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Monday, May 27, 2013

It's Memorial Day

This is an OOC post and a bit of a downer. If you don't want introspection then you should probably just move on. But there is something that needs said so at least read the next paragraph.

I have a problem with this day - on a couple of levels. One issue might involve you so here it is. This is a day to remember those who gave their life in the service of the United States while wearing the uniform of its armed forces. I don't care what your politics of the day are, these are people who believed so strongly in defending a worthy ideal they gave their life doing so.

Yet so many have turned this into just another holiday with a parade and a party, as if it were some sort of circus come to town. For most this weekend now seems to be about a paid vacation day, the BBQ and the campout rather than remembering those who died ensuring we could have a Memorial Day. The best of these people at least pay them lip service before popping the cap of their beer bottle. Many do not even think about it. That saddens me to contemplate. Those who died for our freedom deserve a better remembrance than that.

The other thing that disquiets me on this day is I do remember those who've died while in uniform. They were my friends and I miss them. So I am dedicating this next section to formally remembering each of those I knew personally who've died serving us. Most of them were young; full of hopes and dreams when they died. I couple were older and full of hope and dreams. They sacrificed those hopes and dreams for something they thought was more important - us. The least we could do is say their names out loud. Please take a moment to do so.

Matthew Damian Cashin

Charles Patrick Moses

Wayne Martin Locklin

Christopher Douglas Kurkowski

Tommie William Bates

Frank Melvin Kennedy

Willie James Childs

John Michael McHugh

There are many, many others to memorialize. As I said though, these are the men I knew personally. If you personally know someone who died in the service of your country, I frankly don't care which country it is, please list the name in the comments of this Memorial Day post. I'd like to help remember them - to speak their name out loud. It's the least we could do for the most they've sacrificed. Then we can go to the BBQ and celebrate that which they have given us.

In Memoriam


  1. John Faas, USN

  2. As a disabled Vet who lost a few friends along the way as well... Thank you for posting this. The hard truths are the ones people ignore. My in game Corp CEO lost 17 of his platoon in the the desert. Memorial day is a hard day for prior service, and I am glad there is more seriousness placed on the day, instead of celebrating the pool opening or a big furniture sale this weekend.

    Thank you.

  3. Mabrick,
    Reading your daily blog has been nothing short of fun and interesting day in and day out. As a new player (less then a year), I've learned a great deal from what you have to mumble about.

    I lost three of my closest friends on my last tour, and know countless others who have lost those dearest and closest to them. A pain I am sure many others share.

    CareBear tears aside, I want to thank you.
    Sometimes reading someone elses writing is enough to take you down a notch an bring you back to another time.

  4. I'm reading the post a day late, but thank you for writing this up. For my part, I'd like my post to memorialize Garrison Avery, and the family that he left behind.

    Garrison Avery, 1st Lt, US Army. Died Feb 1, 2006 - Baghdad, Iraq

  5. For me, Memorial Day doesn't begin and end one day of the year.

    Roberto Andrade Jr, gone but never forgotten.


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