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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Odyssey Scanning Follow-up

I got a Twitter reply from CCP Paradox reference my comment last video about re-sizing probe spheres using the list. He recommended I try using the on-screen graphical re-sizing: clicking-hold-drag the edge of the sphere rather than using the list right-click menu. Of course I had to check that out! Here are my findings, along with a few other mumbles and discoveries. My apologies for the volume of the background noise.

Fly Careful


  1. Seriously... you dint kno that one? The really cool thing about edge drag in you get refs for all the various radial distances (scen shere)... As much as you have been scanning since joined us I thought yould'a figgered that one out... but, then again, I dint bring it up either now did I?

    Ima go on Sisi and see what I think about em... I am worried by some of the things Sugar Kyle discovered... []


    1. Hell yes I knew about it. But I started scanning before you were a capsuleer man. That was before edge dragging came into the game as far as I know. I never trained myself to USE it. I'll have to now. *grin*


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