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Friday, March 15, 2013

Death Race Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, in Mara DANTUMI, Death Race begins. This event is brought to you by none other than Rixx Javix and The Tuskers. (Sounds like a band doesn't it?) Since the first Death Race, this event has always sparked in me visions of Mad Max in Road Warrior; not that silly movie with a similar name to this event. I don't know why. It just does. Perhaps it is because this is Eve Online and not World of WarpedCraft.

So, I am not Mad Max by any stretch of the imagination. I like my security and profit to much and I'm not ashamed to admit it. However, there is a part of me that becomes very excited when I read about events like Death Race. Though I will probably never race and certainly will never shoot at the racers, I have a great deal of respect for those who do race - not so much for the shooters. My hat's off to them all.

Fortunately for those like me, who cannot and will not be involved, there is a live stream of the event on Twitch T.V. We can all live vicariously through that stream. Thank you Rixx and everyone else involved in bringing this real emergent game play to us.

And yes, I'll have to make a political comment here. Emergent game play does not have a specific agenda. Those who create it should not specifically benefit from it. The emergent game play CCP needs is Death Race, not ice interdiction or miner bumping. Death Race is well rounded game play for both the killer and the carebear. Suicide ganking in any guise is not. Rixx gets nothing from this except satisfaction and perhaps a very, very general boost for his preferred play style of Pirate. But this isn't about boosting pirates. It's about having fun. That is real emergent game play, not the stuff other people peddle as emergent, but is really just a thinly veneered knock-off of their own play style.

But enough of the heavy stuff, let's get on with the race! Now, if only we can talk Kirith Kodachi into loosing his head again...

Fly Carefully - especially you racers.


  1. Actually, it's Dantumi, not Mara - I think they switched it so they could have a station system as the starting line.

    And yeah, I'm participating, even though I'm no better as a pirate than the guys from Penzance. I'm hoping it'll be fun (and that my alliance doesn't drop a CTA while I'm halfway through the course).

    By the way, did you know that they're actually offering a prize for the first mining barge across the finish line? :)

    1. Dantumi... really? Well, I guess I'm not as well read up on it as I'd thought. Time to change the post.

      I had read about the mining barge price. I laughed out loud for real. There is a mighty big assumption there I think. However, just thinking about it again brings a huge grin to my face. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. "Now, if only we can talk Kirith Kodachi into loosing his head again..."

    Its always in the back of my mind... :)


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