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