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Monday, May 20, 2013

Beginner's Luck

There's not much to discuss for the weekend. Friday night I managed to add six (6) more kills to my kill board, including another capital ship. That puts me at 21 kills and 10 losses (and yes, that's in five years, LOL!) If someone didn't know better, you'd start to think I was a PvPer.

However, this was (mostly) home defense. Friday night we had a good high-sec pipe. As is often the case, we had transports lining up to take things out and bring more things in. This night was no different. When I logged into alliance comms it was full of chatter about scout reports and worm hole mass statuses. As my cloaky Tengu came to life, I joined the home system fleet and tried to catch-up on operational statuses.

A few minutes went by when over comms came the excited voice of one of our Loki scouts. He had just spotted a battleship, a Bhaalgorn I think it was, being escorted to another system's K162 (or some such.) That system alliance command knew was occupied by Polarized I gathered as the comm channel quickly lit up. While the CTA went out, I kicked my Tengu into warp as the Loki pilot engaged the targets.

Though combat in Anoikis is never unexpected, the timing of this combat was less than optimal. Many alliance members where watching PvP of a different sort.
However, the response to the CTA was more than commendable if not a little, well, kitchen sink like. Have a look at the battle report and you'll see what I mean.

We had everything from T1 battle cruisers to Archons involved in the fight. Our fleet ended up being about half armor and half shield. The engagement escalated to capital ship level as triage carriers arrived along with a Dreadnought. We lost 10 ships. They lost 9. We managed to explode their Archon. In other words, it was a perfect meeting engagement.
"A meeting engagement, a term used in warfare, is a combat action that occurs when a moving force, incompletely deployed for battle, engages an enemy at an unexpected time and place."
Other than having to warp out briefly to break a target lock by the neut Bhaalgorn that was threatening to cap me out, I took no damage during the fight. That's got to be beginner's luck. Or the fact we were fighting in a Cataclysmic Variable system and a passive tanked Tengu was the right ship for the system. It was hella fun! GF, Polarized; thanks for bringing it on!

But there is one thing about the fight that I really, really kick myself over. In my rush to get there and the ensuing mayhem, I completely forgot to FRAPS the damn thing. ARG.

Fly Careful


  1. Has there been a change in EVE mechanics? How does one move carriers from one WH to another? Cyno? Thought that was not possible. Thanks.

    1. There certain classes of wormholes that have connections with enough mass allowance to allow capital ships to pass through them. I don't think this is a change as much as a little known feature: You are correct, cynos are not allowed.


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