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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What if DUST 514 became like Null-sec?

Last night, on my fifth anniversary as a capsuleer, I suffered a horrible nightmare. I dreamed that I was a mercenary in Dust 514. As if that wasn't bad enough, my comrades and I were pinned down and under heavy fire from Goonswarm mercenaries.

We were out numbered and out gunned. The situation was desperate. Ammunition was running low. My armor began to fail as more Goonswarm assault troops landed.

Then, with hope dying all around me in a withering cross-fire, a Goonswarm orbital bombardment fleet arrived. They opened up on us with everything they had.

That's when the slaughter really began.

I'd like to say we died with our boots on, but when you are vaporized from orbit, the boots disintegrate first, along with the rest of your armor, as your flesh is seared in the heat equivalent of a thousand stars. Before oblivion takes you, you learn how to really scream. But that wasn't the worst of it. The nightmare didn't end there. In the way that dreams are, I did not immediately go to a clone vat. My essence remained on the battlefield and I saw the future result of our failure.

Goonswarm took control of most Faction War planets. They gave them to allies and renter corporations as rewards for Goon sanctioned behavior. They milked the planets under their dominion for all the ISK they could wring from them, and came to dominate the PI markets of New Eden. The images of those Goonswarm dominated worlds...

...they haunt me still...

...filling my waking hours with dread...

...wrenching from my soul the last shreds of hope I had left.

For to my utter dismay, all those planets became...

Only then did I wake, drenched in sweat; unsure if it really was a dream - fearing it was a premonition.

Fly Careful


  1. Surely you are joking right?
    I think you can only play a FPS game with even numbers on both sides?
    And you gonna need some weird ground guiding system for an orbital bombardment.
    And how effective is OB anyway? The FPS player can re-spawn right after the heat shorts, and is there even a death penalty?
    OB is more like a flavor to a FPS game. But I agree: if Dust becomes a profitable feature to EVE, EVE player will abuse the hell out of it.

  2. Lovely. I can't tell what's satire and what's real, but the post works both ways.

    Also, can I get in a battleship, look up dust planets, and offer both sides a chance to bid on my OB? That would be very nice, but I haven't looked into it.

  3. @Cband, Surely You're Joking right? As I am sure you know, OB is already in DUST, just not 'enabled' in EvE yet. It has been tested and it is 'working as designed'. It is just not very interesting for the EvE Pilot based on what I have read so far, though there is going to be a new cyber optical implant for OB that actually does look pretty cool... but as I understand it right now;

    (1) OB's can only be called in during the very last stages of a fight and them only by the side that is winning, so basically it is currently a 'clean-up' strike, not a battle winner or game changer;

    (2) Once a DUSTer calls in a strike, you get a targeting cursor on the planets surface, fire your projectiles (no missiles or lasers ATM as far as I have read) and that's that for the EvE pilot. He does not "see" anything unless he is dual boxing and in DUST when it happens or a if DUSTer Fraps it for him.

    and, the part that always gets me the most...
    (3) The ground forces already have ground based Anti-Ship weapons (missile batteries as I have read it) capable of killing our ships in orbit, which supports the 'last part of the battle' call in, as the DUSTers have to nullify ground based defenses, which are going to be the best defended part of a site... so calling us in early might just keep it from ever being a cake walk for EvE players...

    I like it cause in that way it is a lot like RL... Artillery pukes rarely if ever 'see' their targets, and when they do, it is usually a bad day for them as their targets can see them too... In EvE/DUST, as we cannot shoot 'over-the-horizon'... if they are in our range, we may have been in theirs for a while... =]

    OB was not designed to, and never will be, a pwn-tactic that EvE players can abuse... It is controlled by the DUSTers... not us.


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