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Friday, May 17, 2013

Odyssey Launcher, Undock, and Hacking

More Odyssey features have made their way onto Singularity, the test server. Tonight I ignored the CTA (Sorry Pell) and took some more video of what you can expect to see just two and a half weeks from now.

The first thing I'd like to cover I couldn't actually get a video of so I took a couple of screen shots. It is the new launcher redesign we appear to be getting come June 4th. Here it is.
The first thing I see is what appears to be a Single Sign On (SSO) in the upper left corner. There is also a rather prominent Latest News in the lower right sort of pop-out area. Not so prominent is the row of options across the top right including a drop-down localization selection which includes English, German, Russian and Japanese. Except the news for all the non-English sections seems to be in Latin and says something like,
"We will be sure to post a comment. But who can not get soft loans lake. Home education, math teachers improve vehicles, ..."
"We will be sure to post a comment. But who can not get soft loans lake. Recent cartoon, funny hairstyle sauce"
Weird. Moving on, the most prominent feature of all though is the little box just above the Latest News. No, the one that says EVE TV. It's a button actually. So I clicked it. This is what I got.
The launcher now has a YouTube client embedded in it tied to CCP's channel. That is very snazzy CCP. And speaking of YouTube videos, here is another in my series on Odyssey features, including the new hacking mini-game! Enjoy!

Fly Careful


  1. That's not really Latin, but only gibberish based on Latin: a placeholder text without meaning commonly used in printing and such.


  2. Looks fun, thanks for the video.


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