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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Doubleheader - OOC: RL > EO and The Future of Eve Online

I don't have anything pithy or thought provoking for you today. I don't have anything droll or boring either. What I have is the equation RL > EO.

While I was on my mini vacation at NorWesCon36, my significant other got a call about her 94 year old aunt. She'd fallen again and we were advised she could no longer live alone in her retirement community. She has a couple health issues that now preclude that possibility. My sig-other left on Friday morning of the con and went to be with her aunt.

By the time I'd returned home last week, the aunt had moved in with us. This was always a planned possiblity (at least since her last diagnoses 10 months ago.) Since I returned, I think I've logged in twice for only a few minutes to setup training and that's been it. I meant to get something written for today, but that didn't work out either. So you really don't get anything today.

I will however express my disappointment about this article: As ‘Eve Online’ heads toward decade two, CCP talks about the future. Is it just me or did this article bill itself as being about Eve Online's future and then pretty much just talk about Dust 514? At the end I couldn't help but think the message between the lines  was Dust 514 IS the future of Eve Online. Please tell me I'm wrong. That last quote really worries me.

Fly Careful


  1. My wife's mother is going through a battle against cancer (diagnosed last year) and my wife moved to her parent's home to help care for her. My sympathies go out you. It's hard to have a loved one ill, and hard to have your life so fundamentally changed. Good luck and best wishes to your aunt in-law, and to your and yours. If you stick with Eve, make sure it doesn't add any frustrations!

    1. Fear not (pun intended,) I am not going anywhere. I'll just be more preoccupied than usual - and busy with other stuff. Last night instead of logging in I used to record her family history with her. That was eye opening, let me tell you!

  2. Dog, meet tail. You may feel it start to wag you. This is normal.

    Sorry to hear about your SO's aunt.

  3. We have you covered brother... take care of the fam and we'll be here. You and yours are in our thoughts.

  4. And I read the post... OK, I'll say it, yer wrong.

    May to me that does not read at ALL like DUST is going to supersede or replace or do a coup on EvE. It reads exactly like I hope they are thinking myself... that BOTH EvE and DUST will be joined and yet fulfill 2 sides of the gamer experience... Massive/strategic/tactical Virtual Space Sim and nitty-gritty-fast-n-furious shoot em up. IE Combining and expanding on the best of both MMOGs and FPSs...

    Yes the last quote is about the PS3, but it is only about that project, not about dumping their PC based MMO that gave them the world t set DUST in. And as for 'other platforms' I damn well hope CCP is forward thinking enough to plan for expansion into other tech and markets... In business, as in life... if you aren't growing, yer dying, there is no steady state. It's a dog eat dog world and we're all wearing milkbone underwear man!

  5. Meh - don't look into it too far mate; I think its just another plug for the 'latest thing' for CCP.

    I would imagine that they can't talk about EVE all that much because the expansion is still 'under development' and so the features they describe are very vague and mostly useless.

    As for Dust itself I really can't see it taking the same level of prestige as EVE - it might add an extra dimension but the sheer fact that that it still seems to be in beta and that there is such a massive amount of competition from other FPSes I think dust is going to have to be simply exceptional to make it to half the longevity that EVE has enjoyed.

    Hope things work out with the new visitor and you can find the time to log in and play :D


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