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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Odyssey Scanning Changes and Gate Effects

The first of the Odyssey builds is now on the test server. I logged in today and checked it out. I made a 16 minute HD video for all of you showing what the new d-scan is like, how scanning with probes is different and ending with several gate jumps because they are cool!

I hope you got some good info from it. There will be more later.

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  1. Oh my I do like those jump gate effects, I like them a lot. They make it feel like the jump is actually happening to you, much more then the old "context switch" feel.

    Also the new D-scan is slick. Much better then the spreadsheets in space style EvE has traditionally had. Do the anomalies appear in your normal Overview list box as well?

  2. d-scan =/= shipboard scanner

  3. Good video , very clear.

    May I ask what software you used to record it?

    1. Raw file(s) captured using FRAPS and processed using Adobe Premiere to convert it to a compressed video format.

  4. Dankeschön! (thx)

  5. Instead of selecting all probes in probe list and right clicking to change range, just use the mouse and drag the overlay to change the scan range. This also automatically changes the probe positions. So you no longer need to change the probe separation by shift+alt+click. Probing PvE stuff just got some 15 clicks faster.

    1. This is precisely what CCP Paradox suggested via twitter. Here's the tweet...

      Scott Rhodes ‏@CCP_Paradox 10 May
      @Mabrick @RixxJavix The resizing of probes through the probe list is a bug, try resizing with the blue spheres to see the nice resizing!

      And my response...

      Mabrick ‏@Mabrick 10 May
      @CCP_Paradox @RixxJavix I'll give it a go. I've just always used the list. I claim force of habit! Nice changes though. Thanks!

  6. Meh. Don't particularly care for the gate effect - it is just a variant of the warp drive effect. I also don't like the auto-camera crap, which is just plain annoying.

    New probe interface. Bleh. Why not just make it so we need only one probe (or don't need probes at all), and can just scan once to find everything? That's where this sort of ongoing simplification is always heading anyways. Complexity is a good thing in a tactical game, not simplicity. Complexity intentionally slows things down, making it less of a FPS twitch game.

  7. Excellent display of changes Mabrick, one thing I noticed is that the "default" button combo (which is annoying). Does it look like this is a quick fix with a key remap?
    Also, I AM SO GLAD they didn't simplify the Dscanner. I love the fact that player skill is essential to proper stealth scouting.
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