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Monday, March 25, 2013

Why be a Poor Noob: Follow-up

My first post this month outlined how a new bro could make a half billion ISK a month and still have time to do all the fun things in Eve Online. Basically I told them to train their PI skills and afterwards take 30 minutes or less a day to make their ISK; then go have some fun.

There was cynicism aplenty. I followed up with another post showing how my buddy Kao Jai had done for income his first month of following my advice. He didn't get to half a billion ISK, but he still made a respectable 400 mISK plus!

I then reported on Grimmash taking the PI challenge and blogging about it on his site: Warp to Zero. He did not max his PI skills to either! He wanted to see if he could still make bank. He's struggled with it a bit, and he's certainly not gotten close to Kao Jai's numbers, but after 11 days he was in the green by 36 mISK. Your margins will get better as you gain experience Grimmash so keep up the good business.

This morning Kao Jai updated me on his second month's balance sheet. There are no transactions in this report other than PI expenses and NRP profit.

As you can see, he is down 91 mISK from the month previous. His total profit for the past month was 324 mISK.

That's not what I claimed, so I'll have to admit I was over optimistic on the potential by about 33%. However, 30 minutes of hard work a day pretty much pays for any new bro's weekend PvP habit doesn't it? Still, I over sold it. Sorry you made a healthy profit of about 300k a minute instead of 500k Kao.

That now out of the way, I did find out from Kao Jai why he couldn't make as much this past month. He said it basically resolved to be two things. One, he had to start buying Oxygen off the market to supplement his PI resources. It seems his Reactive Gas planet really sucks, as in barely shows any white bar on the resource profile. He had to devote all the extraction capacity on the planet to Reactive Gas. Since Reactive Gas comes from gas giants and so does Oxygen, he had to start buying Oxygen. He also started using a second Launch Pad so he could move the extractors to the best Reactive Gas spot on the planet. That is a million ISK a move increase in overhead every time a spot depletes.

The second thing that got him was this:
The NRP price bump crested at about 35,000 ISK a unit and then quickly slumped with a thud. That's pretty much par for the course when speculation takes over. Look at that one huge buy just before the last update. I wonder if that speculator managed to get back into the black. Sorry dude, them's the breaks.

So in conclusion, Kao Jai made over 700 mISK in two months and now lives on a private asteroid sipping Quafe and going through exotic dancers faster than the Copacabana. Life certainly does not suck for that new bro.

And also in conclusion, I am taking a week off. I'll not be posting again (in all likelihood) until April 3rd. If anyone reading this is going to Norwescon 36, let me know. I'll buy you a beer.

Fly Careful


  1. Actually 300M (or even 500M) a month isn't good if you have to work half an hour a day (15 hours a month). It's 20-30M/hour work which is at the level of bad missioning. The point of PI is not to have high results but to have good hours. 200M a month is better than 500M if you only have to work 2 hours for it.

    1. Said like the tycoon you are. 8-)

    2. If you don't like PI (or anything else in EVE) and just do it for isk, than even 500M for 2 hours is not worth it. 500M is about $15 USD, and working in real world for 2 hours can get you more than that. What's the point of "working" in EVE if you can work in real world and get far more? That's why I stop doing station trading in EVE. It brings in lots of isk, but it also takes time to update orders. If I use the same amount of time to trade in US stock market, i get far more real world money and I get convert it to isk if I want. So what's the point to spend these time "working" in EVE?

      Of course, if you enjoy PI (or station trading), then go ahead and do it for fun.

    3. 30m/day is an overestimate. Once you get a pipeline set up, most days you just need to log in and restart each extractor. This can be done in perhaps 20s per extractor if you don't fuss about repositioning them. So perhaps a minute or two per day, on most days, plus another minute to log in and out. Call it 3 minutes a day. Every few days you need to move new P1s down from orbit on your P2 production planets, and move up the P2s that have been produced. This might require another 20s for 2 or 3 planets. And finally you need to spend 30m or so perhaps once a week, to actually fly an industrial out to move goods to/from COs. So the total time you are spending per month is maybe 90m + 8m + 120m = 218m. Round up to 4 hours per month -- and that 300m is 75m/hour. Newbs won't get that running missions.

      Also, doing PI is much less "at keyboard" demanding than running missions. If you are running missions correctly (that is, with large gank and minimal tank), you cannot just walk away from your computer any time the baby cries. Doing PI in highsec, you can walk away at any point. Even doing it out of highsec, you can walk off when doing 90% of it; you are only flying to a planet and shuffling goods there for a minute or so before you warp back to a POS or station.

  2. I'm still going on my end of the challenge, I just haven;t had time to sell much in the last few days, and I only want to post when I can give up to date numbers.

  3. Time to head out to low/null/wh. Same amount of work, better isk, more fun.

    Or you can introduce the army of alts.

    1. Um, you forget I live in a C6, and a C3 before that? It is more ISK, but it is not less work and the risk is much, much greater. The reward matches the increased risk for certain, but it is by no stretch of the imagination less work when you take into account not having a ready market to sell in. And this was guidance for a new bro. Unless you join an established alliance, and they will likely not take you with less than 20 million SP, you should forget about null-sec and Anoikis. You're just going to be someone else's fun if you go there. You'll like it about as much as being someone's girlfriend in prison - just saying.

    2. Hmm more risk = more isk? Sounds like the right plan of CCP LOL. Seriously you don't need two many sp to be a good wh pilot. As long as you don't hate scanning, can fly a T2 fitted BC, you can find a nice place you can call "home" in J-space. Even without a static hs, there's always a convenient route near trade hub every week especially in low class wh. Why a new player should be afraid of getting blew up/blowing others up? Why you need +5 implants?


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